How to tie a scarf on the neck

How to tie a scarf on the neckCravats has always been considered a good complement to any women wardrobe. Despite the fact that this accessory for the youth of today is considered a wonderful thing, scarves have their own appeal and originality. Neckerchief refers to practical things. Summer cool silk fabric will be very helpful, and the collar of a shirt would be less dirty.

Beautiful tie a scarf on the neck, not all can, so there are ways of tying a neckerchief. The scarf on the neck should be at least 80 x 80 cm This size of fabric will allow to give it a different shape.

How to tie a scarf on the neck

Ways of tying a neckerchief

How to tie a scarf at the neck for cold weather

Scarf made of thick fabric to fit around the neck. While hanging the ends must be equal in length. The end of the two times intertwine freely infest the back and connect to one another. Free piece of handkerchief in front embedded in a blouse, tunic or shirt.

How to tie a scarf on your neck with the wide host

Scarf or shawl is tied not tight knot in the middle, which should be slightly spread. The knot is under the chin, and the ends of the scarf and cross behind neck and starts forward. The free ends extend in a knot.ways of tying a neckerchief

How to tie a scarf on your neck and shoulders to hide

The handkerchief folded in a triangle. One end should extend slightly. Scarf jumped on the shoulders, the ends of the shawl are crossed in the back, spread and tied on the neck with a small knot.

how to tie a scarf on the neck how to tie a scarf on the neck beautiful tie a scarf on the neck

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How to wear a scarf at the neck and waist

The handkerchief jumps on one shoulder, laid in beautiful folds, which are fixed with a brooch or original clips. Tied a handkerchief on the opposite side at waist level.

Tying a handkerchief on the neck with the aim to visually enhance small Breasts, like a lot of girls. The handkerchief folds in half, snaps in front, on the shoulders and fastened in the back. On the front are pleats. On the shoulders, you can pin a beautiful brooch.

Beautiful tie a scarf on the neck and asymmetric way. The kerchief is tied so that one end was longer than the other. The long end of the shawl fastened with a brooch at the base of the sleeve.

Men’s shawl neck tie many representatives of the stronger sex. This part of the wardrobe for men since ancient times was considered a sign of good manners and taste. Men’s scarves are not less popular than women’s scarves. They come in several types.

1. Ascot. Traditional handkerchief tied simply over the shirt, and is covered by outerwear.

2. Case. Classic shawl in the form of a narrow strip of fabric. The ends of the scarf wrapped several times around the neck and fastened in front.

3. The plastron. A wide view of the neck scarf, which significantly closes the chest. The shawl is often used in wedding suits grooms.

Some more beautiful ways to tie a scarf on the neck:

how to wear a scarf on the neck how to wear a scarf on the neck

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