How to tie a scarf in different ways

Invariable feminine accessory for several centuries, considered as scarf which can be tied on the head or neck. Despite the opinion of many fashionistas that the attribute is a relic of the past, every year designers use this element during the shows, expertly decorating his models. To create a fashionable stylish image, there are many different ways to tie a scarf on your head, it can be a Supplement to hair, a bright accent or just an unusual accessory that will help to hide hair from the weather.

How beautiful tie a scarf in different ways with photos

Every new season, designers and stylists are not only fashionable clothes and stylish accessories for her. Pride of place among the attributes is the scarves, which are able to give the image of elegance, originality, will help to declare the great taste and look great. These accessories depending on the time of year, can be made of different materials. In the warm period of spring-autumn is a special honor silk, chiffon for winter, perfect feather, cashmere options.

Options step-by-step tying of a scarf beach summer

In the summer season, the scarf on her head woman have not only a beautiful accessory that will help you to look stylish while walking or beach holiday, but also help to protect yourself from sun stroke, to keep her hair from the wind. There are many ways in which it is possible to tie interesting accessory to add hair to create a fashionable image of the modern, stylish girl.

The options of tying scarves

  • Turban. This option will allow the girl to look original in any situation, hide your hair from the sun and will be a winning one for the ladies with a high forehead who wish to hide this deficiency. In order to tie the attribute means «turban», you need to perform several simple steps:
  1. You must be an attribute of a triangle.
  2. The wide side of the triangle the product be applied to the forehead, and the ends to have back, to cross them behind his neck and back forward.
  3. Front tie a knot or a beautiful bow on the head from the handkerchief in the center, the ends to hide. There is a variant of the turban without a knot, when the ends just overlap, are filled inside. Step-by-step look at the photo:
  • Bandana. Summer appropriate and will look beautiful lightweight scarves tied like a bandana. This is a great option for the beach or an active holiday (Cycling, travel), through which a girl can look attractive. How to tie a bandana:
  1. Folded triangle with the wide side accessory to attach to his forehead by the hairline.
  2. To make ends ago.
  3. Tie the ends in a tight knot at the nape of the neck, leave the ends to dangle.
  4. Simple way of tying a headscarf for the beach ready.
  • Hollywood. To create a feminine, elegant, glamorous image to help original, a neat way of tying a headscarf in the style of «Hollywood.» To complement the bow is capable of stylish sunglasses and cashmere coat or a beautiful knitted dress. For such purposes, may be used a solid product or a thing of variegated colours. Ideal for that perfect shawl made of silk. Step-by-step tying a headscarf in the style of «Hollywood»:
  1. Silk shawl fold in half to make a triangle.
  2. The wide side to put on the head, placing the edge just above the start of hair growth.
  3. The ends crossed under the chin and put it behind.
  4. From behind to tie the knot. To create a complete glamorous way to wear glasses.

  • Hoop. To give the appearance of originality, and created the image bright accents can help wrap or headband out of a handkerchief. This accessory is suitable for creating romantic, casual and simple way of tying to cope every girl. How to make a Hoop out of a handkerchief:
  1. The product is folded diagonally into a triangle and continue to fold until you get a long strip similar to a bandage.
  2. Wrap around the head, from the forehead.
  3. On the back under the hair tie a knot, and the ends to flip forward.
  4. Hair to dissolve – the original hair with the handkerchief ready.
  • Low node. A great way to look original in any situation is to make the hair style with knot out of a handkerchief or tie a low knot accessory. Doesn’t matter for sending the girl – for a walk, party or meeting with friends, this way her silhouette charm and gorgeous appearance. Tying method is simple, so deal with it capable of each representative of the fairer sex:
  1. For ease of tying all the hair to gather in a low ponytail at the nape.
  2. Fold the neckerchief in half diagonally and wrap the head.
  3. The tips to tie the knot under the tail hair.
  4. The hair and the ends of the scarf and tie into a tight low knot.
  5. Tips hide under the fabric.

It is fashionable to wear a scarf with a coat in the fall

For the autumn period as additional accessory ideal special kind of scarf – stole. This attribute differs rectangular shape, it is quite long, embellished with decorative elements (often used fringe, beads, fur). Popular products embroidered with gold thread with beautiful original pattern or ornament. In order tippet perfectly combined with a coat and autumn follows, you must choose the right attribute:

Scarf of autumn coat

  • Tippet perfectly with the coat, which made the collar stand or with the classic option. If the gate is decorated with fur, the accessory is to tie on the head and not the neck.
  • Important the shade of the stole: he must be in harmony with the tone coat and constitute a single tandem. The right color can give the girl’s image brightness, juiciness and refinement. Should refrain from green, marsh colors, and blondes, moreover, is not to face will be white, yellow or brown tones. Bright colors with unique pattern suited to many girls.

There are several options for tying tippet in combination with a coat, which she chooses based on personal preferences. The most popular ways:

  • Stole over the head, leaving ends of equal length. Tie the ends under the chin on the node, and the remaining tails to throw over the shoulders back.
  • To wear the stole on the head so that the ends are in front. To twist the tails of the scarf into a bundle and wrap around the head. Tips to hide inside, or pin brooches.
  • To throw the handkerchief on the head, front, cross the ends of the product, one end of a throw back, and the second left in front. For reliability, you should seal the intersection of pin or brooch.

Ways of tying under the coat

In the winter, as the headdress can be used not only cap, but also a beautiful warm scarf that can be worn with a mink coat or a piece of faux fur. This accessory is a wonderful alternative, as a properly selected and tied attribute is able to create exquisite, elegant image of a lady. There are several ways to tie a scarf beautifully that it looked harmoniously with a fur coat:

How to tie a scarf under the coat

  • Beautiful modern handkerchief, tied at the grandmother’s method, under the chin, give the image of femininity.
  • Original tandem combined with the fur stole to be worn in the style of «Hollywood.» To implement this method of tying, you must put the accessory on the head, crossed under the chin and throw the ends back. If the attribute is long, do not have to tie the ends of the knot.
  • If the girl is going to a festive event and complement nice hair and without a hat to go out do not allow weather conditions, the ideal solution would be a scarf, knotted in the form of a bandage. It is necessary to collapse the attribute stripe, wrap your head and tie the ends at the bottom of the head. This will keep the shape of hair and do not freeze in winter.
  • Interesting way to spin the product bundle. It is necessary to throw the attribute ends forward to the front of the product the tails to twist plait that wrap head. Tips hide under the cloth to get a neat job.

How beautiful tie a scarf Pavlovo Posad

In order to diversify the closet, add bright colors and some flavor, you need to buy Pavlovo Posad shawl. This original accessory was in demand a few generations ago, in the modern fashion world, they once again take pride of place in the wardrobe of the fashionistas. The advantage of these products is that they go perfectly with almost any clothing and help in the creation of the image. There are several different ways of tying a beautiful scarf pavlovoposadskaja:

How to tie a scarf Pavlovo Posad

  • The product folds in half to make a triangle. Large angle accessory is placed on the chest, and the ends wrapped around the neck.
  • Classic tying method: scarf folded into a triangle placed over the head, and the ends fastened under the chin.
  • A variation of the classical method: folded triangle accessory can be worn on the head under the chin to cross the tails of the product and winding them around his neck. Tie a knot in the front, nice to straighten all the folds and fringe.

How to communicate in an Orthodox Church wedding handkerchief

According to Orthodox tradition the girl should enter the Church with his head covered. Often it uses beautiful scarves or shawls. The wedding is no exception, so in a moment of divine marriage Union, despite the beautiful hair, the head should be covered. In order not to spoil a delightful image of the beauty of the bride, you need to choose the right scarf or tippet and tie it beautifully:

Mounting options wedding shawls

  • A beautiful silk or white lace scarf should be worn on the head and front of to seal the beautiful pin or brooch that is not abating. Is a classic option that can be used for other occasions.
  • The product, which is made of waterproof fabric (splatkovy material), perhaps just over the head, crossed in front and throw the ends back.
  • Another option is to associate an attribute on the head without touching the neck – just throw on and tie in the back. This method will not damage the hair and will help to comply with the rules of the Church.

How to wear scarf Muslim

Muslim headscarf – the hijab is meant to cover the head and the girl’s face, because this is required by the traditions of religion. To Muslim women look beautiful and modern, there are many options of tying accessory:

Ways of tying Muslim scarf

  • Wave. Long hijab to wear on the head, front to fasten with a pin to make the folds freely dropped light waves.
  • Triangle. Square accessory folded in half and worn on the head. The ends of the cross, one to twist and clip at the temple, and the other left to hang freely.
  • Swallow. To throw a shawl over my head and well secured and the ends lay on her shoulders.
  • Originally looks 2 hijab: one (bright colors) knotted at the nape, and the second covers the first layer and is fastened in front under the chin by using beautiful barrettes.

Video: 10 stylish ways to wear a scarf

To face looked beautiful, but the accessory looked appropriate, it is necessary to know what to wear with a scarf on her head, and master the skills of the beautiful setting. Combine the accessory with almost any clothing, the main thing is to choose the type (stole, bandana, scarf), fabric by season and color. The method of tying depends on the style of clothing, where goes the girl (on the beach, to Church, on a walk) and will attribute to participate in the creation of hairstyles. Watch the video below to see the ten different original ways of tying a scarf on head:

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