How to get a tan?

How to get a tan on the seaGirl with dark, tanned skin look more bright and spectacular. And with the onset of summer, the girls want to get to the beach to start tanning. But, often we hear that the sun negatively affects the skin, and even sometimes dangerous to health. If this is true? As always, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Necessarily required to know how correctly to sunbathe on the beach to get a nice and even skin tone, and not to burn and not to spoil it.

The sun is our natural doctor. But how to build the right relationship with the sun? Knowing all the basic rules of proper sunbathing and observing them, you not only harm your skin, hair, etc, but in some way will improve and will saturate your body with «helpful» with ultraviolet rays.

Consider everything in order, why the need for a tan, who is helpful and who is not recommended to sun bath, and how beautifully the sun on the sea, no harm to health, this and many other questions in this article.

Who is helpful and who is harmful to tan in the sun?

Many have the firm conviction that the UV rays contribute to the deterioration of the skin and its rapid aging. But, in fact, harmful, as excess and lack UV components.

First, consider the advantages and positive traits stay in the sun:

  • under the influence of ultraviolet rays, the body is formed Vit. D, it is called «the sunshine vitamin». Vit. D. promotes strengthening of bones, muscles, sufficient quantity in the body is a great prevention of rickets (especially in children);
  • UV rays within acceptable limits, stimulate the blood circulation and metabolism and improve the endocrine system;
  • ultraviolet light has the ability to neutralize the skin, therefore, helps to cope with different parasites, bacteria, fungi on the skin, as well as to eliminate eczema, acne and pimples. But, people with manifestations of any skin abnormalities, it is best to consult with a specialist on how best to sunbathe in the sun.

But there is a category of people, which is not desirable for a long time in the sun and plenty of sunbathing. These include:

  • the representatives of the very light type of skin;
  • people with lots of moles and pigmented spots on the skin;
  • people who have previously received sunburn;
  • people who have a genetic predisposition to the emergence of melanoma, lupus erythematosus, and any neoplasm;
  • hypertensive patients II and III degrees, and also people with thyroid disorders.

All these people should avoid being under the open Sunny sky for more than 20-30 minutes. a day. In addition, you need to carefully choose the means to tan in the sun with a good level of protection.

How to sunbathe on the sea?

when and how to tan in the sun

Everyone knows that the southern sun is bright and hot and then sunbathe under it easier. And in order to make maximum use of your vacation and come home a mulatto, many women (and men) suffer every which way faster to tan in the sun. But, if you overdo it, it can and does spoil your entire stay and cause irreparable harm to the skin for life. Therefore, going on vacation, carefully studying the basic useful rules how to get a nice tan at the sea.

How to prepare the skin to tan at sea

Instead of the desired bronze color, not to red painful burns, it is necessary to properly prepare the skin for the adoption of a Sunny day, especially if she managed to wean itself from ultraviolet radiation long winter and spring.

We recommend reading «What to do if the skin is burned in the sun.»

If you want to get an even, beautiful tan that will long remind you about the last vacation, before the first sun exposure, it is necessary to clean the skin. We are talking about the removal of dead skin particles, which prevent ultraviolet radiation to penetrate into the deeper layers of the dermis. The procedure of deep cleansing, you can offer almost any beauty salon. But, to make a good peeling of the skin can be in the home. For this purpose, perfect for sea salt, ground coffee or honey. Take the selected ingredient, mix it with gel d/soul, olive oil or a spoon of sour cream, and circular massage movements, slowly apply this homemade scrub the skin on the body.

In the next step, you need to prepare the skin to ultraviolet rays. For this, you can walk 3-5 times a Solarium, sunbathe on the balcony or on the street. The main thing is not to overdo it with the recommended time duration of 1 procedure should be 4-5 min.

Well, of course, don’t forget to prepare your body for future vacation «from the inside». Strengthen your immune system, saturate the body with vitamins. Especially useful for a good tan will Vit. A and C.

The best time to sunbathe in the sun

tanning in the sun

To reduce the risk of sunburn, you need to choose the right time to go to the beach. The most burning, searing and dangerous sun rays appear in between 1200 to 1500 hours, so this time is preferably carried out at home or in the shade. The best time for sunbathing is the morning from 800 to 1100, or after 16 when the strongest solar heat is behind us.

Soaking up the sun, do not forget to change their position , substituting the sun the tummy, then the back.

«Amplifiers» sun

Today, there are a wide variety of tools that can be used to enhance, accelerate and maintain the tan.

Most safe beauty products are creams, lotions and oils for tanning in the sun. The composition of these funds has substance, which further stimulates the production of melanin and protective components, moisturizing and nutritional supplements.

agents that increase the tan

To use tools possible for even the most snow-white skin, the main thing correctly to pick up and pre-test for allergies.

No particular opinion, what kind of oil to tan better. They differ by manufacturer, bottles, degree of protection, and some other effects some help to strengthen the bronze skin tone, the other — to save the result. When choosing oil, pay attention to the composition, prefer remedies with natural ingredients in the composition, for example, you can see coconut, palm oil, wheat germ oil, cocoa butter or avocado, beta-keratin, a variety of vitamins and antioxidants.

Folk remedies for sunburn on the sun

Want a quick tan in the sun, a folk remedy to help you!

In several studies, scientists have learned that beautiful and intense tan you can get by eating natural products containing antioxidants, acids, vitamins, etc.

Leading position belongs to the carrot juice, which contains large amounts of beta-keratin. It gives the skin a pleasant shade, and maintains its elasticity and protects against premature aging. So before you go to the beach, drink a glass of fresh carrot juice in combination with a small amount of cream, for better absorption of the product.

what products contribute to a better tan

You should also pay attention to the apricots, tomatoes and eggplant, which also has beta-keratin, antioxidants and vitamins of group B. to Make the tan more intense and to protect the skin from dehydration helps melons.

Honey to adhere to the skin without causing her harm, be saturated with vitamins and beneficial trace elements from the inside.

Do you know how you can get a tan at home and get beautiful skin tone, without going outside? In fact, some home remedies will help you to get rid of the paleness and get a light Golden skin tone. Prepare yourself for peeling with cocoa or ground coffee, tonic of strong black tea, take a bath with a succession, chamomile or onion skin, or make a mask from the juice of rhubarb or melted chocolate.

Now you know how to sunbathe with mind, not to climb and not to injure the skin. Know the measure and carefully.

Sunny summer for you, and perfect even tan!

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