How to style your hair without

How to style your hairBeautiful hair is a concern every girl who watches over his appearance. Unkempt or disheveled hair can completely ruin a first impression, so it is important not only time to wash and treat hair, but to be able to beautifully put. As you have probably guessed, today we will talk about what is styling your hair, what tools it will use and how in a matter of minutes to transform lifeless hair into beautiful hair.

How to style your hair

Perhaps the most popular way of styling hair is drying their hair dryer. It is understandable, this method saves a lot of time, and it can be used to achieve different looks.

To approach the question of how to style your hair, is based on what hairstyle you want to achieve. Often daily hairstyle includes voluminous, straight or Vice versa wavy hair. A little less there is a need for more formal festive manner, then one Hairdryer is not enough.

To obtain the volume of the easiest way how to style your hair is to dry them after washing, blot the head down so that hair hanging loosely toward the floor. In this case, the dryer should be particularly dry and comb (and possibly backcomb) the domes of the head. This method takes just minutes and is suitable for all emergency installation. If you have a certain amount of extra time it is better to use additional attributes: round, comb, foam, mousse, iron.

Before how to style your hair, wash the hair and wipe with a towel to get rid of excess moisture. Then apply a thermal protective product is designed for hair dryers, Curling irons and Curling iron for straightening. Then you can use different methods of installation.

  1. With the help of a round brush

Start laying from the inside, the upper the hair is still cut at the nape. Directing the Hairdryer at the hairbrush tighten the hair inside. Try to evenly dry a strand across the comb. Then release another free strands and repeat the same action. Dry so all the strands, including the top.

  1. With the foam

Before you use foam for hair styling, you should learn some basic rules. First, the foam, like any other tool, for styling, you should choose based on your hair type (oily, normal, dry). Second, the foam can weigh hair down and make them visually more oily, so oily hair means you need quite a bit. Thirdly, before applying the foam is better a little to dry hair. Fourth, after you have applied the foam, comb hair comb with a few teeth to better distribute.

The technique of blow-drying with the use of means for styling hair at home practically does not differ from that described above. A significant difference is only in durability packing: with foam hair will last much longer than without it.

  1. Using the diffuser attachment

Many girls, approaching the question than style your hair, lose sight of the fact that most modern cars have various nozzles. The most popular of them – the guide (looks like a trapezoid) is designed to straighten hair or a round brush. The diffuser is a circular nozzle with performances, it’s ideal for creating curls. You do not need a Curling iron or curlers, no special skills.

How to style your hair without a Hairdryer

Many prefer to abandon the dryer as it dries and spoils the hair. Although it is not quite true, when used properly, a hair dryer, however, natural drying in the fresh air certainly will not harm your hair. Of course, the problem of how to style your hair without a Hairdryer, and Ironing, takes more time, but it can be greatly reduced if you know a few secrets.

  1. Wave

If you want a few hours to have beautiful curls or frizz, you should make a very simple and beautiful hair on wet hair. Wash your hair, dry them with Hairdryer and air to such a state that they remain slightly damp. Divide the hair into two parts. Take a half of hair, twist them into a harness, and the harness wrap around the head, that is, twist the hair the wheel. The same repeat with the other side.

That’s all it takes to self-style your hair. Thus, you can go with a fashionable two bundles, and after their untwining, you will find beautiful waves. The intensity of the curls depends on how you got wet was your hair and how long you went with this styling.

  1. Small waves

Easy styling for medium hair, girls friend from childhood is braids. If you washed hair braided in pigtails, first get beautiful hair (it is important to choose braids that you like outwardly), and then the abundant curls.

  1. The volume

Natural styling for long straight hair usually has no volume, because the longer the hair, the heavier they are and the less volume to the roots. To the hair to fresh air dried up and became more voluminous, slay them in the opposite direction from how they grow by themselves: for example, fix bugs or take high beam. At the same time, such a conclusion might make the hair less straight, and for the final stage, you may need iron.

How to do bulk stacking

We have already examined above methods give hair volume using a hair dryer and without his participation. But the theme of the volume is so relevant to women that we want to share with you more secrets of how it is to style with volume at the roots.

  1. Forceps ripple

Using this nozzle and straightener, you can achieve the volume of any magnitude. At the same time themselves the crimped strands will not be visible. How to achieve this? Pull the top strands of hair, gather them together and kill it at the top. Left bottom layers of your hair should be pressed to a rectifier with a nozzle ripple only at the roots or along the entire length. After working with each section of your hair, puff on her additional fingers. Before correct to do the hair styling yourself, don’t forget to use the funds to protect the hair from exposure to high temperatures. This method allows you to make a very simple but beautiful styling.

  1. Curler

Body styling for medium hair can be created by using large-diameter curlers. Damp hair and divide it into as many parts as pieces of curler you have. The minimum that is sufficient for the volume on medium and short hair – it’s 3 zones: the crown, fringe, nape. Accordingly, 3 curlers you will need.

Separate a strand, well pull it up, sprinkle it with varnish and starting the movement with the tip of the hair, twist the hair towards the roots, secure the bottom line.

  1. Bouffant

This method was used by generations of women, especially those who have wondered how to style straight hair. Its essence is to backcomb the hair from the inside of the hair at the roots. Remove the top layer of hair and clip away at the top of the head so it does not interfere. From the bottom row pick locks, comb the selected section. Flat comb start at 5 centimeters from the roots and direct it to the scalp. So much you puff on your hair at the roots. In conclusion, remove the pin from the top layer of hair, they will cover the fleece and externally will look completely straight.

As you know, methods and tools for hair styling, there are many. And what better to style your hair in your case depends on the method chosen, the amount of time and the available attributes.

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