Ways to strengthen nails at home

strengthening of nails with gelWell-groomed hands, neat manicure and healthy nails is a symbol of a lady. And if the color of the nails and their shape people’s tastes may differ, one thing remains unchanged – a strong and healthy nails are always in style and even without color coating look well-groomed. Therefore, every girl should have in their Arsenal are several ways how to strengthen nails at home. Besides these recipes are especially useful in spring and autumn, when due to lack of vitamins our nails need extra protection.

Homemade tips on how to make nails strong

  1. Water treatment

Absolute favorites in this list are the baths for strengthening nails. The fact that the nail is able to absorb water in contrast to the skin. This fact can be advantageously used, adding to the bath different components. All baths for nails taken 15-20 minutes.

  • Sea salt

You can see how after visiting a seaside resort or salt lake, your nails become stronger, thicker and beginning to grow faster. The fact that sea salt contains many micro — and macroelements, which may not be enough to our body through food. Is fluorine, iodine and others.

The easiest recipe for strengthening bath for nails with sea salt includes table 2-3.spoon of salt without dyes and flavorings in a glass of slightly hot water. Hold in it the nails, wipe them with a towel and spread cream. Be careful if you have skin wounds and cracks, as pleasure from the procedure you are unlikely to get. If you are doing a bath at night, from above it is advisable to wear cotton gloves for the hands, so the components are better absorbed into the skin, making it soft and silky.

  • Lemon juice

Lemon helps to strengthen your nails and nourish them with vitamins, but its main feature is the bleaching of the plate. But lemon is not recommended to abuse it, as it dries and may damage the nail with frequent use. 1-2 applications per week in pure form is enough.

Add to glass of water 1 table.a spoon of sea salt and 1 table.a spoonful of lemon juice, soak in the tub fingers, after a specified time, rinse your hands with warm clean water and apply a cream.

It is a means to strengthen nails is an alternative for very busy women: apply the prepared solution just for nails or dip your fingers into the solution and remove, without washing. Wait until the part of the funds will flow and the part will be absorbed and do their own thing, not forgetting the result, rinse your fingers with water.

  • Oil

How to strengthen nails at homeEssential and base oils to strengthen nails at home is very effective and often affordable method. And they can also be added to the bath. Essential oils (lemon, lavender, ylang-ylang, tea tree, bergamot, rosemary, etc) are not added to the water in its pure form because of the high concentrations they can cause irritation and burns. They are pre-mixed with base oils (peach, olive, coconut from pomegranate seed, wheat germ and the like).

We can say that cooking trays for nail art is a creative process. So, you can add water to those ingredients that you will find at home: sea salt, olive oil, a few drops of citrus juice and slightly concentrated vinegar. Experiment with recipes to give your nails even more useful vitamins and elements.

  1. Massages

A great addition to baths will be the massage of the cuticle. It is desirable to do immediately after the water treatment using the base oil and the exfoliation brush. If this tool you do not, it is possible to manage own forces: massage movements RUB butter with fingers into the cuticles for 10 minutes daily. This will provide your nails strength, the rapid rise and Shine. If you want you can add in the oil, and vitamins to strengthen nails: E, A, C, B, D. They can be purchased in a drugstore in capsules. They have a liquid consistency and is easily mixed with butter or cream.

Mask to strengthen nails

Another means for strengthening the nails are mask. You can find masks that are easy to use and good effect on the nails. But for those who do not trust the chemical composition of the purchase of masks and also for those who want to save money and prepare home-made mask for nails, we’ve compiled some cheap and effective recipes than to strengthen the nails.

  • Potatoes + cabbage

Mask to strengthen nails includes cabbage leaf, peeled potatoes and a spoonful of sour cream. Vegetables grind in a blender or finely chop, add to them the sour cream and drop in the mixture of fingers for 15 minutes. Then wipe the hands with a handkerchief or a cotton pad soaked in milk.

  • Iodine, lemon, olive oil to strengthen nails

Slightly heated 3 table.spoon of oil, add 3-4 drops of lemon juice and 2 drops of iodine, drop in a mixture of nails and hold for a quarter of an hour, then wash off the mask with water.

Strengthening nails with iodine can be carried out just applying the iodine spot on the nails before bed. But cosmetologists do not recommend to use this method often, as the alcohol solution of iodine, which is sold in pharmacies, can dry the nail plate from which it will be even more likely to break. It is better to add iodine in masks, oils, and baths.

  • Mask with red pepper to fast nail growth

Pepper added to the cream with this group of nails near the cuticle, leave for 10-15 minutes and wash off with warm water. Mask is recommended to do once a week. Do not worry if the nail will start to rock, this is the mask: thanks to hot pepper, aktiviziruyutsya and cells begin to rapidly divide.

See more recipes of masks for nail growth the link /maski-dlya-rosta-nogtey/.

  1. Wax

The procedure for strengthening nails wax can be found in almost any beauty salon. But accustomed, it can be done at home. This requires natural beeswax.

It needs to be warmed up, having left on a hot radiator or in a water bath to a soft pliable state. Then RUB each nail plate, as if polishing it, and massaging. This tool gives nails Shine, strength and beauty.

If this is not enough, and you are thinking, than it is possible to strengthen the nails on the hands again, mix the wax, honey and any other cosmetic oil, warm and apply on nails. This vitamin cocktail will quickly lead to normal even severely damaged nails.

  1. Firming gel nail Polish

strengthen nailsStrengthening and decorating nails gel Polish already not surpassed, perhaps, any woman. And if you have never done this, you’ve probably heard about it.

Gel Polish looks no different from the usual paint, but worn for longer – up to months! Despite this, the nails thicken, grow visibly and protected from negative influence of environment.

However, in order to get strong nails at home, it is important to know the technology of application and removal of gel Polish or to apply only to professional artists who use the best paints and equipment.

How to strengthen nails at home

You will need:

  • Soluble base clear coat, which is necessary to ensure that the lacquer is easily removed after its service;
  • Color gel Polish if desired;
  • The top clear coat that prevents nail Polish from chipping, scratches and other damages;
  • UV lamp;
  • Degreaser for the preparation of the nail and remove the sticky layer (the masters of nail service, these fluids are different, but for a home manicure just one means).

Of course, the professional set is much broader and includes many additional devices and means to strengthen nails: batik, primer pusher, brushes of different shapes, etc.

  • Degrease clean nail designed for this fluid
  • Apply base coat and dry the nails under the UV lamp within the time specified on the packaging of the lacquer
  • Alternately, apply 2-3 coats of colored lacquer, each of which will dry in the lamp.
  • Apply on the top nail plate, dry it in the lamp
  • Degrease the nail to remove the sticky layer.

Folk remedies for nail strengthening is almost limitless, but it is important to remember that beautiful long and strong nails it is much harder to grow at the wrong diet, lack of vitamins and existence of bad habits.

How do you make nails at home? Recipes, tips and opinions in comments!

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