How to accelerate the growth of nails at home

How to speed up nail growthHands are the calling card of any woman. But nothing adorns the handle as beautiful, healthy and manicured nails. As you know, is now at its peak of natural beauty, so glued nails, acrylic tips or tips that is no surprise. Today, each lady tends to grow long the natural nails, to attract attention to their handles admiring glances of men and girlfriends. In addition, long nails make your fingers more sophisticated and refined, and come up with many ideas of nail design.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to grow nails to the desired length. And kind of groom them and nurture it, and they eventually begin to weaken, peeling and chipping. Today there are various remedies for nail growth. But this is not the only option to strengthen the nail plate and become the owner of luxurious, long nails. There are also methods on how to accelerate the growth of nails at home. And talk about this.

Where to start?

Before selecting a tool for quick nail growth, you need to understand why they are still broken. The reasons influencing the condition and quality of the nails is a great set, so focus on the main factors that prevent regrowth of nails that need to be addressed.

  • Constant use of nail polishes and acetone. It is clear that the nails look more beautiful after a fresh manicure, but they also need to rest from the chemicals ( particularly formaldehyde) contained in varnishes and liquids to relieve.
  • The use of household cleaning products. Nails are foliated and break if they are to be tested and the influence of aggressive components contained in the powder, means for washing dishes and the floor. All homework must be done with gloves on.
  • Deficiency of vitamins and minerals, especially calcium, iron, Vit. A, E and D affects the condition of nails. The best way is to revise the diet to include the most useful products, or start to take specific complexes and vitamins for nail growth. Read more in the article at this link /vitaminyi-dlya-nogtey/
  • Improper care, namely circumcision of the nail or using wire cutters» can damage the nail plate, shortening is best to use special nail files.
  • The specifics of the work. Some women’s nails are worn down and broken prematurely as a result of professional activities. Often this applies to people working with harmful chemicals. substances, those who engage in continuous typing on computer or typewriter. In this case, you need to pay special attention and care for the nails and use the special Polish for nail growth and strengthening.

The growth rate of fingernails can also depend on hereditary predisposition, however, when you eliminate the negative factors and carrying out some remedial measures, it is possible to succeed and hit all the long, manicured nails.

Baths for growth and strengthen nails

To improve blood circulation, strengthen the nail plate and stimulate the growth of nails you can use regular use of the baths for the fingers. As a solution use a variety of water compositions, we offer the most effective, useful and simple, you can alternate or use different recipes baths for quick nail growth.

  • Iodine with sea salt. This recipe is the most popular and simple. To prepare the solution for the procedure, you need to dissolve two tbsp. lodges. sea salt 1/2 liter of warm water and add 10 drops of iodine. Then put your fingers into the container with the prepared composition for 15-20 minutes.
  • Drinking water with lemon. Another beautiful nail growth stimulator is the fresh lemon juice. Add warm water and the juice of half a citrus and 1 lie. any rust. oil and soak the handle in this format for about 10-15 minutes. You can also coat the nails with lemon juice to strengthen their structure, but after the procedure it is essential to lubricate them with a nourishing oil or cream.
  • Baths with herbal oils. These trays are perfectly nourish and enrich the nails with vitamins. Heat in a water bath some oil of your choice ( castor oil, olive, almond etc.), add a few drops of iodine and glycerin. Soak hands in a warm buttery races-re approximately 20 min, wipe hands with a napkin.
  • Nourishing milk bath. In a glass of warm milk, add three lodges. honey, a few lodges. salt and squeeze half lemon. Put your hands down and enjoy this pleasant event 20 min.
  • Vitamin composition. Nourish the nail plate with vitamins you can use folk remedies, which is used as a mask for the rapid growth of the nails. Heat the quarter Cup of sunflower oil, add 5 drops of liquid Vit. A & E and a few drops of iodine. All components are carefully mix and apply the tool alternately on each nail, leave for at least 15 min.

If you apply the trays for the growth of nails at home at least 1-2 times a week, you will notice how the nails come back strong, they will be stronger, healthier and longer.

Other folk remedies

Nature and its gifts often helps us to maintain beauty, health and youthfulness. Therefore, we often use the recipes, that offers us a folk medicine. There are many methods how to increase the growth of your nails using natural ingredients, some of which we will share with you right now.

  • Homemade cream for nails. Particularly relevant this recipe in the summer. You need to crush lies. black currant, add floor boxes. flour and floor boxes. heavy cream or sour cream. Mix all ingredients and apply the resulting paste on each nail. Wear cotton gloves as a means to sustain two hours.
  • Try this tool for the growth of nails at home. You will need beeswax, which should be melted, put it in the ground in the fingertips, then quickly dip hands in cold water. Thus, the pads coated with wax, in this state, you need to leave them for 2-3 hours, and it is better to go to sleep with them. In the absence of wax, such manipulation is to do with cosmetic paraffin.
  • Do overnight iodine grid, using a cotton swab. And don’t worry, in the morning no trace of your restorative procedures will remain, the main draw neat thin stripes.

Of course, we have considered not all variants how to strengthen your nails and accelerate their growth, and probably you, too, have my secret and proven tool, we will be glad if you will share it in the comments.

To look always charming and of course, every day we need to exert some effort to maintain beauty and youth. But to expend energy taking care of your body, very nice.

Be beautiful and catch the admiring glances!

If you wish to make trays for nail growth, read our article. Thanks to the information from this article, you learned how to improve the rate of nail growth.

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