How to shave your legs: epilator and shaver

How to shave your legsShaving legs is invariably accompanied by a number of issues, especially by very young women: what age to start shaving how to shave your legs, should shave her legs or epilator it is better to use a razor to shave the legs above the knees. This is only part of the many issues that arise in the mind of girls. We will try to answer them.

How old to shave legs?

The unequivocal answer to it there can not be, because each girl develops a purely individual. Hence the difference in speed of hair growth on the legs. So to start to shave my legs need when you need it. This information is particularly important for mothers who, for one reason or another negatively answer questions from their daughters: «can you shave my legs?». Trust me, it’s too early to start shaving, and at the same time to teach their child how to shave your legs, but to avoid development of complexes in children.

The better to shave your legs: shaver vs razor

how to shave legs with a razorSpecific choice is yours, we’ll consider only the main points. So, first of all learn how to correctly shave my legs epilator. In General, the epilator gets rid of hair on your legs for quite a long time: the interval between shaves is not less than a fortnight, if not a month.

So after all, how often to shave legs? To shave legs the epilator is only possible when the length of the hairs is sufficient to capture their machine. Just before shaving the skin should be well steamed. This should take a warm shower. It is also useful to apply to the skin scrub. After a shower it is necessary to wipe dry, as the skin should not be wet.

Without pain how to remove hair epilator, please click here.

To understand how to shave legs without irritation, you need to controlled by several uncomplicated tips:

  • to start movement of the appliance should be from the bottom, moving from the calf to the thigh, i.e., against the hair growth;
  • it is not necessary to press the instrument too tightly against the body, the touch should be soft, smooth and slow;
  • keep the epilator better almost perpendicular, i.e. at an angle slightly smaller than 90.

After completion of the procedure, the skin must be treated by any means from inflammation (irritation) and can be applied on the legs after epilation oil which will reduce the growth rate of new hairs.

How to shave legs with a razor

the better to shave my legs? with a razor or epilatorIf you are interested in how to shave my legs with a machine, to achieve the best result is very important:

  • possible to shave your legs directly in the bath or shower;
  • start shaving steamed skin, that is, the procedure is done soon after taking in water;
  • to stay as convenient as possible. It is recommended to take a sitting position for example, sitting on the edge of the bathtub (shower cabin). In any case, the answer to the question «how to shave your legs» is, above all, the stability of your position;
  • to use the shaving cream. It must be applied uniformly throughout the area of the shaving;
  • as with the epilator, shaving in the direction against the hair growth;
  • constantly rinse the razor and to ensure that the humidity of the blade;
  • shave using warm water. The fact that the cold water increases the chance of cuts, besides some areas on the skin can be simply ignored.
  • preprocessing foot scrub. As well to a hard sponge. This is done to exfoliate the dead skin cells;
  • be handled carefully with a razor where the shaving of the legs should be especially careful, for example, in the field of fingers. For a more comfortable shave is to slightly raise the foot, then the access hairs will be easier and you will be able to provide smooth movements;
  • completely shave off hair around the knee. In fact it is not as easy as it seems, there will have to bend the leg at different angles;
  • after shaving, rinse the feet in warm water and carefully wash the remnants of shaving cream.

how to shave legs with a razorIn contrast to shaving, epilator, another component of how to properly shave my legs with a razor, is the application of moisturizers immediately, but after a few hours. Read more about how to relieve irritation after shaving read the link /kak-predotvratit-i-snyat-irritation-after-britya/

You can also use a depilatory cream, good selection of such products is sufficient, and the quality of the many creams proven experience of a large number of women. But here’s the big difference between cream and razor you will not notice just cream is best suited for girls with sensitive skin.

Shave your legs above the knee?

How many times to shave my legs, how far to shave my legs – all of these issues every girl decides for herself. Quite often you can encounter the issue of the necessity of shaving on the thighs. Say here only one thing: whatever it was, half shaved legs look comical and ridiculous, but because you can shave your legs above the knee – not worth it to invest time and money to shave my legs.

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