Give your nails the desired shape

50077_6Nice looking manicure is not primarily rhinestones and lacquer with mother of pearl, and beautiful shape and well-groomed hands. About how beautiful it is to file nails without harming the nail plate, will tell today.

How to file nails without harm?

For starters get a proper saw. Here, you’ll need two selection criteria: the material and the abrasiveness.

  1. Abrasiveness is measured in the grit and describes the predominant size of grains, that is, the rigidity of the tool. The more specified grit, the surface is softer. If you have thin nails, choose a soft nail file. But in General for natural nails is considered to be optimum rigidity 200-300 grit.
  2. Material nail files is no less important for health of nails. The most common metal, glass and ceramic nail files.

nails square shape photoMetal, despite their low cost, it is not recommended to buy. They are only suitable for thick toenails or male.

Ceramic nail file is able to seal the nail so that it does not break and is not foliated. It even called health care. If you have nails, you will help this article.

Glass nail file does not injure the nail and rasp it gently without damaging the nail plate. With careful use of this saw can last you a very long time.

How to shape the nails

First, define the desired appearance of the nails. Moreover, when choosing the shape of the nails look not only to your taste but also on their practicality. If you frequently work with your hands, hardly sharp triangular and square nails will last long without breaking.

There are some basic nail shapes:

  • Oval/round nail shape;
  • Square;
  • Soft rounded square;
  • Almond-shaped;
  • Pointed.

in the picture the nails paypAlso do not forget that some forms not suitable for all the girls. It depends on the shape, thickness and length of the fingers, by the cuticle and the nail plate. The cuticle is the nail edge, which is adjacent to the skin, the finger hole. The nail plate will be called the visible part of the nail. The following tips that will help you navigate the question of how to choose a nail shape

  1. You can choose any nail shape, if the cuticle is oval in shape and nail plate is flat.
  2. Round nails, it is preferable to choose the girls with large hands and fingers.
  3. The square shape looks good on the slim handles with delicate long fingers, short nails or if the nail plate is convex.
  4. Oval nails, tapering to the outer edge, visually lengthen the nails, it makes them indispensable to the full fingers. In addition, they are very practical, and are favorites of many girls.
  5. Almond shape nails is only suitable for thin and long fingers, but even for them this form is a festive option, since it may interfere in everyday tasks.

How to cut the nails on the hands

The procedure from filing of nails, of course, familiar to every girl, but nonetheless, many of them do it correctly. Resulting in disturbed structure of the nail, it begins to flake and runs the risk of quickly broken.

In fact, only a few rules of proper treatment of the nails can relieve you of many worries manicure and pedicure.

  1. To file nails only if hands and nail plate is completely dry.

oval nail art photosA good manicure and pedicure includes a foot Spa for nails. But it is necessary to make it easier to remove the cuticles and nourish the nails vitamins and trace elements, rasp nails need in the bath or some time after it, when the hands are completely dry.

  1. Work with a nail file in one direction.

And although it seems that the dynamic of the movement «here and there» is much speed up the process, this method contributes to the destruction of the nail.

  1. Don’t overdo it with nail Polish.

Podpilivaya nails no more than once a week.

  1. Polish the nails with the mind

Before rubbing the nail plate buff, check out the main nuances: to hold them on the nail plate can be no more than 10 times. But it is better when polished drip on the nail is a versatile oil and clean it using soft suede and buff. So not only will you achieve a Shine to your nails, but also sealed the nail, reducing the risk of damage.

How to make the desired shape of the nails

Square nails – perhaps the most simple in execution. Instruction on how to make a square shape nails, is as follows:

  • If you have long fingernails, for a start they need to be cut with scissors. Choose the length of your nails, starting with the index finger, because often the nail plate on it longer. If you mark the length on the ring, it may be, the index finger must be cut down almost by the roots, that he corresponded to him.
  • Next, treat the free edge. Hold the file perpendicular to the nail plate.
  • To check smooth edges, use the nail file as a line. Attaching it to the nails, which you should see that they have the same length and smooth edges, parallel to the surface of the saw.
  • You also need to pay attention to the sides of the nails. If your goal is a flat square, podpilivaya them perpendicular to the free edge and cuticle. If you aspire to how to make the shape of the nail «soft square», use a smaller brush abrasiveness and not pressing it, gently round out the edges.

round shape nail art photoThe oval shape of the nails can vary in length and degree defined separately. But usually after all manicures begin with give smooth edge ends of the nails, and then round out the plate as much as planned.

Nail form pipe in other words the oval tube is more common for artificial nails, but if you manage to grow to grow their nails long enough to give them the form of payp can such as oval.

Remember that the manicure should not only be attractive and beautiful, but not to create a cause for damaging the nail.

Stay beautiful!

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