How to shape nails at home

Every woman strives to always look perfect. From what her appearance affects her confidence, attractiveness, and mood. Important for women all style clothing, jewelry, hair, makeup and especially a beautiful manicure, which is based on accurate, correctly shaped nails. A professional manicurist can quickly and easily pick the right nail design. However, when you consider some of the tips and at home you can get a manicure, thus saving time and money.

The classification of forms of the nails on the hands

Two people with exactly the same shape of the nails does not exist. Each person needs an individual approach in the choice of design of the nail plate, which is based not only on personal tastes, preferences, fashion trends, but depends on the specific structure of the fingers, the entire hand, lifestyle, thickness, condition of nails, common style. There are many variations of the design of the manicure simple and complex, for example, in the fashion news of the summer 2015: EDGE, bridge, Parker. Consider the basic shape of nails.

The right nail shape


Nails square shape fit for owners of long, thin fingers, they can visually shorten their length. This design is extremely popular because it is the most simple in execution, it is advised to do the majority of women, it is also suitable men. The rectangular shape looks great on nails of any length – medium, short, long, suitable for everyday manicure, but the sharp tips of the nails often cling to everything and can break.


Girls with big hands, wide palms and thumbs are perfect rounded design of the nails. The surface of the nail retains its strength, resistance to chipping, hook the fabric and decoration of clothing. The design is perfect for a short (maximum 3 mm), weak, brittle nails. Rounded design choose active, outdoor women, mothers of infants, health workers, musicians, nannies and childminders.


Oval manicure is universal, it fits most women, and therefore very popular. Marigolds durable, round, have rounded corners, clean lines, which look favorable in any way. Oval design emphasizes the fragility, the tenderness of the girl’s fingers. Looks great this form on medium to long nails. There are several forms of oval plates:

  • With straight sides.
  • Classic.
  • Square.

Classic nail shapes

Soft square

Another choice for brittle nails is the shape of the soft square, which is a rectangle with softened rounded edges. Thanks to the rounded nails will not cling to clothes. The perfect manicure for this form is considered a French classic. Soft square is suitable for all women, except for owners of short fingers.


Almond-design has a rounded shape with a tapered end reflecting the shape of almonds. Almond nails looks very similar to natural, hands and fingers, they give a delicate, feminine look. But this form is very fragile, so it is recommended to do on tips artificial or strengthen the natural nail plate with gel or acrylic.


This form is incredibly long and sharp triangles that fit the bold, extravagant girls. Stiletto visually lengthen the fingers, therefore, recommended for girls with medium length fingers and small palms. This form has several varieties:

  • Faceted. Has multiple faces, extended with the help of gel.
  • Gothic. A narrow triangular shape with rounded edges.
  • Peak. Thin and much narrowed to the tip of the nail form.


Unique nail design pipe combines almond-shaped and square-shaped. To reinforce these nails is only possible from synthetic materials, but they are durable, comfortable, practical, beautiful. Outside plate resembles half a tube, so your fingers look longer visually. One of the major advantages of this shape is that it fits both young girls and Mature ladies.

Features sawing nails at home

Before starting the process from filing your nails, remember some rules:

  • Sawing is carried out on a dry surface.
  • Align the length of the shortest one.
  • Manicure is done in good light. The smallest details can be viewed through a magnifying glass.
  • Before proceeding to the delineation of the contour, visually imagine the desired form.

The girl tries to properly shape the nails

  • Podpilivaya movements in one direction should be no more than 10.
  • All the tools for manicure needs to be of high quality.
  • To avoid rasliani and indent, podpilka is slow, in a slightly inclined state in one direction (from the edge to the center).
  • Allowed to cut nails, which from the nail bed increased by 2-3 millimeter.
  • The hands, the fingers should be periodically lubricated with wax, that was not the roughness.

Preparation for the procedure

Before starting the design of nails, prepare all the necessary tools:

  1. The nail scissors. Used for adjusting the shape and shorten nails to desired length.
  2. Tweezers. Used to eliminate the cuticle and burrs.
  3. Nail file. Help adjust the shape and length of nails. There are such types:

Nail file to shape nails at home

  • Disposable paper-based, the top covered with graphite.
  • Metal. Apply for a healthy, not damaged nail plates.
  • Plastic. Suitable for natural nails.
  • Glass. Are used for sawing thin, weak surfaces that had been subjected to nibble.
  • Ceramic.

On grit nail files are:

  • Rough for cutting artificial materials (gel, acrylic).
  • Average is the length of the plate.
  • Soft — for final processing.
  • Very soft for polishing.

Even for the procedure we need:

  1. Sticks of wood. With their help, under nails and remove dirt and cut the cuticle.
  2. Nail brush. Cleanses the skin of hands and nails from dirt, softens rough skin.
  3. The means for removing nail Polish. Removes old paint, degreasing before painting plate.
  4. Means to soften cuticles. A special cream or liquid that softens the skin cuticle, and slow growth in the future.
  5. Correction pen white. Paints the tips of the nails on the inside.

How to make beautiful shape nails: a step by step guide

Regardless of what form of nail you will create, you must first prepare the nail plate:

  • Remove old nail Polish and degrease the surface of the nail plate using Polish remover.
  • Treat and trim the cuticles and rough nail tissue.
  • Treat your hands and nails with a disinfectant preparation.

Begin to create square nails:

The girl gives your nails a square shape

  • Cut the nail pedicure cutter in a straight line to the desired length.
  • Treat the nail with a nail file. To do this in the middle of the nail plate from its base to the free edge visually draw a line. Processing filing need to be strictly perpendicular to this line.
  • The tip of the nail after sawing must be perfectly smooth. To check attach file. It is necessary that the corners of the nail are on the same line.
  • At the sides, and lightly coat the nail: podpilivaya parallel to our virtual line.
  • If you want to get a «soft square», corners slightly rounded saw.
  • For smoothness the surface of the plate of the nail Polish special nail file.
  • After completing the procedure, clean your hands and nails from dust, process nourishing cream.

The walkthrough shows how to create round and oval nail shapes.

Give the nails a round or oval shape

  • Using clippers or nail scissors trim nails to desired length. If you make a round shape, the length of the nail should be up to 3 millimeters.
  • For a rounded design with a saw to make smooth rounded movement in the direction from the lateral edge to the middle of the nail.
  • For oval shape, first align the nail file to the sides of the nail, then the edges should be rounded.
  • At the end of a soft brush is necessary to smooth the corners to the formation of a perfect Crescent.

Video tutorial: how to make a beautiful nail shape

To give a beautiful appearance to the nails at home is not difficult, important to observe all the rules of procedure of sawing and follow the instructions of the masters. But to thoroughly learn the techniques of manicure and to learn how to make nails, we offer detailed videos from YouTube, in which the masters tell you how to make the correction of the nail plate, cut and shape toenails.

Correction of the nail plate

How to cut the nails

How to make the correct shape of toenails

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