How to restore the nails after the gel Polish?

How to restore the nails after the gel Polish?

Has long been popular gel Polish because of their bright colors and supersconti. Often, however, after this manicure, the nails can become brittle and even start to flake. Today we will talk about how you can restore notevolissimo after the gel Polish.

Olive oil

Immediately after the nails remove gel Polish, they are often Polish, so the nails can become very thin and brittle. They can be strengthened and also restore with the help of regular olive oil, heated in a water bath or in the microwave to a comfortable temperature for you. This oil should omit the nails for ten minutes or more. This procedure should be repeated daily for weeks or longer if needed.

Healthy eating

As they say, «we are what we eat». And indeed it is. Can’t do without a healthy diet and in case you need to restore your nails. In your daily diet you will need to add foods that are rich in proteins , mineral salts, and vitamins a, C, D Is.

How to restore the nails after the gel Polish?

Lemon juice

To restore brittle and damaged nails can also lemon juice, which should be rubbed into the nail plate and leave it on for two to three minutes. Then it must be washed off with water. Contained in the lemon juice, the vitamin C quickly return your nails a well-groomed appearance, and essential oils will be able to make them stronger.

The mask of berries

Experts prefer to repair nails after shellac with berry mask. However, the berries have to be sour. For this perfect cranberry, cranberry or red currant. To prepare this mask, should be crushed a few berries to obtain a homogeneous mass. Then this mask should be applied to the nails, wrap them in plastic wrap and to hold fifteen minutes. Your dehydrated nails are fed with useful trace elements and fruit acids.


Quickly recover your nails can iodine mesh. Maybe someone will be surprised for such a simple method, but the result after it can be seen almost immediately. The nails should be applied with a cotton swab, a bit of iodine. Yellowness per night with your nails will go, and the nails become more strong and durable.

Sealing nail

In addition to home treatments there are also salon treatments that offer restoring nails after the gel Polish. One of them is the sealing of nails. Provide this service today, almost every beauty salon. The essence of this procedure lies in the fact that the nail plate is rubbed a mixture of beeswax with honey. After this procedure, the nails appear thin pellicle, which prevents them from damage and rids the nails from breakage and gives your nails a healthy look.

Sea salt

To prevent delamination and fragility of nails and make them stronger maybe a bath with added sea salt. Take some water and dissolve in it one tablespoon of sea salt, and if desired, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Then put in the water the finger tips for ten minutes. After the procedure, lubricate your hands with a nourishing cream. This procedure should be carried out not more than two or three times a week.

Paraffin baths

In the salon you can also offer to do a procedure called a «paraffin» bath. It can save your hands from microcrack and peeling, as well as slow down the aging process and to saturate them with useful microelements. One session of this procedure usually lasts twenty to twenty-five minutes, but the effect will stay with you for a long time.

Medical coverage

Will reduce the brittleness and lamination nails after a gel-Polish using a special treatment coating that should be applied to the nails daily. Carefully read the instructions and follow it. Well, if this surface will contain vitamins, minerals, calcium and fiber silk, which can restore your nails and give them a well-groomed and healthy.

How to restore the nails after the gel Polish?

Cuticle oil

This oil will protect your nails from moisture loss and make them healthy. Regular use of this tool also saves you from Burr formation.

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