Methods and tools for recovery after the eyelash

eyelashes after removing nail extensions photoTo have awesome thick, long black eyelashes and bewitching come-hither look, many women resort to artificial extensions of cilia, and is so drawn that the process is repeated again and again. But getting the desired effect, few people think, deteriorate if eyelashes after eyelash extensions and what to do to recover your own native lashes? Everything you need to know about the procedure, consequences and how to restore lashes after extensions, you will find in this article.

What are eyelash extensions and what the consequences might be?

Method of building is as follows: master with the help of special adhesives attaches a synthetic lash to your own. At the end of the process you receive expressive eyes and lush lashes. Read how to care for your extended eyelashes to make them longer please you. But, like many others, this cosmetic procedure is not eternal, and after a time you’ll be back with your family eyelashes. Unfortunately, it happens that after building your eyelashes are almost colorless, short, brittle, thinning. The reasons for this weakened condition after eyelash extensions can depend on different factors:

  1. The glue used for extensions is the chemical composition of a substance is spoil and thinner hairs structure.
  2. Under the weight of artificial lashes, your own are starting more often and in large amounts to fall out, furthermore, their growth slows significantly.
  3. If the execution of the building held not a professional, and his inexperience was put artificial one for a few relatives, so natural eyelashes stick together, shrink, and fall out quickly.
  4. Use for treatments of poor quality, bad materials and products leads to chemical depletion and loss of hairs, and in this case you need to restore eyelashes after eyelash extensions.
  5. Improper care or neglect of faux lashes (for example, permanent damage or effects) leads to the loss together with the extended, natural lashes.

But it is important to note that the reviews about eyelash extensions differ in different women. Not all women after the procedure, your eyelashes remain in poor, poor condition. If you go to a qualified master, the procedure was in order, and then you cherished your «new» lashes and caring for them, the recovery after the eyelash, it may not be necessary.

How to treat eyelashes after eyelash extensions?

The main objectives of recovery procedures:

  • To return the strength to your eyelashes;
  • Find a way to grow back your eyelashes after extension in a short time and to return to its former length and thickness;
  • Constantly nourish dry and brittle lashes;
  • Return the attractive look of natural lashes.

To achieve all these goals, there are some effective options, recipes, and feminine wiles. Consider the most effective and quick ways how to strengthen eyelashes after extension and to secure a positive result.

Strengthening oils

It is well known that oils possess nourishing properties, they have a lot of vitamins, minerals and other useful components. In addition, a huge plus of this method is the availability and low cost. Low price essential oils can allow you to get a few different options to maximize the benefit from each of them.

  1. Castor oil.

It is a popular tool that women choose when it comes than to cure the lashes after eyelash extensions. With the help of this oil the hair follicles properly receive nutrition, lashes are strengthened and normalized their growth and volume. To treat the cilia oil 2 times a day. You can do this with a cotton pad or a stick, but in a way oil can get into the eye, it is not critical, but pleasant enough. There is a more convenient method. Old ink with a soft brush will clean off makeup residue, and wash. Pour into the prepared clean bottle brush with oil and apply when you are at home. More recipes based on castor oil here.

  1. The wheat germ oil.

Another tool that can quickly grow eyelashes after eyelash extensions. The principle is no different from the previous one, castor oil. The same, incidentally, applies to the following oils.

  1. Linseed oil.
  2. The oil from grape seed.

Some oil to lubricate eyelashes, you decide. You can make the mixture, you can apply them one by one or use any one. There is a matter of preference, all of these oils are beneficial to cilia.

  1. Mask for eyelashes.

For all running situations or if you do not know, than to restore lashes after extension, very suitable mask for eyelash regenerating effect. Its composition: castor and burdock oil, aloe and vitamin E.

As you know, burdock oil well stimulates hair growth not only on the head, but also on the eyelids and eyebrows. Castor oil helps strengthen lashes and prevent them abundant hair loss. Vitamin E will nourish your lashes and the skin around the eyes to useful vitamin of youth. Aloe Vera juice combines all the beneficial properties: promotes healthy growth, elimination of hair loss and strengthen lashes.

The mask is applied to the eyelashes twice a week for a period of about two months.

Strengthening herbs

Various herbs and their mixtures will not only help to restore lashes after a failed build, but will have a positive impact on the skin around the eyes.

Useful properties in this case are calendula, sage, cornflower, chamomile, nettle. Brew an infusion of the herb or herbs, let cool, dip a cotton pad in the form of heat applied to the eyes.

If you are not allergic to herbs, you can repeat this procedure at least every day during the month. The main thing in restoring eyelash – regularity.

Both oils and herbal decoctions are applied only on clean eyelashes. This means that they should not be too much of cosmetics or other means.

If the traditional methods of recovery you do not like, in beauty stores, you can find a lot of means to care for eyelashes. The price category of such products varies quite widely, so everyone will find something to their liking and pocketbook.

Remember that when you restore eyelashes should not expect instant effect. It is possible to return them to their original appearance have to spend more than one week, because how long to grow eyelashes, depends on the individual.

Write in the comments below which method you strengthen and regenerate your lashes after extension, and how fast eyelashes grow after injury?

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