How to restore bleached or dyed hair at home

hair restorationOur poor hair, that they have to endure every day. Styling, perming, colouring, varnishes, gels, mousses, all of which affect hair structure. But every woman likes to change and dream with their appearance. But do not forget that after the experience with hair, they need to thank tender care and concern. To restore hair in the home is not a simple task, but very real. The main thing to choose the method of treatment to regain hair health and life. We are pleased to offer you the options of how to repair damaged hair after exposure to chemicals.

Tips on how to restore hair after dyeing

We all know that paint affects the structure and health of hair. Because it contains no dyes, oxidizing agents and other pigments penetrate deep into the structure of the hair, destroying it and destroying the protective film, the minerals and necessary substances. It is therefore not surprising that the hair becomes brittle, thinning and exhausted, begin to break and split, bad comb, drop and much more. But in your power to get back its previous appearance, silkiness and manageability of your hair. Restoration of hair after dyeing, requires adherence to certain rules, here are some of them.

  1. Do not dye your hair more often than 2 times a month. The less hair will experience the detrimental effect pigments, the greater the chance and time to recover and prepare. Especially for women, ready to try on a new hair color.
  2. Buy products designed for colored and damaged hair. Carefully read the composition of shampoos and conditioners, it is better if they are oil, vitamins, fruit concentrates, lack of sulfates will only be a plus the selected funds. In addition, the means for color treated hair developed with the condition that will help to preserve the rich color and hue, giving Shine and brightness. There are series for specific colors, for example, to emphasize the brightness of the chestnut color or to remove undesirable yellowing blondes.
  3. To the extent possible, minimize the use of dryers, flat irons and Curling styling. Are not a long time in the sun without a hat and you will not overdry and not intonate hot air and sunlight and the already damaged hair.
  4. Discard the hard brushes, metal or plastic, they tear your hair. Purchase a wooden comb with a few teeth or massachu with natural fibers. Do not brush hair wet, in this state, hair is more vulnerable and easier to break.
  5. Don’t wash your hair often, up to 2 times a week. As the hair has a protective film, skin fat, which protects the hair from mechanical damage. Washing it, you are depriving curls own protective functions, and subjected to unprotected hair negative external influences. More information about how to properly wash your hair, not to harm, read the link /chem-myit-volosyi-kak-pravilno-myit-volosyi/
  6. If you do not believe in the effectiveness of in-store cosmetics, create your own shampoo, mask or conditioner on their own and having a hair restoration at home.

Recipes home remedies

The main goal is to regain the power bleached hair is their regular hydration and nutrition. Restore hair after bleaching quickly and efficiently?

The most popular nutritious product for the skin of the head is egg yolk. There are several ways to funds on the basis of this component.

  1. The simplest thing you can do is just to replace the usual shampoo in the yolk. Massage into the scalp one or more egg yolks, leave to soak for 10 minutes, then rinse with definitely warm water so the egg doesn’t curdle. You can pre-whip the necessary amount of egg Zheltikov into foam, apply all over hair, massaging the scalp. This remedy is also suitable if you want to lightly restore hair after highlighting.
  2. The egg can be combined with honey and various oils to the hair taken from the ingredients needed minerals, vitamins and nutrients. Connect in a bowl one egg yolk, a spoonful of honey, a tablespoon of olive oil, add some vitamin vials, eg. A E and a spoon of vodka ( for light colors) or cognac ( for dark), it is necessary in order to stimulate blood circulation, thus enhance the effect of the mask. So, combining all ingredients and thoroughly stir, apply the mask on the roots of the fingers massaging the scalp. Wait 25 minutes, rinse. If the effect you’re satisfied, repeat the procedure two or three times a week, and in the future to restore hair after bleaching or as a preventive measure for additional power.

The best recipes of masks with egg, see the link /maska-dlya-Volos-iz-yaytsa/

In addition to yolk, to restore hair after coloring at home often use colorless henna. It can be purchased at any cosmetic Department. Its use is very simple, the instruction indicated on the package. But, many experienced users of popular recipes that successfully combine the henna with the beneficial properties of various herbs. Instead of water it can be diluted with herbal teas and infusions. Make the hair soft, use a decoction of chamomile flowers or sage, to give hair volume suitable nettle for growth make a decoction of horsetail marsh. Pick up the pot, which is suitable for your hair type. Restrictions on the use of colorless henna for the treatment of the strands, use it several times a week.

Restore hair after bleaching when the hair is deeply damaged and need drastic, emergency measures. You fit the mask with a fat yogurt. This product is very versatile and affordable home. It contains the necessary for weak hair calcium, vitamins E and St. After the use of masks with yogurt, burnt hair restores the protective film, and the hair becomes soft and well-groomed. In addition, these masks are used to restore hair color, light for additional lighting and to maintain the shade blonde. But, kefir masks are not recommended for women of mixed type of hair that is greasy at the roots and dry at the tips, and for bold type, as the hair can get dirty more often and to seem heavy. So, we offer the option how to quickly repair dry hair yogurt mask.

  • Mix half a Cup of fat yogurt with beaten egg yolk and spoon for example, olive (castor, burdock) oil. Apply the mixture liberally, wrap your head with cellophane or wear a special hat. After an hour wash your hair with shampoo, they are used to.

Restore hair permed is possible!

The desire to have naughty curls or unruly curls, and sometimes push women to take this step as perming. But unfortunately, this type of styling spoils the hair, they become dull and thin, and you have to give a lot of power to regain their health. What to do and how to restore hair permed?

The first thing it is important to note that after the chemical. iron should not be washed or wet the head, as caused by the composition needs to completely penetrate the hair, and the curls will last.

There is a set of activities that need to be taken to recover hair after a rather aggressive styling.

  1. Often not comb the curls;
  2. To unsubscribe from heat styling;
  3. Regularly apply an intensive hydrating mask;
  4. Use protective styling products for curls;
  5. Don’t dye your hair, at least a month.
  6. Not to injure the hair.

To restore the hair after washing

Wash or pickling is a procedure of removing the dark shade of hair. This whole ordeal for the hair. After that, the hair requires special attention. Restore hair after washing, on his method does not differ from the revival of colored, damaged and brittle hair.

So, first you need to change all the cosmetics on those, which are designed for dry and damaged.

To return life to curls offer a variety of treatments in salons, but it is possible to restore hair in the home, recipes and tips just full in women’s magazines, on the Internet. But if you choose, pay attention to the main purpose of masks was to transform damaged hair.

I hope in this article you will find the method and the means to restore hair in your case. Also, look at the selection of articles for the care of damaged hair:

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Love yourself and your curls!

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