The roots of the hair after dyeing or lightening. How to remove?

how to get rid of yellow hairIn the struggle for blond ringlets like the princesses of fairy tales girls have a very serious and unpleasant problem: instead of white color of hair turns yellow and look cheap and unnatural. The question how to get rid of yellow hair after coloring, we try to answer in this article.

Causes of yellow tint on the hair

Before to remove the yellowness from the hair, you need to find out why this time the hair has acquired a yellow hue, as the paint, apparently, you have to regularly. If you understand the moment in which you made a mistake, next time to prevent the yellow tint will be much easier.

This files most often recommended to go to salons if you don’t know how to lighten hair without yellowing. If this option suits you, decide on it without hesitation. If the salon and the hairdresser have a sufficient skill level so that you are more likely to achieve the desired effect. However, if such costs are not available, it is possible to take into account some things in your home and staining to compete with the yellowness of your own.

The most common causes yellow tint on the hair after application the following:

  • Low quality paint

Choose carefully what kind of paint to lighten hair without yellowing. Cheap, expired, or just poor quality tool can ruin the effect of dyeing. If your desire is only in how to achieve white hair without the yellow, buy paint at the Pro shop, in consultation with the seller and reading the reviews online for this product. Unfortunately, even this may not save you from a yellow tint, because everyone hair is unique and, as shown by the paint on you is unknown, but at least you will know that it has performed its task in max and find the other cause of yellowish hair.

  • The paint itself has a yellow tint

Even high-quality dye may look yellow in the hair, if it so intended. So before you buy paint, don’t be lazy and look for, what kind of paint to remove the yellow from bleached hair, find about the product reviews, paying attention to the final shade of the other girls. Today there are many sites designed for the exchange of ideas. And white hair with no yellow in any price category will be able to find it there.

  • Error when painting

If you purposefully want to have white strands, follow the painting exactly according to instructions. Often too long condition the paint on the head can cause the appearance of yellow color, too quickly after applying the paint it is also recommended not to wash off. So follow this procedure with the mind, so you do not spend your time, how to get the yellowness from the hair.

  • Wrong remover

Almost every girl, ink hair or have such friends, can confidently say: I wash the head after staining with running water. And to do it right is not recommended! At the time of exposure to dye our hair are very sensitive and defenseless, so the hair scales can absorb everything that they come across «arm»: dust, dirt, rust and so on.

Flowing water can provide the hair with these substances in excess, so if you want to prevent the appearance of yellow in the hair, rinse the head of filtered, mineral or boiled water. Thus, you will reduce the probability of occurrence of pink, yellow or dirty color.

  • Fundamentally a repaint of dark hair

As we would not want to make a burning brunette to bright blonde. Most likely the natural hair pigment will protest and return their power with the help of yellow hair after dyeing or rapid vanishing of the paint from the hair. It is believed to bleach black dark hair and need repeated procedures staining, but think several times whether you and your hair is such a harmful chemical exposure?

If you are serious, you can help repeated the staining procedure or, in extreme cases, the help of salon specialist.

How to get rid of yellow hair after bleaching?

If the stain is already held and you are unhappy with the outcome, you can try to bring the yellowness from the hair several ways.

  1. Silver Shampoo

Silver shampoo brush hair is designed specifically for this purpose. He washes away yellow and replace it with linen. However, use this tool with caution! Overexposed shampoo on your head, you can not only wash away the yellow, but to purple. After all, shade of purple, fights yellowing, but it is necessary for our situation in a very small amount.

  1. Toning shampoo for blondes from yellowing

It is virtually the same remedy, and silver shampoo, however, we specifically indicate it as a separate item, because toners are produced by local Russian companies and are much cheaper, but their duration lasts only 2-3 hair washing. Externally these are the same tools silver, platinum, pearl shimmer.

  1. Natural whitening remedies for washing hair

First, each washing hair, follow with clean water for rinsing, as mentioned earlier. Second, add in clean water special bleaching agents: tincture of rhubarb, cinnamon, lemon juice. Lemon – all powerful and natural hair.

Chamomile, contrary to the assertions of many, is not a bleach, as it aims to cover, not to fight the yellowness.

  1. Homemade mask to whiten the hair

Thank God, in the women’s Arsenal, there are enough secrets to than to remove the yellow from bleached hair. With regular use homemade masks, the yellowing can leave your hair forever.

These methods really helped a lot to remove the yellowness from the hair after dyeing. However, it is worth to repeat again: the individual characteristics are always stronger than General rules. And if your hair will be so capricious, that does not undergo any reception, it is better to apply to the master, which in the Arsenal there are many available to most professional powerful tools, or to accept the natural look.

How to remove yellow hair color homemade masks

We have tried to collect for you recipes with improvised ingredients that you can find on the kitchen shelf, and do not have hours to search in the online stores.

  1. The mask of honey

This natural product will help to remove the yellow from bleached hair. Honey can lose its properties under strong influence of high temperatures. And since we will need liquid honey, it is recommended to either not take liquid sugar product, or influence him gently: for example, leave on a hot radiator for a few hours the required number. You shouldn’t be Smoking the honey directly, he could lose all the properties. You can also use not boiling water bath.

So after we prepared the honey by placing it in a liquid state, all that remains is to put it on all the strands. You will need patience, but it’s worth it. If you’re afraid that the mask will begin to drop off or stain you okutyvaya for a few strands in cellophane. As a result, we must have hair covered with honey from roots to ends, placed in a bathing cap and covered with a towel. The mask is worn for an hour, but if you are satisfied with its effect, stretch the waiting time to three hours.

It is very important that you have a guaranteed was not allergic to honey!

Before tinting the yellow of the hair purchase means still try natural masks. You don’t lose anything but a small amount of time, however, their effect can be compared with a professional lightening hair colour with no yellow.

  1. Mask with yogurt and vodka

A stack of buttermilk warmed to room temperature, add 2 table.tablespoons of vodka to your favorite shampoo and a shot of lemon juice and whipped raw egg. Applied to the hair, withstanding hours.

  1. Glycerin

This recipe will allow you to remove the yellowness from highlighted hair. Glycerin can be purchased at the drugstore for a very small amount. 60 grams of glycerin, add a glass of infusion of rhubarb, coping with the mass of half an hour. Apply on hair, wait an hour or two, wash off using shampoo.

Share in the comments your secret of getting rid of yellow hair.

Be the most beautiful!

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