How to remove tabs on the hips

Nature took care of the female body to prepare it for childbearing, so laid the tendency to body fat in some places. This is the lower part of the abdomen, Breasts and thighs, which that only adds to the appeal. Sometimes, however, the hips lose their contours, by buying «ears». Where they come from and what are you afraid of?

Why there are breeches on the thighs

Even the woman who controls his power and does not have many extra kilos, there may be the ill-fated «ears» that spoil the figure, if there is any of the following reasons:

  • A sedentary way of life. Office work, an evening get-together on the sofa, no frequent strenuous exercise: all this gradually leads to the fact that on the buttocks there is cellulite, and the area breeches increases in volume.
  • Hormonal imbalance (estrogen and progesterone) – frequent provocateur of the appearance of fatty deposits on the hips.
  • Stress and fatigue also affect hormones that affect the figure.
  • Genetic predisposition – difficult to solve the problem, which causes heavy bottom, even in severe emaciation of the other parts of a woman’s body.

The girl adhere to proper nutrition

How to clean breeches

The scheme of work is divided into several parts that run simultaneously. Neither one of them can be eliminated if you want a quick result. How to clean ears with thighs forever? To change diet, increase physical activity, make a number of cosmetic procedures and daily exercises. Keep in mind that this algorithm only works with the purchased body fat, which is not caused by hormonal disorders, and genetics. Below details how to remove the «ears»:

  • Do wraps. The most effective prescription – any clay, essential oil of citrus, cinnamon. Weight applied at the outer and back of the thigh, then wrap the leg with plastic and wear warm tights or pants. To prevent and eliminate cellulite this means you can handle the buttocks. The duration of exposure is 25-30 minutes.
  • More go. Hiking perfectly tighten the contours of your feet, strengthen muscles, prevent sagging and fatty deposits on the hips. This is a great option for those who don’t have the training. 2-3 hours walking at slow pace or 8-10 km as a daily practice will soon give the first results.
  • Change the diet. Short term diets will do nothing, so be prepared for a long refusal from junk food.

How to remove fat from thighs healthy diet

It is immediately clear that diet local actions are fiction. Fat burn unevenly throughout the body only by virtue of genetic characteristics. To adjust the force of impact on the ears, buttocks or flanks only physical exercise, while diet is going to reduce your overall percentage of body fat. How to remove tabs on the hips nutrition:

  • Reduce the proportion of carbohydrates: 3 g/kg is the norm when losing weight. The proportion of fat should not exceed 1 g/kg
  • Pastries and sweets form the lugs on the thighs one of the first, so they need to be removed from the menu.
  • Get rid of the salt, alcohol, marinades: they lock the fluid in the tissues, increasing the volume of the body.

Girl doing exercise for thighs

How to remove the sides at the hips for additional loads

Physical activity – the main enemy «ears». First, make Hiking. Second, be sure to conduct workouts that focus on joint fat burning and a local adjustment of the hips. Volume reduction is achieved through aerobic exercise: jumping, running, dancing, Cycling. As to how to remove the breeches on the hip, then we need a separate set of exercises.

A perfect program of physical exercise for the thighs looks like this:

  • To start with jumping and running without a break or with minimal rest (30 seconds) – 20 min.
  • Main set: squats, swings, lunges and 20 minutes Number of reps – 20.

Exercises from the lugs on the hips

Exercise to remove the lugs on the hips

The training program for local fat burning must include the following exercises from the breeches on the thighs:

  • Squats when divorced at shoulder width feet, diverting buttocks back and back tilt (not stronger than 30 degrees from the vertical) is the most effective exercise from the ears. Try to remove the load from the knees, strain your buttocks and thighs.
  • The swing to a vertical position quickly clean ears. Recommended to raise the leg forward and to the side not less than parallel to the floor in slow performance. When you fast it should act as high up as possible.
  • Mahi and rotation of a raised upper leg, lying on side, combine to a burning sensation in the thigh muscles.
  • Useful and, lying on back, raise legs raised perpendicular to the floor, making it very slow. Pro tip: if you raise legs 30 cm off the floor, you can add the load in the area press.
  • Lunges forward and/or sideways is an effective exercise against the ears. When the muscles get stronger, combine them with a move of the free foot at the time lifting – this increases the load on the hips.

How to remove the ears from the sides of the plastic correction

The girl has no ears on the hips

If the previous schemes to get rid of body fat from the hips have failed, there are some radical methods to which women are rarely resorted to:

  • liposuction is a surgical getting rid of fibro-fatty tissue, which involves injecting a solution into separate parts and its further pumping along with fat;
  • laser liposuction involves additional processing of the changed area with a laser, which stimulates collagen synthesis, maintaining elasticity of skin;
  • manual plastic non-surgical method, shows good results at the hips from the first session.

Video: exercises for breeches


Lily, 30 years:Never tried to adjust the figure until it was changed due to the pregnancy. After delivery I had to look for how to remove tabs on the hips and reduce waist. On the advice of friends began to turn the Hoop and to do squats. The waist is almost nothing given, but the buttocks in 4 weeks is slightly tightened, the area breeches decreased.

Elena, 24 years:Trying to figure out how to remove tabs on the hips, they had a bunch of strict diets, but it was no good. Sports started – also the lugs are not caught, although the weight moved. I had to completely eliminate all the harmful from the diet, start walking on a cellulite massage: the only way I saw a gradual decrease in the hips.

Lydia, 27 years:with what I’ve been struggling with fat deposits in the hips! Already carrots cucumber moved: favorite dishes of the night dreaming, and the lugs are firmly held. 2 months of weights and cardio activity combined – buttocks become more beautiful thighs are gone. In the end, the survey showed hormonal failure, had to find a doctor therapy.

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