Removal of cuticle in the home

What is the cuticle of the photo. Methods of its removal.It is impossible to imagine how to create a beautiful manicure and give your nails a well-groomed appearance, without carefully handled cuticle, so its removal is necessary. Some women go to do a manicure at the salon and trust your hands of professionals, while others prefer to take care of cuticle and nails being at home in a relaxed and peaceful environment. Fortunately, today there is a huge amount of money to remove the cuticle and to care for her.

Everyone knows what the cuticle of the nail, which is a thin leathery cushion that surrounds the nail, and that it must be disposed of before applying the varnish. However, few people realize that it is leathery education designed by nature not by chance, because the cuticle is designed to protect the nail plate from the penetration of bacteria and foreign bodies. Therefore, it is important to know how to trim cuticles to avoid burrs at home, without damage and damage to health.

What to do with the burrs, if such appeared, read the link /zausentsyi na paltsah/

What you need to remove the cuticle?

Among professionals and nail artists, there are different opinions about the removal of the cuticle. Some argue that it is necessary to completely trim cuticles, to get a perfect manicure, others are with the opinion that in our body there can be nothing superfluous, and that playboy is a skin portion that protects the nails from negative environmental influences and the ingress of microorganisms. In part both sides are right, because the cuticle consists of two parts:

  • a live part which is close to the base of the nail and it has small blood vessels;
  • stratum corneum of the skin, which is fused into the surface of the nail plate, the dead parts need to be removed.

If you do not trim cuticles, dead skin will grow and hinder normal nail growth. In addition, this peel will be very dry, crack, flake off, forming a plurality of burrs and providing hands extremely groomed appearance.

Therefore, when processing the nails, you only want to remove dead skin particles. By removing cuticles at home, you can use one of the techniques of manicure:

  • Classic ( aka mechanical or trim) when comes the help of cuticle clippers or other cutting nail accessories;
  • European ( not edging, chemical.), when the Horny part of the skin affected by a specially selected chemical. substances ( acids or alkalis).

Masters are similar in that home is better to use the European way, as manicure is quite rough and dangerous, and requires some skill and knowledge. But, in practice, women use both methods, whichever you like. Our goal is to present you how to prepare and properly cut the cuticle.

Manicure — mechanical removal of cuticle

If you choose this method, then start your training with choice of manicure tool. You will need special tweezers, nail scissors ( with straight or rounded ends), nail file cuticle (with a diamond or mineral coating, the notches or grinding), special wooden (orange) stick. It is better if all things will be bought in a professional salon, are made of medical stainless steel, some manufacturers offer self-sharpening tools, which is an advantage. Immediately before the procedure, all the things I need to disinfect.

The next step, we need to prepare our pens and nails to manicure. For this, it is best to wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap, then within 10-15 minutes. hover them in a warm saline bath, it is a wonderful way to soften cuticles at home. You can add water to any means to soften cuticles, or with a few drops of your favorite essential oil. if the skin is not sufficiently softened after the bath, apply to fingertips any vegetable little and walk so another 10 minutes.

Next, take a special stick from an orange tree, and pushes the «extra» skin to the base of the nail.

Now, most importantly, how to remove hair at home. Take the tweezers, and trim them exactly dead keratinized part of the peel, moving in an arc. Not need to grab as much skin as possible, you risk damaging the «living tissue.

In the end, sand the entire surface of the nail with a soft nail file and gently massaging, apply a cuticle cream.

How to remove cuticles without cutting off, or a European manicure

For those who don’t like to cut it or afraid that your hand shakes, fit another way, how to remove hair at home is a chemical, not a manicure. Also, this kind of care are women who have very thin, sensitive skin prone to inflammatory reactions and damage. For the procedure, you will need to purchase a special tool to remove the cuticle on the basis of fruit or milk acids. In addition, the composition of such caregivers tend to have substances that slow the formation of dead layer on the surface of your nails, and hence, over time, repeat the procedure need less.

So, to please the hands of the European manicure, you will need: spec. pencil to remove the cuticle ( solid or gel /liquid content), nail file, wooden shelf, soap, clean towel and softens hands.

For starters, give your nails the desired shape using the nail file. This will help you recommendations from this article — «How to file nails and shape them».

Then lower your arms in a prepared soap or a saline solution, hold them there for 5-10 minutes. After a time, wipe the handle dry.

Apply the chosen nail tool cuticle oil to remove cuticles, or, for example a gel formula. After about 3-5 minutes. the hardened layer starts to dissolve. Cloth or cotton swab wipe off the remnants of the nail tools.

The rest of the cuticle, gently slide the wand to the base of the nail.

After the procedure, wash your hands under running water and apply on the cuticle of plants. oil or other care facility.

We told you some ways on how to remove the cuticle at home, and the choice is yours. Happiness with the modern tools and means, this procedure will not take much time and will not spend a lot of effort.

Remove the cuticles at least once a week to your nails and the pen looked neat and well groomed. Additionally, view the article «How to properly care for your nails.»

Maybe you, our wonderful readers there is your secret or advice on how to care for cuticles at home, always happy to see your new reviews and comments.

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