How to remove shellac

High-quality coating of shellac requires skill that is acquired only on the manicure courses and availability of special equipment (UV lamps), so this operation is likely to salon procedures. Shellac coating lasts a long time, at least two weeks. But what if during this time the manicure of the same color are tired, or if a new image needs to change nail colors? If you know how to remove the shellac, then such difficulties will not arise. Will just have to remove the old coating and then apply the nail new.

It is possible to remove shellac from nails at home

Manicure with shellac

The answer is Yes, because there is such a possibility. To remove shellac at home and save money and time – a real stroke of luck, but not all girls know about it. Besides, not tried never technology, as in the familiar home environment to remove shellac from nails, I’m afraid to do it. However, for cleaning the nails from the shellac does not need to have the skills of a Pro – one only has to buy in shop a special kit to remove shellac or to use the means at hand, the list of which is below.

Than remove the Shellac yourself

So durable gel Polish will not remove alcohol or Cologne: here we need a more serious medications. But do not be afraid – everything you need is on sale, the price of many tools available even for beauties on a budget for a manicure. It remains only to learn how to remove gel shellac which tools are used for this purpose.

Professional tools to remove gel nail Polish without acetone

Many women avoid acetone because can not stand the strong smell, and I believe that this chemical dries the nails and even causes cancer (the last statement is not proven). So manufacturers produce more and more bezatsetonovymi fluids, replacing them too odorous ingredient for milder isopropyl alcohol or acetate organic compounds. Set with this tool will be in demand among the fashionistas.

Bezatsetonovymi liquid for removal of shellac

Bezatsetonovymi liquid and spoil the degreased plate and the skin, no less than with acetone. But bezatsetonovymi funds slowly evaporate, which is useful when the nails need to keep soaked for some time – this feature is very useful when it comes to removing shellac. Now the most popular brand bezatsetonovymi liquids now popular brand bezatsetonovymi liquids – Product Remover Severina, Bluesky, CND.

Acetonaemia liquid for removing varnish and foil

Removal of shellac liquid and foil at home

If you can’t get rid of shellac with the help of special tools, will help ordinary acetone liquid just to keep it on the nails will have longer – not ten, but fifteen or twenty minutes. Creative beauties come up, as at home to remove Shellac with foil. Liquid applied to a simple cotton pad, apply it to the nail, then fix on the finger of a homemade metal cap.

With the help of special napkins

Self-removal of shellac with napkins

This is a wonderful assistant, helping to wash away the boring cover almost on the go. Sold by sets of ten or more. Imagine an elongated paper envelopes, inside of which is a wet wipe soaked in softening the gel Polish. The tip of the finger to be inserted into the sticky bag, wait for the allotted instruction time, and then wipe the varnish.

How to replace the foil

Foil – the cheapest option, but if you want it replaced reusable fittings, such as caps-Superstock. They pour an appropriate liquid and down inside the fingertips, waiting until the coating softens. Some plain-hand quilters know how to remove shellac from nails at home, clipping the nails, wet a cotton swab with cellophane and «swaddling clothes» in him the whole phalanx. But unlike foil food wrap polyethylene is not holding the shape, therefore it’s not really appropriate material for this purpose.

How to remove Shellac at home: a step by step guide

There are two ways to do the coating removal shellac at home. Below is described step by step both methods. The first method is suitable for those who only have a simple manicure tools and accessories. To relieve the second way will have to buy in shop a special sponge. Any other method is a variation of one of these two.

  • Method # 1: How to remove shellac if there is no special kit that consists of chemicals, and a specific tool (such used by the master in the salon).

Requires aluminum foil, non-sterile cotton wool or disks acetonaemia liquid or isopropyl alcohol, sticks of citrus tree (orange or similar).

Removal of shellac at home using foil


  1. Wash your hands, they should not be traces of oil.
  2. To separate cotton pads lengthwise into two thinner pieces or cut into four equal parts across and again across.
  3. Cut the foil into pieces the size of a matchbox.
  4. To impregnate with liquid the portion of the drive, which then will adhere to the nail (easier if it is the center of the disc).
  5. Add cotton wool to the nail and tightly wrap the top with foil to lock solidly.
  6. To carry out this operation with each of the nail plate.
  7. A quarter of an hour released from the foil the first finger, a stick to scrape off the softened shellac.
  8. Remove the foil, atskilliga shellac.
  9. If you have any areas from which shellac is not usabilla, you need to repeat the procedure.

The final part of the procedure will ensure the care of nails and skin around them. So, you need to RUB in cuticle and nail oil to restore, choosing the one is not allergic.

  • Method # 2: in the home quickly to remove a shellac manicure specialized chemicals and equipment.

Need a disposable sponge with Velcro to hold the liquid in order to remove the lacquer sticks for scraping, cuticle oil. All of these items and tools sold in stores for beauty products in the form of a set of shellac or separately.

As at home, quickly remove the Polish without foil

Let’s start:

  1. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water.
  2. The sponge is impregnated with a tool wrapped around the phalanx, fastens the Velcro.
  3. Put the sponge on all the fingers.
  4. Fill the bath for hands with acetone, dipped into «Packed» in a puff nails.
  5. Ten minutes later the fingers pulled out and released from the sponges.
  6. Remove the nail stick. It is not recommended to use for scraping pusher or tweezers-remover, because metal tools will damage the plates.
  7. Cuticles the cuticles with a nourishing fat.

Video: how to quickly and easy to wash off gel lacquer

There is a saying which tells us that it is better to see once than to hear many times. This is fully confirmed by the video below. The algorithm of actions, thoughts, beauties and fashionistas, the means available for removing shellac you will see. Learn how in normal home to remove shellac, you get quick and easy!

Tips on nail care after the procedure

From shellac nails are slightly thinner, weaker, some time they need special care. Salon master after removal of the varnish treatments for the restoration of the nail plate. The miracle did not happen, but the nails will recover faster than home treatments, and nail file are not needed. The most effective methods, experts believe the sealing of the nails and paraffin.

If financial possibilities do not allow to care for your nails in the salon, will have to do it yourself, buying the necessary tools in specialized cosmetic or manicure shop. Have the ability to do simple home remedies – olive oil, lemon juice, salt for baths, essential oil. Home restoration is carried out in stages.

Cream for the care of nails after removal of shellac

  • Hydration and nutrition are carried out using an oil bath. Heat the olive oil until slightly warm and dip your nails for five minutes. Then DAB the tips of your fingers with a tissue and wait ten minutes until the excess oil is absorbed. If the nails after the shellac is too dry, break and exfoliate, the procedure is repeated several times at intervals of a day.
  • Whitening. After removing the shellac sometimes it turns out that the nail plate yellowed. In this case, their bleach lemon juice. Citric acid not only brightens but moisturizes, strengthens nails. Make a mask for the nails of the lemon as follows: the fruit is cut in half and dipped in lemon the flesh of the fingertips for a couple minutes, then rinsed with water.
  • Strengthening. Will help bath with sea salt enriched with essential oils. This salt is designed specifically for the care of hands, found in some lines of cosmetics, for example, PRO Manicure, DNC, Bleu Blanc. Analogue of special means can be an ordinary sea salt from the pharmacy, but then the tub will have to add a few drops of essential oils, preferably orange.

In almost any online-store that sells sets for the application of the shellac, is represented and means for the recovery period. Such preparations containing organic and chemical complexes to restore, strengthen and revive Polish. Most sales occur restore the warehouses to nail the following brands:

Preparations for nails recovery

  • oil PN-Nourish Nageloil and Nail Hardener (Germany);
  • Reanimator «Horsepower» (Russia);
  • after a base coat of acrylic Restoration (USA);
  • pencil Talika Nail Regenerator Serum (France).

Where to buy and how much are the means for removing shellac

Buy the tool for removing shellac at home is easiest, visiting the specialized shops of the goods for manicure. Find them very easily – every self-respecting point of this profile has, at least, an online page, and even a online store. These can be shops with a wide range, sell tools for all types of manicure and specialized, aimed only at selling products for shellac.

Lady Victory is a large company selling beauty products wholesale and retail. Has representative offices in the Russian Federation and several online stores. Moscow brand shop located in a shopping complex «Dubrovka» str. Sharikopodshipnikovskaya, 13. The addresses of online stores Lady Victory:


Shellac.RF – shop for beauty products, with a focus on trade, by means of shellac. Implements tools to Polish almost any brand. Online consultant store will explain how to remove shellac. The sale is the equipment (UV lamps) and materials for repair of nails. The store is located at the address: Moscow, ul Letnikovskaya, 6A. Delivery is available throughout Russia.

A summary table will help to determine the prices:

Tool Price (R) Store address
Recently 20 PCs 150 nail.Russia
Remover ONE ENTITY, 228 ml 929
Napkins, 10 PCs 70
Napkins, 100 PCs 130
Liquid for removal of shellac at home Severin, 80 ml 150
Liquid Severin, 80 ml 80 glamour design. Russia

Reviews about methods of removing varnish

Victoria, 25 years: I did Not know what it is possible to remove shellac at home. On the advice of the seller bought the liquid to dissolve the acrylic coatings, bio-gel and removing nail tips Severina. For removal of shellac lasted half an hour. If Biogel after Came removed thin film, it is necessary only to pull the edge, then shellac have long to scrape away. The composition is acetone, so personally, I often apply it will not. But the remedy is worthy of attention, because it costs only 200 rubles.

Anna, 27 years: Tried to remove shellac with bezatsetonovymi composition for removing bio gel Blyuskay. Soaked the cotton wool in the liquid, strapped to the nail foil. In ten minutes easily scraped all of the shellac, or rather its remains, because the liquid removed his coat is almost half. Use it instead of liquid acetone.

Olga, 43 years: How to remove shellac at home I told a friend. I bought special clips for removing gel without zakatyvanija finger with foil. Good reusable stuff. Work on the principle of pins: keep a cotton swab on the nails as much as you need. Foil I no longer need, do everything else as usual – I put on a cuticle oil, urine with a cotton swab, and after 15 minutes, clean off the varnish with a stick.

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