How to remove shellac at home

Every woman should have an impeccable manicure, because well-groomed nails and hands are its «calling card». To build up the artificial nail plate is not always convenient, but shellac only gives naturalness to the selected image. Everyone who makes such a stylish manicure, a keen interest in how and just remove the gel at home.

Is it possible to remove shellac at home

Resistant varnishes and removal tool

To carry out this simple procedure in the salon or to request the time-tested master. If both the proposed method were unavailable, the problem arises, how to remove shellac at home. In General, cosmetic session is simple, but the lack of skills, and prolonged. Thus it is necessary to have on hand a basic set of manicure tools.

Special tool for removing shellac

The gel coating in the home environment can be removed only after purchasing a special liquid to dissolve the nail coating. Additionally, it will need an orange stick, disposable wrappers, oil for softening cuticles and nail file. Quick and Allergy-free solvent is a product «Severin» domestic production, which offers a series of cosmetics for removing shellac at affordable prices.

There is another response to the urgent question of how productively to remove shellac at home. We are talking about special devices such as BAF, sawing or milling, which are available to all interested women in the free market. They needed to eliminate the top layer, then you can easily remove the remains of gel coating. It is important not to overdo it with actions, otherwise removed, the base layer of the nail plate.

Special tools

How to remove shellac at home with foil

To eliminate gel coating it is recommended to use aluminum foil, while during the session not to forget about the basic rules of asepsis. This method is most available in the home, maintains the health and appearance of the nail plate. The skin is not experiencing an allergic reaction, and nails after the procedure does not acquire a yellowish tint, don’t flake.

Necessary tools

Aluminum foil is the main tool that helps easy and affordable to remove shellac at home. The selected material does not hurt and does not scratch the nail plate, does not affect the state of the future of manicures available to everyone, cost is a budget option. The procedure of his participation simple, accessible even to the beginner in the presence of basic set of tools. In most cases, is:

  • aluminum foil;
  • wooden sticks;
  • the blade;
  • cotton pad;
  • Vata;
  • liquid for removing gel layer;
  • rubbing alcohol.

Wrapped foil nails

Equipment removal

Before you remove shellac from nails at home, you need to thoroughly wash your hands and treat them with alcohol to avoid extremely undesirable infection. To further soften and remove cuticles, cut the dead cells of the upper layer of the epidermis. The procedure itself takes 30 minutes with strict adherence to the below guidelines:

  1. To perform a manicure using the scissors and nail file.
  2. Cut cotton pads in half, having at the output of the 10 «crescents».
  3. Cut aluminum foil into 10 equal pieces.
  4. Treating each cut disk with a liquid to remove gel coating.
  5. On the nail of each finger to put wet «Crescent», tape foil.
  6. Do not remove the foil for 15-20 minutes, then remove with cotton pads.
  7. Wooden stick to wipe the remnants of shellac, wipe nails with a cloth.

Devices, replacing foil

How to remove the shellac with acetone

If there is no special liquid, and the topic, how to remove shellac at home becomes very relevant, it’s time to think about the properties proven of acetone. Some of this chemical material spoils of the nail structure, but it regularly performs its primary function without the presence of the master or special apparatus. Among the disadvantages of this procedure, you can highlight the destruction of the enamel of the nail plate, odor, the risk of allergic skin reactions.

Necessary tools

To conduct such a session at home is possible only after a proper hand wash and nail treatment antiseptic. It is important to check whether there is an allergic reaction to the acetone. For this purpose, the liquid applied to the hands and observe. When there is intolerable itching and burning sensation and the skin is manifested urticaria, it is desirable to abandon such a home image. If the discomfort is completely absent, necessary for the procedure, the materials are presented below:

  • sponge;
  • acetone;
  • orange stick;
  • napkin;
  • cream for the nutrition of the nail plate.

Girl remove nail Polish with a sponge

Equipment removal

  1. Before removing shellac at home, run the hardware manual or a manicure, gently removing the cuticle.
  2. Soak the sponge with acetone and attach them on each finger leave on the nails for a quarter of an hour.
  3. After this time, remove the sponge and orange stick from scabbing separate lacquer coating.
  4. Such manipulations to hold each nail, and then apply napkin cream on cuticles.

Video: removing shellac at home


Irina, 21 years: for a long time I had no idea how to remove shellac at home. When I tried various means, the varnish got sticky, but is not fully schewels. Had to register to the master on reception even when applying the shellac. Then tried the foil method – I fit perfectly, especially is such a pleasure penny. Since that time she removed the gel and very pleased with the opening.

Marina, 27 years: To remove the cuticle at home I bought very disappointed, and for removing the shellac, use only acetone. Nails do not turn yellow, and the procedure takes only 5-20 minutes, and costs me nothing. So quickly and completely remove at home shellac easy, the main thing – to buy an orange stick as a reserve.

Light, 31 years: When my manicurist went on maternity leave, told me how to remove the shellac without assistance and handle foot. At home, you need only foil and orange sticks, but a little patience needed. The main thing – to get used to, and after a couple of months at this occupation will spend no more than 10 minutes of free time.

Alisa, 37 years: I am no longer experimenting with the removal of shellac at home, because once nearly no fingernails left. Acetone eats away the nail plate, and foil is very important not to overdo. Such experiments, in both cases, ended in complete failure, so I’d better master 100 rubles to pay, but to professional work, safe for the integrity and health of the hands.

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