Exercise, massage, makeup for tightening of the cheeks

flews on her faceOnly what faults and complexes, not to bother the representatives of the so-called weaker sex. Most hit on the ego, the complexes, associated with the person. After all, is the calling card of any woman. Each one wants to have a flawless face and a beautiful, thin, aristocratic features. But what to do when the skin loses its former firmness and elasticity, have emerged double chin and sagging cheeks.

Sometimes it’s not just the age, chubby cheeks may appear in people who are overweight, hormonal disorders, or simply due to hereditary predisposition. But you are mistaken if you think that nothing can be done to remedy the situation fail. On the face of the same muscles as the body that we can manage. To force a person to lose weight, clean up the cheeks and make cheekbones more expressive and clear, it is possible, only by doing special exercises from the cheeks and double chin and observing some simple rules.

Why jowls sagged?

Want to start with the list of the most common causes that contribute to the appearance of sagging cheeks and double chin.

  1. The weakening of the facial muscles. Just happens with age or if the person does not have time for Facials, and skin became very dehydrated and lost its tone.
  2. Weight and dramatic weight loss. Fat accumulates in the subcutaneous layers, filling it and forming a face on the jaw line and chin, the so-called Bryl, that old man at least 5-7 years. After sudden weight loss, former fat deposition is and remains weakened, stretched skin and sagging folds.
  3. Genetic predisposition. If your grandmother or mother so built the person that is chubby cheeks, this cosmetic defect may run into you.
  4. Unhealthy lifestyle, lack of activity. We all know that bad habits and improper nutrition affects the skin, but it is worth noting that leading a sedentary and passive lifestyle, a person may «run».
  5. Disorders of the thyroid gland. The problem is not frequent, but occurs. One correct solution would be to eliminate existing health problems, to establish hormonal balance and then move on to methods of reducing the cheeks on the face.

In addition, to undesirable crease on the face can be, if you constantly slouch to read lying on your back, or to be constantly with lowered head.

Face, fortunately, quickly lends itself to various manipulations and interventions, so remove the cheeks in the home, if desired, for 3-4 weeks of training.

How to remove the «flews»?

In order to achieve maximum results, we need a comprehensive approach to the solution of this problem. It includes several components.

  1. Exercises from the cheeks and double chin

We’ll bring both, and you decide lack of intent to eliminate.

how to remove the cheeks and make the cheekbones exercises

  1. The right makeup
  2. Diet for face
  3. Facial massage
  4. Beauty treatments
  5. The drastic method: surgical

Let us dwell on each of the items that we were able together to overcome all the complexes, about how to «get rid» of the cheeks.

Exercises for cheekbones, cheeks and chin

Many people think about how to pump up only the arms, legs, and the press, but I hasten to assure you: on the face also has muscles that regular load can significantly be tightened and transformed. How to build muscle face? Do these exercises:

  1. Inflate and relax your cheeks by one in 10-20 times.
  2. Straining the muscles and articulation, say the vowels «A», «b», «A», «And» take turns in any order. If you do it out loud and with a marked expression, you can not only tighten facial muscles, but also improve your diction!
  3. Dial in your mouth water or air and roll them from one cheek to the other, down, up, circle, etc. If you use a language actively moving, the effect will increase.
  4. Rinse your mouth with air, imagine that the water within two minutes.
  5. Lean your chin on fists of your hands and try to open your mouth moving the lower jaw. My hands put pressure in the opposite direction. The essence of the exercise, of course, is not to still open her mouth, and to feel the stress.
  6. Type in the lungs and mouth of air and exhale it sharply with a corresponding sound like a lightweight cotton. This control, by the way, will not only help to build cheekbones, and to smooth facial wrinkles near your mouth.
  7. Sliding the lower jaw, say the vowel «S», returning your chin to its original position, pull. Repeat 10 times. Do not overdo it with the nomination of the mandible forward to prevent damage and «snap» the joints.
  8. Close your lips and as low as possible try to lower their angles (as if to do a sad smiley).
  9. Squeeze and open your teeth as much as possible, while the mouth must be closed, and his lips tightly.
  10. Collect the air alternately in one and then the other cheek.

More exercises for tightening double chin, see the link /kak-izbavitsya-ot-second-chin/

All exercises must be repeated. If you intend to seriously reduce the cheeks in the home, no such separate braces it will not be.

The right makeup

Even if you have jowls sagged and what you don’t know, you can do makeup so that no one knows about it except you. Of course, it will take a considerable share of skill and dexterity. If you can not beautiful «make up» themselves for the lessons on the Internet, you can go for a paid makeup lesson, where a professional will teach you how to use cosmetics properly and to hide their shortcomings, highlighting the advantages.

And while share with you some secrets of makeup, helping to clean the cheeks and make the cheekbones.

  1. Imagine standing at the mirror, which is oval face you would like to achieve. Presented? Apply the usual color of the Foundation, places that go beyond the ideal, you put Foundation in a darker tone. Thus, the face is lighter in color will be harder to stand out and create the impression the «correct» boundaries. Clear band between light and dark side should be a good shade, it should not be visible even upon closer inspection.
  2. Before you get rid of the cheeks on the face completely, or at least noticeable, should take a long time. And as the beauty we need in the here and now, you can create the illusion of it with a blush.

So nice to accentuate the cheekbones, put his lips (as if to depict a fish), please note that in this position the sharp cheekbones acquired traits and it became clear where to apply blush.

The upper point of applying the blush – a departure from the earlobes a couple of inches towards the nose.

The bottom point of the blush – the intersection of horizontal lines drawn from the tip of the nose, and vertical lines from the middle of the pupil.

Do not overdo it with the blush color. It needs to give the face a beautiful contour, and to radically change its shape and color.

  1. Highlighter is another tool that will help you get beautiful cheekbones and get rid of the cheeks for those who always dreamed about.

Highlighter is a tool that is used for lighting and brightening certain areas. In principle, it is possible to replace the light powder, but still the highlighter contains light-reflecting particles that make skin starts to sparkle and Shine.

This tool should be applied above the cheekbones, under the eyes. In other words to draw their triangle including the nose, eyes and cheeks.

Diet for face

To remove fat from the face and cheeks fast, it is necessary to monitor their body mass, otherwise the cheeks will hang under the action of excess weight. To remove chubby cheeks, does not necessarily have to starve for days, just revise your eating habits. Increase consumption of vegetables and fruits, they contain natural plant protein and fiber, which help enhance the elasticity of tissues.

Formulate for themselves a menu based on your preferences. During the day, it is better to eat 5-6 times a little bit of everything. To achieve the goal will have to be abandoned completely from fast food, fatty and fried foods, reduce the consumption of flour, sugar and salt.

There are a few useful tips on how to get rid of flews on her face and give the skin elasticity.

  • Eat small meals every 4-5 hours;
  • Before each meal drink a glass of clean water;
  • Do not abuse «snacking», it is better to drink plenty of water;
  • Try hard not to salt food;
  • Exclude from the diet of fat and carbohydrates;
  • Lovers of natural juices, it is recommended to dilute with water, they are very concentrated and they have a lot of sugar;
  • Clean the body from within;
  • Spend daily skin care, moisturize, nourish and perform deep cleaning;
  • Pick the right pillow for sleep and rest, it is better if it is low, flat and pillow;
  • Watch for posture, keeping the right head and neck;
  • Reassess your way of life. Exercise, but do not get carried away excessive power loads, focus on quality of exercises and number of reps.

Ask yourself how many extra kilos you gained over the last years? It’s time to get rid of them, for the sake of your health and beauty.

Massage for face

Stimulation of the skin tones muscles, smoothes small wrinkles and accelerates blood circulation, which positively affects healthy complexion.

what to do when jowls sagged
So massage is better to start and finish your day if you don’t know how to get cheeks in the home.

  1. Apply on cleansed face cream without a lifting effect.
  2. Start the massage with the pats and taps all over his face.
  3. As warm skin can go more aggressive: pinch, RUB, and even wrinkle it as you wish.

Trust your feelings and get pleasure from this massage. By the way, very gentle and soft movements will hardly help to remove chubby cheeks, but do not overdo it with intensity, then everything else had to cover up bruises and burst capillaries.

Recommend to read: «How to tighten the oval of the face at home».

After the massage, apply mask. Will fit the following ingredients: lemon juice, honey, egg whites, dairy products. In pharmacies and cosmetic stores you can buy ready-made tool for modelling face, to get rid of the cheeks on the face fit mask and cream with allantoin or content of lecithin and seaweed extract.

Beauty treatments

Various brands today are full of suggestions about the products on the skin. It is not always about the deep wrinkles, using the lifting means can also reduce the cheeks on the face, pulling them.

In addition, beauty salons have professional methods for the lifting of the oval of the face. Among them are:

  • Microcurrents

Great for skin tone, preventing age-related deficiencies and braces double chin.

  • Biorevitalization

Effective when the first signs of sagging skin. The procedure stimulates the production of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin fibers. The course usually includes at least 4 treatments.

  • Sculptural massage

If the main goal is to remove the flews on the face, the sculpted fit (plasticizing facial massage. It is specifically designed by physicians, taking into account the anatomical structure of a human face. This massage helps to remove sagging cheeks and to repair other age-related defects associated with loss of elasticity, such as wrinkles, brow and nasolabial folds.

See also: «Use and application of hyaluronic acid for your face-lift».

Beauticians begin to recommend such procedures are already 25 years of age, as a preventive measure. So the massage starts with the neck and neck area, décolleté and sides of the neck and then the masseur goes to the performing of massage on the anterior side of the neck and under the jaw (someone there the second chin). But this is only preparation for major severe plastic movements. The «sculptor» strongly and deeply kneads and presses on specific muscles, lines, and points, and rolls the skin between the toes. For massage using special oil. Reviews of procedures impressive, and this massage is rightly called non-invasive lifting.

  • The drastic method: surgical

Well, in the last place I want to say that you can use extreme method: liposuction of the cheeks and chin. This is a surgical procedure to remove fatty tissue by vacuum suction. It has a distinct effect, disappear the cheeks, cheekbones become more pronounced, and the need for the makeup disappears.

But still recommend you to think several times before going under the surgeon’s knife.

I hope now you know what to do if you have fallen cheeks, even if this issue didn’t concern you.

Leave comments and ask questions on this topic below.

Be beautiful!

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