Methods of correction of nasolabial folds

how to get rid of nasolabial foldsNasolabial folds, as a physiological feature of an organism are facial wrinkles. The way these folds lasts, starting from the corners of the mouth towards the nose. By themselves, the nasolabial folds do not pose any danger, their appearance is not due to age periods, and excessive facial expressions. But for many people this feature of appearance is defective. Most women are concerned with the question: how to remove the nasolabial folds?

Causes of

  • Nasolabial folds appear in most people due to bad habits and improper lifestyle. If at a young age the elasticity of the skin hides the appearance of this feature, with age, the aging of the skin, the nasolabial folds are pronounced.

    photo nasolabial folds

  • Improper care of the skin also contributes to the nasolabial folds.
  • Considerable importance is heredity, particularly the heredity of skin to appearance of early wrinkles.
  • Well, the most common cause of nasolabial folds is a rich facial expressions of the owner of this particular appearance.

You can remove the nasolabial folds? Be sure to consult a plastic surgeon or are there home remedies to eliminate the skin defect?

How to remove the nasolabial folds at home?

  • Very effective for the destruction of nasolabial folds special exercises. All the required exercises should be done daily, preferably 2 times per day. But if you do not have time enough to carry out a set of recommendations and 3 times a week.
  1. Blow off and inflate the cheeks to the maximum possible.
  2. Open your mouth and say in this position all vowels are letters of the Russian alphabet.
  3. Make your lips into a tube and pull forward as possible.
  4. Lower jaw to stick out forward and to conduct movement to suck up and down with siliconebracelet the muscles of the face.
  5. To gain air in his mouth and talking to them from one cheek to another.
  6. Through the nose, take a deep breath inside, hold in this state for some time, while puffing out his cheeks, then in small portions to blow out air through your mouth.
  7. A similar exercise, only the cheeks need to involve.
  8. Jaw impact and to breathe the air in small portions through the corners of the right and left sides of the lips in turn. exercises for nasolabial folds
  • The nasolabial folds to clean in the home will help and folk remedies for skin care face and body. For this procedure, preparing decoctions of herbs suitable for Your skin type, and daily to rinse their face. You can do warm and cold compresses on the face. The main thing with these procedures is to provide tone and elasticity of the skin. The most useful herbs are: medicinal chamomile, calendula, mother and stepmother, St. John’s wort.
  • How to get rid of nasolabial folds? Face masks made of fresh vegetables and fruit will perfectly cope with this task. Products should be cut into slices and apply to face, especially with highlighting the problem areas. In vegetables and fruits contains large amounts of collagen, which helps the skin becomes smooth and elastic.
  • What folk remedies help to remove the nasolabial folds? Very effective in this case massage. It is carried out with clean hands, soft fingers. The skin in problem areas you need to pre-apply essential oil of wheat germ (you can substitute jojoba oil). Recommended massage is done before bed.

How to remove nasolabial folds 1 week? It is possible, the only condition, you have to follow the above procedure, and then, when the effect of face skin to keep in aligned state. Proper nutrition and exclusion from a life of bad habits will help You in this matter.

Contouring nasolabial folds

Contour is a non-surgical operation. With the help of injections of gel nasolabial folds smooth out, they disappear. It is a safe procedure, the duration of the effect may be stored for up to 6 months. A single treatment is that the positive result was visible on her face.

Correction of nasolabial folds may include the following procedures: facelift with gold thread or the platinum, special injections with hyaluronic acid, deep peeling to cleanse the face and remove wrinkles. Following one of these procedures, the smoothness of the nasolabial fold will be visible immediately.

correction of nasolabial foldsHow you can smooth out nasolabial folds? One of the popular ways is lipofilling nasolabial folds. During this procedure the nasolabial folds cannot be eliminated, only can effectively conceal and smooth. The procedure is a surgery performed under local or General anesthesia. The operation is as follows: fat tissue from the thighs or abdomen is collected in the flask in the required amount, it then special devices and drugs is being processed, adapts to the desired composition, and then injected under the skin in the problem areas. This procedure is not very painful after it, as a rule, leave small bruises that within a short time are in a natural way. Doctors claim that the resulting effect is a «hold» on the face of the whole life.

Common question, how to reduce nasolabial folds can not solve, if all the shortcomings of their appearance is considered «a highlight». If others see that person there are wrinkles, they can confidently say that they face a real funny and good-natured. It is important to remember that only people who have «rays»around the eyes and wrinkles near the mouth are full of life, joy and happiness!

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