How to remove naroscheny nails at home

As in house conditions to remove the nail plastics.No matter how beautiful, loved and fashionable was your extended nails, sooner or later they will have to say goodbye. Almost all salons are services such as the removal of artificial nails. However, this procedure does not require special knowledge and skills, so why pay the money if you can try to do it yourself? Of course, the most troubling question for all the women in this case, how to remove naroscheny nails so as not to damage their home.

Our simple tips will help you deal with such a delicate task, we will tell you how to remove acrylic nails at home as well as gel and so popular today gel Polish. And most importantly, how to maintain the beauty and health of your nails.

How to remove acrylic nails at home

Acrylic is very durable, thermoplastic and resistant to temperature extremes chemical polymer. A graft of acrylic nails can be worn extremely long, up to 4 consecutive months, periodically adding material regrown part of the nail. Removing acrylic nails is quite a laborious task, so you’ll need a little patience, and 40-50 minutes of free time.

It is best if you pre-purchase specials. liquid, solvent acrylic, for example, Acrilik-Remover you can buy in specialized stores and salons. If not, then you can use a conventional tool for removing the varnish with a high concentration of acetone. In addition you will need: cut into several pieces cotton pads, tweezers, nail file with a rough-coated, and 10 five rectangular strips of foil.

Before moving on to the procedure for removal of artificial nails, we recommend you to wear simple or sunglasses, because the acrylic pieces are very sharp, can fly and get into your eyes.

  1. First, you need to remove free edge of the nail. Masters use for this purpose a special tool boat. At home you can try to bite off the «extra» length of the nochnitsa or tweezers.
  2. Next, take a nail file and carefully grind each nail gel finish, which the master establishes the end result of their work. To remove this layer must be completely, because he will not be able to soften the acrylic.
  3. When the finish carefully removed, you need to begin to dissolve the acrylic. To do this, saturate a piece of cotton pad with acetone and place it on nail, then wrap foil, manipulation make with each finger. Waiting for 30-40 min.
  4. To check held soften, expand one of the nails, if the acrylic has become gelatinous, then the operation was successful, then remove the foil and with a wooden stick or pusher to gently start to scrape the source material.
  5. Once all the bases are liberated from the acrylic, go over them again soaked in solvent with a cotton swab to make sure there is no leftover material. After that, thoroughly wash hands with soap and water.
  6. And finally, don’t forget to lubricate hands and nails any nutritious remedy, continue to hold a series of treatments.

How to remove gel nails at home

Just want to note that the gel unlike acrylic, will not be able to soften with acetone, this material is unique and insoluble. It can only take with the saw. In the salons often use a special machine for grinding, you also need a wide blade with abrasive approximately 80/100, and another 150/180.

  1. The procedure starts similar to the previous, you need to trim the free edge of the nail by tweezers, scissors or a cutter.
  2. Then carefully begin to cut the gel rough with a saw.
  3. During the procedure, will form large amounts of dust, so prepare in advance a brush or soft cloth to brush away.
  4. To test whether the gel, wipe the nail with a cotton swab dipped in liquid varnish remover.
  5. When you make sure that all the basic gel is removed, take a softer brush and gently Pat it over the entire surface of the nail, removing the remnants of the edges and base.
  6. After the procedure, be sure to buff nails and apply a nourishing cream or a mask.

How to erase gel nail Polish at home

Shellac recently fell in love with a girl, it’s a coating on your nails for several weeks, and some even notice that with his help they were able to strengthen or grow his nails.

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But unfortunately not everyone knows how to remove gel nail Polish correctly, and try otkovyryat him, thus traumatizing the nail. Means than to remove gel nail Polish at home, you can find in a modern beauty and manicure salons. In General, the technique of removing the bio-gel is similar to removing acrylics, you need to put on each nail soaked in acetone or a special solvent and cotton wool to wrap the fingers in foil. After 10-15 min. covered should be capable of easy removal, do it gently orange sticks.

In conclusion, Polish and lubricate your natural nails with a fat cream.

The easiest way to remove gel nail Polish, the main thing is to act carefully and carefully not to injure native nails.

I hope you’ll appreciate our advice, but if you already took our advice, share experiences and expertise with other readers.

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