How to remove freckles at home

Many women are endowed with freckles and a wish to get rid of them. In various cosmetic locations in that can help of laser technology. However, they are not for everyone, so «Fashionable» recommends other means.

How to remove freckles at home

In the matter of removing freckles incredible opportunities owns lemon juice, which is able to lighten age spots – the most freckles. This tool publicly available, especially at home. Also use herbs for the skin.

How can help lemon juice to remove freckles at home? Will it work? The answer is ambiguous. Why?

Lemon juice contains substances that can affect the pigment freckles bleaching them. But this means enough to even worry about freckles once and for all. The effect of the juice is short-term, before the first direct and strong contact of the skin with the sun. Freckles can re-appear after a few hours in sunlight. It turns out, lemon juice is an affordable and effective way to remove freckles, but for a short time.

You can use a remedy of freckles over long periods. The poultice should be done not only from lemon juice and glycerine, whipped egg whites, and alcohol (40-50%). The latter is used as a stabilizer, if the count for several applications. Egg white contains vitamins B, proteins, glucose, fat, protease and diastase (beneficial enzymes). The glycerin prevents drying and fermentation of the active substances, has antimicrobial activity and is well breaks down various substances.

More accurately the proportions of the components for you can be selected individually. First we need to take components in the following proportion: 2 parts lemon juice, 1 part glycerin, ½ of the beaten egg whites, ½ part 45% alcohol. All mix well until a homogeneous mixture in a clean glass container. The product is applied on the freckles with your finger or a cotton swab, cover with a clean damp cloth and leave for 20 minutes. Compress is recommended to wash off with warm, then cold running water.

In addition to the main goal – to lighten, to remove freckles, such a tool helps to improve the General appearance of the skin (cleanses pores, reduces fine lines and wrinkles). To resort to a poultice can be morning and evening.

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