How to remove extended lashes at home

Mysterious female look from under long bushy lashes – what can be better? Popular procedure in beauty salons for their creation tried a lot of women, most of those who by nature can not boast of long eyelashes. When 15-20 days optimal period is over, and time to visit the salon no, the question is how to remove extended lashes at home. You can consult with the master, who did you procedure, either by reading carefully our recommendations, to begin the removal.

Troubleshooting to remove the lashes without harming the eyes

There are several ways how to remove extended lashes at home, without hurting the eyes. Armed with the necessary knowledge and tools, you will produce painless the procedure themselves. Check out the technique of using multiple methods, learn how to remove extended lashes without the help of the wizard, choose the more appropriate for you and start to practice.

A very disappointed

Very disappointed for the removal of lashes

Very disappointed, a modern tool for removal of your lashes, which comes in the form of a gel, paste, cream. The gel product has a thick consistency, so it does not flow into the eye during use. But steaming, it can cause eye irritation. Cream very disappointed eliminates evaporation, has no harsh odors, so it is ideal even for sensitive skin. Uniform distribution of the cream from the basis of growth and over the entire length ensures easy painless removal of the hair extensions. Additional components of the cream caring for natural eyelashes.

With oil

Vegetable oil for removal of lashes

The most time-consuming, yet the most gentle method. You may need any vegetable oil, including olive, sunflower. If you want to take care of your natural eyelashes, use castor oil or burdock, which will contribute to the rapid growth and restore damaged hair.

At night apply a liberal amount of oil to the lashes along the entire length, paying special attention to the base. Tomorrow morning you will find that most of the extension hair already come off. The glue holding the lashes, vegetable oil for hours successfully dissolve. Those hairs will still stick, you can easily remove with a cotton swab moistened with oil.

With cream

Moisturizing cream for removal of lashes

You can not buy expensive drugs for removing artificial eyelashes, use any greasy cream, preferably hypoallergenic. Must abundantly lubricate the area of age appropriate cream and leave for 10-15 minutes, so during this time the adhesive has had time to lose their stability and disappear. Remove the glued lashes with a cotton pad.

Using debander

Deboner for removing lashes

With an affordable price, debander became popular among the professional artists of beauty salons, and the category for fans of home treatments. The liquid is sold in specialized stores, pharmacies, online stores that sell professional cosmetic preparations. Debander contains an active substance that quickly dissolves the basis of the glue, but evaporates, it irritates the mucous membrane of the eye. To use the drug very carefully, especially those who are prone to allergies and highly sensitive skin.

Step-by-step technology of removing the eyelashes with castor oil

Castor oil is a hypoallergenic drug, but if you decided to use it for the first time, test for a skin reaction, like any other tool. Pre-apply the oil for a few hours on the inner part of the elbow, if the rash is not happening – feel free to start utilizing. So, you need to:

Girl takes off lashes with castor oil

  • Thoroughly clean from the eye makeup with the help of milk lotion or makeup remover.
  • A small amount of castor oil to heat in a water bath.
  • Cotton swab or a small clean brush to apply the oil onto the lashes, paying special attention to the roots.
  • After a few hours with a cotton swab to remove excess oil from the eyelids, along with the artificial hairs.
  • If part of the artificial hairs were not removed, repeat the procedure.

How to restore your eyelashes home

The very nature of woman lies the desire to be attractive. An important element for the exterior was and remains the presence of long thick lashes and nicely-defined eyebrows. The application of decorative cosmetics of questionable manufacture or abuse of makeup can cause your own hair become brittle and fall out. Salon treatments to restore give good results, but cost a lot of money.

Many women are looking for affordable ways for the care and restoration of the eyelashes at home. We recommend you to pay attention to the informative tips that are easy to use and require no special skills. The most common natural remedies that are useful for the eyebrows and eyelashes are considered to be the burdock and castor oil. Having a huge amount of positive feedback after their application, you will no doubt in the fact that these inexpensive but effective drugs are worth to be paid attention.

Oil recovery after the eyelash

In order to repair damaged lashes, have on their surface for months before bedtime, one hour to apply the selected oil. As a tool to use an old clean mascara brush or a q-tip. Minerals and vitamins contained in the oils evoke to the growth of the follicles, and hairs become smooth, obedient. The presence ricinolein acid, strengthens the roots, reduces dryness and breakage.

To obtain a stable result after restoring the natural beauty of eyelashes, procedures should not have episodic character: it is recommended to repeat week course every three months. Use oils in a heated state, which increases the effectiveness of the procedure. Wash oil is not necessary, a sufficient amount is absorbed into the hair roots and skin of the century, removed the excess with a napkin.

Video tutorial for removal of artificial eyelashes

How to remove the extended eyelashes, you can learn by watching a thematic video. The use of a special solvent to quickly and efficiently clean the artificial hairs. Than you can remove the lashes without harming? Butter, cream, other substances. The dissolution of the glue is always conducted on the growth of hairs. If used, the drug is chemical based, do not forget after the procedure, rinse the eyes with warm water. Is the video clearly shows the simplicity and accessibility of procedure for removal of artificial eyelashes.

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