How to remove blackheads on face at home

How to remove blackheads at home?With magazine covers and TV screens again flashed girls advertise cosmetic products for face or cream, and it seems that their skin is perfect, it is not the slightest redness, pimples and enlarged pores. But, in real life, everything is not so perfect as in the picture,» and a woman often have to deal with different imperfections on the skin.

One of the most common of such drawbacks are the black dots on the skin that can appear at the very young adolescent age. And, if you do not take any measures to eliminate them, then later they can become a problem.

Many cosmetologists and qualified professionals argue that the black dots are the result of hormonal changes, and that after maturation and stabilization of the body, they themselves will disappear. But, what if you have 20 or more years, but, as before spoil the whole look? Try to figure out how to remove black dots on face, finally, irrevocably and without any unpleasant consequences.

What is black spots on the face?

Some mistakenly think that if the skin appears black dots, this means that the pores in the dirt. This is not entirely true. The black dots are the result of a clogged pore sebum and dead skin cells, and black color they take as a result of oxidation on air. But, nevertheless, obstruction of the ducts of the sebaceous glands most often occurs as a result of dust on the skin, to improper or irregular maintenance. In addition, to the formation of comedones causes unhealthy lifestyle, poor nutrition, bad habits, frequent intake of medicines, transferred severe nervous disorders and stress. Speaking about the reasons, not to mention the genetic predisposition, if someone from parents had a similar problem with the skin at a certain age, and you will surely have to face.

If the black dots are firmly and permanently entrenched on your face, you should try to find the cause of this phenomenon, consider your lifestyle and methods of skin care. In some cases, normalize the nervous glands, helping the General medical examination and the doctor’s advice of a dermatologist or cosmetologist. Anyway, the process of removing blackheads, tightening is not necessary, and to take action-preferably as soon as possible.

How to deal with black spots on the face?

Salon treatments

There are many different ways and procedures to clean the face of blackheads. The easiest and most effective option is to visit the beauty parlor, where, with the help of modern techniques and tools, the technician will clean, after which the result will be noticeable immediately, the skin will become more smooth and clean.

Today any beauty salon can offer a variety of options for procedures for cleaning, up to the most profound and radical. Consider the most popular and effective.

  1. Mechanical cleaning of the face from black points. This procedure is quite effective but very painful. Therefore, many prefer to spend it alone, at home, and not always successfully. After all, home is a much higher risk of infection or to do something wrong, and then together with dots, will have to treat the inflammation on the skin. So of course it is better to trust to remove blackheads on nose and chin, the professional. In the beginning of the procedure, you steam the face, typically using a steam bath with chamomile, and then the skin softens and the pores open. The technician then manually begins to gradually squeeze the comedones and a special spatula to clean the pores.
  2. The ultrasonic cleaning. This procedure is less painful, but the influence of ultrasound allows you to handle and remove only the top layers of the skin. Thus, the procedure can be compared to a light peel that stimulates natural renewal of skin cells.
  3. The chemical peeling. This is a great way to clean the nose of blackheads. In this embodiment, purify pores and dissolve existing comedones by means of special formulations, usually based on fruit acids.
  4. Cleaning vacuum. Not long ago, experts have developed a special tube with low pressure, which can be used to clean the pores from congestion and blockages. The procedure is less painful than hand-squeezing blackheads, and allows you to capture even the most inaccessible places, to which the specialist is difficult to get.

Before any of these procedures, the beautician should test, to study the characteristics of the skin and to give their assessment and recommendations. But, it should be noted that a salon is quite expensive, and sometimes, one visit is not enough to completely get rid of the problem. Therefore, if you wish, you can use home remedies, self-clean «clogged» pores and thus to save the decent sum. But in this case, you will need patience, focus on results, knowledge and observance of some simple rules.

Effective home remedies of blackheads

To find the most appropriate remedy for the face, you may have to try the recipes, because different people’s skin reacts differently to certain ingredients. With caution you need to choose a remedy for blackheads women with sensitive skin and prone to allergic manifestations. And if the use of any tools, makes you very uncomfortable, there was itching, redness and irritation, you should immediately stop using it and wash the face. And now, when all the measures mentioned, consider what helps with the blackheads and homemade remedies will help to overcome this unpleasant point.

Improvised and effective remedy is activated charcoal. Recipes of masks from tablets of activated charcoal, see the link /kak-primenyat-aktivirovannyiy-ugol-dlya-litsa hotel-retseptyi-masok/

Masks of blackheads at home

In the struggle for perfect skin, well proven masks based on natural ingredients. You can buy ready-made mask from black dots in the store or the pharmacy, or actually manually make a cleanser from the comfort of home.

Of course, homemade face mask blackheads, will not give 100% results immediately after the first application, unlike, for example, mechanical cleaning, but useful components in the mask will act delicately and gently, and do not leave marks, scars and scratches on the skin.

One of the most popular is the mask of the protein from the black dots. Egg whites have the ability to clean the pores, shrink them and improve the processes of sebum. This tool is a godsend, to do incredibly simple, cost cheap, and operates in a similar way as special patches and strips of the points. To prepare the mask you will need one egg, one paper napkin. Separate the white from the yolk, whisk the whites a bit and apply a thin layer on a «problem area, and give it a little dry on the skin. Then repeat the layer. Cover the oiled area with a napkin, and on top of it again, apply the protein. After the mask will dry and harden slightly on the face ( about 30 min), an abrupt movement remove the cloth. The rest of the face, to wash off warm water.

Other recipes of masks based on egg protein see the link /maska-s-yaichnyim-belkom-dlya-litsa hotel/

Well established gelatin and milk from the black dots. To prepare a purifying mask, you need to the warmed milk add the 2nd table.lies. gelatin. In about 20 minutes, the gelatin will begin to swell, but full of readiness you need to put this mixture in a water bath to gelatin is fully dissolved. After cooling, you should get gel-like mass. On a previously cleansed and dried the skin, you need to put a mask on the skin, it can be done with a cotton swab or clean hands. Apply it on entire face or on areas with a special abundance of comedones. After about half an hour, the mask needs to dry completely and then you can start to remove it. She removed the foil, lift the chin and slowly pull it up. Remnants rinse with cool water. With regular use, this mask pulled blackheads, make skin clean, fresh and smooth.

Another mask blackheads home made from ordinary baking soda, this product is often used for the treatment of skin diseases, pimples and acne. Mix a spoonful of baking soda with a spoon of water to make a pasty mass. A circular motion apply the mixture on the «right» areas. After 40 minutes, rinse with cool water. Because soda is a strong facial cleanser, it is not recommended to use this recipe once a week and the appearance of discomfort, burning, and irritation during use, and it is better to refuse in the future.

More information about face cleansing baking soda read the link /maski-skrab-ochishhenie hotel litsa-pishhey-sodoy/

It’s not all folk remedies of blackheads on the nose. To deeply clean the skin and affect more hidden layers, is recommended 1-2 times a week to prepare the scrub at home.

Peeling at home

Exfoliating treatments help to remove dead skin cells, impurities that clog pores and provoke acne. Regular exfoliation at home, allows you to remove the black spots from the face, and also reduce the risk of their recurrence.

Before you start peeling, do it for the face steam bath, the pores are maximally opened and was ready to be cleaned. Then, massage in a circular motion start treating your skin with scrubs.

Home you can make your own exfoliant out of scrap products. For example, to quickly cleanse the face of blackheads will help scrub out of honey and cinnamon (ratio 3/1), the mixture of yogurt and sea salt or baking soda, damp coffee grounds, or a mixture of yogurt with bran or oatmeal.

We recommend you to read:

«How to make a fruit peel at home»

Problem areas are handled by the scrub about 6-8 minutes, then left overs are washed with water at room.

How to squeeze the black dots on the nose?

The easiest and most foolproof way to get rid of blackheads is to steam the skin and squeeze the comedones out. Often women wonder if it is possible to push the black dots on the face. The opinion of cosmetologists and dermatologists on this issue unambiguously, that such a procedure should not do. First, because you can do something wrong and only make matters worse. Secondly, when a non-sterile procedure, there is a risk of infection, and spread it all over his face. Well, besides the squeezing point, a very unpleasant and painful process.

But, as practice shows, women are not willing to put up with defects on the skin, and you want to remove blackheads from nose as soon as possible. So, we need to know how to squeeze out points. The sequence of procedure is as follows:

  • First you need to steam face bath, well, if it is on the decoction of some herbs;
  • Wash your hands well and disinfect them with alcohol;
  • If you want to make the Shoe even more secure, then wrap each finger with a bandage soaked in a solution of salicylic acid;
  • And now you can move on to the procedure for removal of black spots can easily be extruded by pressing them with two fingers.
  • In conclusion, it is necessary to treat the face tonic or lotion, to reduce inflammation and constrict the pores, and then apply moisturizer.

Dear women, the best way to maintain the skin clean and healthy is to give up bad habits and junk food, to protect yourself from stressful situations, and of course never is too lazy to remove makeup from the face daily to cleanse the skin and give it a rest.

And then your skin will long remain young and velvety!

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