How to remove belly fat through massage?

You can remove belly fat through massage

How to remove belly fat through massageTo remove the excess from your tummy you can, you just have to choose the right method. The choice should be between diet, physical exercises and massage. Of course, ideally, the most effective and sport activities, healthy nutrition and will not be superfluous massage. But let’s talk about massage.

To remove belly fat with the help of massage is not difficult. It did not necessarily appeal to professionals, simple techniques you can use at home.

The first step is to heat the skin on the abdomen, with the help of pats with a towel or special mitten clockwise and in the direction of the heart. The skin will be ready after she slightly blush, then you should take a cold shower. Now warmed up and the abdomen and arm, proceed to the main massage. The abdomen lubricated with oil or body cream, squeeze the hand into a fist, and do massage bones of the fingers, without the use of force.

The next leg will be straightened with the palm of your hand with closed fingers should be slightly slacken circular motions. Then pinch a fold of skin of the abdomen, and keep her in waves along the body, effective but painful exercise. Well established and plucked a belly massage. Grab two fingers on the skin of the abdomen with a small force, moving in a circle, grab another and another and so on until a slight reddening of the skin. Also used cupping therapy. On the oiled skin, you should put the medical Bank and affect the subcutaneous fat with the help of her moving around the abdomen.

Massage can be performed about half an hour, the load should be alternated to strengthen, then weaken. To remove belly fat with the help of massage you will be able in a short time, most importantly do it in the morning when there is better stimulation of the metabolic processes. Massage will help break the fat deposits and they are removed from the body.

During the massage you can apply honey. Mix a little candied honey, rock salt and a few drops of essential oil. Thus, the skin of the stomach well warmed up, get peeling and be ready to contrast soul. Read more about honey massage, see the link /medovy-massazh-ot-tsellyulita/

Massage has a positive effect on the body, it helps to improve the neuromuscular system, is an accelerator of metabolism in the body and leads to normal blood circulation.

One of the most effective massages, exercises with a hula-Hoop is a Hoop with massage balls inside. Rotating it every day, you can quickly remove belly fat through massage with this Hoop. The first step is to rotate it about 5 minutes a day, and possible on the sides bruises, but don’t worry, eventually they will go away and your skin will get used to such an intense impact on the problem areas. Every day should increase the duration of exercise, the more turns you make, the more your waist will be perfect. During rotation of the hula-Hoop watch TV, listen to music, it gives the opportunity to escape and makes lessons unobtrusively. That would increase the burden, do not place feet shoulder-width apart and pinch together.

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