How to remove bags under eyes at home

How to remove bags under eyes at home

Long since any self-respecting woman wants to have perfect appearance. Moreover, his well-groomed appearance, girls and ladies delight the eyes of men. But there is one small problem – the bruises under the eyes that make the horror any woman, because the eye is a very important detail in the image. So let’s consider the main reasons for their occurrence and options to get rid of them, using ingredients that will be easy to find in the house every housewife.

How to remove bags under eyes at home

Causes of bags under the eyes quite a lot:

— hormonal disorders;

— improper diet;

— fatigue or lack of sleep;

— there is accumulation of excess water in the body;

— heredity;

— age-related changes of the body;

the lack of oxygen;

— disorders in the urinary system;

— harmful habits (alcohol, Smoking)

How to solve home problem bags under the eyes

First of all, pay attention to proper diet and sufficient sleep time:

— sleep 8-9 hours a day

— Limit consumption of alcoholic and carbonated drinks, spicy, smoked and salty foods

— Do not drink before going to sleep plenty of warm fluids. Can make only 2-3 SIPS of juice or plain cold water.

— Sometimes take a light diuretic and cholagogue;

— Use a special flat pillow for sleeping;

— Pay attention to Your head during sleep was slightly above the body.

Homemade recipes struggle with bags under the eyes

After a lot of time the most effective means of combating bags under the eyes are recipes that were used even by our grandmothers.

If You look in your refrigerator, you’ll be able to find something useful that will help You in preparing the necessary funds. And so, these rescuers can be considered a poultice of parsley, chamomile, green tea or sea salt. Also, don’t forget about conventional ice cubes. For this freeze mineral water or infusion made from sage and marigold.

With regard to prevention of swelling under the eyes, here You will perfect the serum and gels. Avoid greasy creams, which can easily affect the appearance of the morning bag under the eyes.

At home you can prepare a variety of creams and masks:

1. Potato mask.

RUB on a small grater 1 potato. Next, we put in 2 layers 2 a piece of gauze and put, and each of them, and 1 tbsp prepared potato mass. Put this compress on your eyelids and wait for 10 minutes. Then carefully remove and apply a special eye cream.

This cream must include vitamin a and Is.

Then you wait another 10-15 minutes. Then wash off the excess cream with a cotton disks that we pre-soaked in tea. Remember that this procedure should be done carefully autumn, passing along the massage lines of the eyes and pressing lightly on the skin of the eyelids.

How to remove bags under eyes at home

2. Mask of parsley.

Mix about 10 g chopped parsley, 20 g butter. The resulting mass leave for 15 minutes on pre-moistened eyelids.

3. The Hazelnut Cream. Finely mode 2 walnut kernels, it is desirable that it was walnuts. Then mix all with 25 g butter and 1 tsp of lemon juice. Then applied on all the skin of the eyelid is very thin.

4. Lotion for age. 2 wetted cotton pad soaked in cold mineral water. Then leave it all for 4 to 5 minutes on the skin of the eyelids.

Pharmacy remedies bags under eyes

«Ice » mask» that can easily be bought at any pharmacy, effectively remove bags under the eyes. These are plastic bags that contain a special gel. To store this in the refrigerator and only when you need to put in a couple of minutes on closed eyes.

In addition, work very well against puffiness of the eyelids essential oil. In order to moisturize skin near the eyes, buy olive or castor oil, or the oil jojoba. Apply oil on the skin around the eye clockwise.

How to remove bags under eyes at home

For example, soak cotton pads in any of the following oils, and then put them on the eyelids for 10 minutes. Next, rinse your face with warm water. Then massage the skin around the eyes with an ice cube wrapped in gauze. After this procedure, apply on the eyelids a special cream.

And swollen after sleep eyes good cleansing eye gel based on plant extract. One of the gels is the same – DIOPTIGEL, which in such a short period of its existence in the market has managed to gain a large number of buyers. It effectively removes the bags under the eyes, due to anti-inflammatory and toning plant extracts.

Always take care of your very delicate skin around the eyes! Moisturize it and then You won’t have to worry about bags under the eyes.

Exercises for the eyes and eyelids massage

For removal of bags under the eyes good special exercises:

-do the eyes, 2 times in each direction, flowing circular movements

-imagine that in front of Your eyes, the pendulum is slowly swinging. Counted 20 seconds, follow his gaze. Then close your eyes, count to 3 and repeat this exercise.

In order to get rid of morning bags under eyes, do these exercise 5 to 8 times:

Strongly zazhmurte for a second, then widely open your eyes.

— Blink eyes, like a doll.

All these exercises improve venous outflow from the eye.

Prevention of bags under the eyes

Unhealthy lifestyle, the use of low-quality cosmetics are common causes among the young girls, causing swelling under the eyes. These reasons can be attributed also improper or untimely removal of cosmetics.

Of course, flawless makeup makes Your appearance more attractive, gives the eyes expressiveness and makes You more confident. But the frequent use of cosmetics has a negative impact on our skin. Before bed you must remove it using special products that contain natural ingredients.

To protect yourself from the formation of puffiness under eyes, you need to use a special moisturizing gel which needs to be applied 2 times a day. As sebaceous and sweat glands are absent on the skin around the eyes, it quickly ages and loses its elasticity. So you need to constantly moisturize.

In addition, do an easy self-massage, which is to use your fingertips to tap from the temple and ending with the nose. This massage is effective in combating this problem. Do it 2 times a day for a few minutes, not pressing hard on the delicate skin around the eyes and stretching her.

The formation of swelling under the eyes can speak not only about tired women, but also because she has a serious disease. In order for this trouble not to be bothered, keep an active lifestyle, use less makeup, less worry. Take care of yourself and get from this process the maximum pleasure.

Take everything from a new day, live deeply, love and smile! And then Your eyes will always Shine!

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