How to prevent and relieve irritation after shaving

irritation after shavingSkin irritation after shaving is unpleasant and undesirable side effect after mechanical hair removal. This issue brings together men who have a daily smooth shave on the face and women who get rid of unwanted hair in other places. It is important to understand that while hair removal by mechanical means, you damage the upper layer of the dermis, so it is a normal natural reaction would be the appearance of irritation after waxing, depilation or shaving. Therefore, if you want to wear your favorite swimsuit or lace translucent outfit, without the discomfort and embarrassment for the presence of redness and unsightly spots on the skin, you should take the time to study this issue and once and for all figure out how to relieve the irritation after shaving, and learn how to care for my skin after measures for hair removal.

Why irritation after shaving?

Removing hair by any method is a kind of trauma for the skin, especially if it is too thin or sensitive. But, often, irritation under the arms, on the face, legs and the most delicate bikini area appears due to improper procedure or the use of incorrect funds for it.

The most common mistakes that lead to irritations on the skin:

  • too long use of the same disposable shaving machine;
  • too delayed the time of replacement blades in reusable machines;
  • holding too frequent/daily shaving, so the skin doesn’t have time to recover;
  • the rush during the procedure;
  • the timing is terrible for hair removal, under normal metabolism, the procedure is best done in the evening;
  • incorrectly chosen tool for shaving;
  • insufficient hydration before and after the procedure.

In fact, this problem is easier to prevent than to wait for healing inflammation, so you should remember some recommendations, and the saving tips that will help to avoid unpleasant consequences after the removal of hairs.

How to prevent irritation?

irritation after shaving legsDespite the fact that skin damage during shaving, to avoid unlikely, our main goal is to make the procedure as soft and delicate, and it needs to use some simple and useful tips:

  • It would be better to start shaving after taking a warm bath or shower, the hairs become softer, elastic, and pliable, when the skin is lightly steamed and clean. Besides, the water also softens and moisturizes the skin and, therefore, reduces the risk of irritation. If women more often do all the procedures during water treatment, then men before shaving, and sometimes in a hurry I forget to rinse the face.
  • Remember that all the hairs grow in different directions. To reduce the risk of irritation, first spend a few times with a razor by hair growth, and then remove the remaining hairs against their growth.
  • Before and after the procedure is recommended to exfoliate the skin, this will allow to align all the hairs and remove dead layer of skin, which will make shaving more smooth and even.
  • To prevent severe irritation after shaving, use during the procedure, special tools, providing a smooth glide over the skin, protecting and soothing her. It is best suitable creams and gels for shaving, specialized for sensitive skin. Not recommended for regular shaving soap, t. to. it is very dry skin.
  • Do not wipe your shaved skin with a towel, since at this point, the epidermis, and so inflamed and sensitive, and rough towel can aggravate the condition. In addition, if the towel is not the first freshness», it may contain dirt and bacteria, which cause inflammation.
  • To avoid redness, peeling, dryness of the skin, be sure after the procedure of hair removal using moisturizers for the skin: gels, lotions, creams. They disinfect the skin, moisturize and nourish, soften and soothe. When choosing cosmetics, than to relieve irritation after shaving, pay attention to its structure, give preference to those where there is no alcohol, perfumed additives, colorants. Better if the tool will be made on the basis of natural components: oil or glycerin, herbal extracts, as well as to have the composition of anti-inflammatory components panthenol or bisabolol.

If all prevention measures have been met, but the redness and inflammation after the procedure yet emerged, it is necessary to consider another question, how to get rid of irritation after shaving, there are a few effective techniques that we will discuss below in more detail.

How to remove irritation?

So is the human skin, even with little aggressive on her, she gives a counter reaction: the vessels become wider, the surface becomes inflamed, and acquires a reddish tint, the red dots and spots.

  • The surest way to remove the irritation on my legs after shaving, to stop frequent hair removal. Perhaps such a radical option is not suitable for everyone, because some hairs grow back very quickly. But still, carry out the procedure as infrequently as possible, let the hairs grow a little and see how they germinate.
  • Do not scrub the sore place. Most likely, because of the dryness, tightness and a slight itching, you will want to scratch the red spots after epilation or privy, but this is not necessary, because in this way you can damage the pimples and will increase the area of inflammation, in addition to vulnerable skin is more prone to join all sorts of infections.
  • Use the tools to relieve inflammation. On the shelves emblazoned a lot of cosmetic products designed to eliminate irritations: tools after hair removal, after shaving or just soothe the skin. You can buy a special cream or ointment at the pharmacy, well help such antiseptic as Actovegin, Alkaderi, Zinc ointment, which was actively used during the Soviet Union, to eliminate various inflammations on the skin of the face and body. Bepanten and Panthenol should always be kept in the home medicine Cabinet, these funds contribute to the rapid healing of the skin, and alleviate any irritation. Irritation after hair removal on the face will help remove these types of ointments as a Healer or Rescuer, they are very fatty, but well-treated skin, quickly absorbed and does not clog pores. If there is red dots on legs after shaving, it is necessary to cause the flow of blood and to cool the skin, for this purpose you can use Hydrocortisone ointment, which is used in medicine for the treatment of inflammations and abscesses on the skin.
  • Irritation after shaving underarms can be removed by using ordinary talc or baby powder. If the skin is very much inflamed, it should be disinfected with hydrogen peroxide or alcohol, the process can seem painful, but will promote the healing of wounds and the prevention of propagation of various infections.

If irritation on my legs after shaving, or at any other place on long runs, appeared pustules or sores, you will notice that many of the hairs rooted in the skin and bring you pain, it is best to consult a dermatologist for consultation, also doctor can suggest what to do when irritation under the arms, on the legs or in the intimate area.

How to get rid of irritation after shaving traditional methods?

If at the wrong time ended with the usual moisturizing cream, pharmacy drugs do not bring the desired effect, but you have a strong irritation on my legs after shaving, what to do? You can come folk remedies and proven homemade recipes to treat different skin inflammations.

red dots on legs after shavingA great way to quickly remove the irritation after shaving is rubbing inflamed skin with the decoction of different herbs with anti-inflammatory and soothing effect, among them include chamomile, series, calendula, celandine. Better to brew them a little stronger than that required by the user.

To remove the irritation and red spots after hair removal, RUB the reddened skin along the cut leaf of aloe.

Also helps to relieve irritation after epilation — the tea tree oil. However, it must be applied very cautiously, it is better to dilute it with any other nutrient, vegetable oil.

To heal the micro wounds and damage after shaving, you can use the infusion of parsley. Grass pour boiling water, let stand and wipe with a cotton pad soaked in the composition to affected areas of skin.

If you adhere to all rules of personal hygiene, the right way to remove unwanted hair, good care for the skin, feed it moisturizes, but from time to time irritation manifests itself, and the methods of reduce inflammation no effect, plan a visit to skin doctor, maybe you have some hidden causes of the problem.

Flawless, smooth and attractive flawless skin is easy to achieve by following the basic rules of «correct» removal of hairs!

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