Ways to get rid of dark circles under eyes

what helps under eye circlesIf our eyes are considered the mirror of the soul, the skin around them is a reflection of health. Dark circles under eyes, puffiness and bags indicate first of all that body which is not strong. And it’s not just about disease, chronic fatigue, lack of sleep, wrong diet or lifestyle, and even drinking the night before 2 cups of water or wine can leave your mark on the most delicate and sensitive skin on our face, on the eyelids and under the eyes. Black under the eyes visibly ages of man, and adds his age to several years old. Fortunately, today there are many ways to get rid of dark circles and puffiness, and restore skin smooth, fresh and healthy.

Basic tips how to remove black circles under your eyes or prevent their occurrence

The modern mad rhythm of life, not everyone have enough time to maintain their health and beauty, but there are rules about which we should not forget that in the first place will affect the appearance of your skin.

  1. Get enough sleep and rest. On sleep you have to spend at least seven to eight hours a day, in addition you need to consider that the rest should be full, if you sleep in the bus on the way to work, health is unlikely to add.
  2. Try to choose the correct position for sleep. Some bad posture of the head during sleep, can lead to the fact that in the morning to edema and swelling under the eyes. It is best to sleep on your back, with the head should be located on a small hill.
  3. Prefer flat orthopedic pillows instead of a magnificent pen. Special pillows are created to ensure the correct position of the head and neck during sleep, thereby possible in a short time not only to get rid of dark circles under the eyes, but also to prevent the development of degenerative disc disease, sciatica, and scoliosis.
  4. Less salt the food as salt retains water in the body, prevents fluid in time is displayed.
  5. Limit the use of sharp, salty, smoked, spicy food, and also minimize and avoid drinking carbonated drinks and alcohol.
  6. Drink during the day, plenty of water, but try to drink» just before night. To metabolism always was OK during the day it is recommended to drink at least 2 litres of water, unless you suffer from any kidney disorders or diseases which hampered the withdrawal of water from the body.
  7. Wear sunglasses or use special creams with UV protection.
  8. Use only quality and tested cosmetics and caring means. Also puffiness and dark circles can appear if the skin is constantly under layers of makeup, so cells will get clogged and feel the oxygen depletion.
  9. Ditch unhealthy habits, and you need to not only get rid of Smoking and intake of alcoholic beverages, but also from the habit of overeating, especially at night, because in the morning the result of gluttony appears on the face.
  10. Move more and spend time in the fresh air.
  11. Don’t forget about the care procedures for the face, do massage, masks, compresses and lotions for the eyes.

Not to see in the mirror sad eyes, «decorated» with dark circles or bags, you need to reconsider your daily rhythm of life and the diet and to change old unhealthy habits into new useful rules and principles. To be always beautiful and fresh, try to use our tips on how to get rid of black circles under the eyes.

A healthy diet

Healthy and proper nutrition is one of the most important divisions which must guide every woman to look good and not have health problems.

If your goal is to remove black circles under eyes quickly, it is necessary to radically revise your diet, or even enter and follow a special diet, which will help to clean the face of unnecessary decoration in the form of bruises and swelling.

First and foremost, you should avoid too salty foods: salted fish, pickled cucumbers and mushrooms, meats, and other spices. Most often, people are overly salt soup, fries or salad, although the dish is no less tasty if you add a little less salt than usual. Remember, for every 10 g of salt in the body hold 1 liter of fluid. Excess salt in the body leads not only to premature aging and loss of elasticity and attractiveness of the skin and some diseases of the cardiovascular system, kidneys and Central nervous system.

It should be noted that alcohol is also strongly retards the excretion of water, especially sparkling wine, minimize their use, and not overdo it before bedtime.

Caffeinated beverages: tea or coffee should not be your constant companions if you want to get rid of blue circles under your eyes.

The last meal should be no later than 3-4 hours before sleep and rest.

Therefore, it is best to give preference to food cooked in the oven, steamed or grilled, not spicy, not too salty, not fried and not greasy. The diet should be rich in fiber (cereals and legumes, fruits and vegetables), Vit. B5, as it helps to eliminate excess water (this is the nuts and fruits cereals, green vegetables, herbs and greens, dairy products) and potassium (eg. lingonberries, cranberries and currants). In the summer time is a great diuretic assistants are watermelon and cantaloupe, strawberry, pumpkin, parsley, dill, Rowan.

How to remove black under eye massage and exercises

If you don’t know what to do if under eye dark circles, you can try at home daily to carry out the complex of exercises specifically for the eyes. A variety of massages and exercises will help to improve blood circulation and movement of lymph, accelerate metabolism and excretion, as well as to strengthen the facial and eye muscles.

To impart tone the skin make point massage around the eye area, ring finger slightly postukivanie on the skin, moving from the corners of the eyes to the nose then from the nose to the temples. To do need to gently stretch and push is impossible.

You can also perform self-massage strokes on certain lines:

  • from the nose to the temples;
  • from the middle of the forehead to the temples;
  • from the chin to the ear via the cheekbones;
  • the upper eyelid along the growth direction of the eyebrows;
  • the area under the eyes from outer corner to the nose.

Another simple exercise: zazhmurte eyes, then open them widely, repeat 10 times; try to blink very rapidly for several minutes, then relax your muscles and relax, look into the distance for 10 seconds without taking his head, then relax.

After a massage or exercise, it will be good to make a soothing compress with chamomile or to make a soothing mask of dark circles under eyes with cucumber or raw potatoes.

How to camouflage dark circles under eyes

When the nose a big meeting or important event, and you flaunt the hated signs of fatigue and sleep deprivation, it remains the only way to hide dark circles under the eyes. Fortunately, there are many corrective cosmetic products and creams to remove under eye circles quickly. But many women make serious mistakes when applying one or another means, thereby traumatize the skin and issuesa her. Therefore, we will tell you some of the nuances and secrets of how to hide, something to cover up dark circles under the eyes and in what sequence.

Before you apply the toner, or concealer another concealer from under eye circles, you need to prepare the skin for makeup application. For the basics you can use light cream or gel designed for your skin type.

Next you need to choose a tool that will help disguise dark circles under the eyes. Many people mistakenly believe that the thicker you spread your Foundation or powder to the problem area, the problem will be solved. It is not so. Most often, these cosmetic products have a fairly dense texture and delicate skin of the eyelids and under the eyes look like a «plaster». In addition, the composition of this make-up is not rarely present talc and other substances that will only harm the most delicate skin on your face. Today, there are «camoufleur», specifically designed for the eye area, such as correctors or concealers, they will not only make it less noticeable dark spots, but will mask other pigmentation spots and bumps as well as correct wrinkles. So, how to choose concealer circles under the eyes?

If you are the owner of beautiful and healthy skin, but you must hide the traces of fatigue, then you can use concealer that is a couple of shades lighter than your concealer, or with light reflecting particles.

If the lack of a more explicit, you will need a concealer or a cream from dark circles under the eyes with more than a high covering effect.

Choosing what to cover under eye circles, look at their hue in good light. If under eyes dark, bluish, purple circles, it is best to choose concealer pink, yellow or orange means beige tones will suit if circles more reddish, if around the eyes formed circles earthy shade — choose swimwear with blue.

Many women believe that the best concealer dark circles under eyes and the most convenient to use available in the form of pencil, it is easy to determine and to disguise the pimples, as well as larger industry, for example circles under eyes.

«Camouflage» should be applied using a synthetic brush or fingertips, after washing hands. After the desired shade of concealer applied and feathered, on top apply a layer of powder with a wide brush and spread all over his face. A thinner brush apply the powder onto the area around the eyes, and take a good look to see if you have areas formerly covered with concealer.

After such manipulations apply a skin tone Foundation or liquid tone. cream, to create the effect of smooth and smooth skin. Apply basic make-up, and to enliven and freshen up the face, mark blush cheekbones bronze hue.

When applying makeup, emphasize the upper eyelid, and try not to focus on the bottom.

Now you have learned how to disguise dark under-eye circles correctly, but remember that this is only temporary way to conceal from others this unpleasant cosmetic defect. Don’t forget to remove my make-up and cosmetics before bedtime, as it severely clogs the skin pores, and further it can lead to inflammation and appearance of acne and pimples.

Folk remedies

For those who like simple and natural recipes, there are ways to remove dark circles under eyes at home.

Make lotions and compresses of green tea, decoction of chamomile or calendula.

Puffiness and bags well eliminates a decoction of birch leaves. Soaked a cotton ball place on eyes for 10 minutes.

To remove dark circles under your eyes, apply daily to the eye cucumber slices.

Especially popular use of cosmetic ice, made from a decoction of dill or parsley, or water with a few drops of lemon juice. Wipe the prepared ice pieces the skin around the eyes every morning and soon you will be saying goodbye to bags, puffiness and colorful circles around the eyes.

But remember, before looking for the best concealer dark circles under eyes, try to understand why they are there, maybe you just need to relax and put things in order in my mind and thoughts.

May you have a great way to get skin looking fresh, radiant and brilliant, would be glad if you share your secrets in the comments.

All of love and beauty!

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