How to relieve tired feet

how to relieve fatigue in the legsCauses of leg fatigue may be a few, but mainly this disease is provoked when a person is a long time in traffic. Feet simply can not cope with heavy loads and in the evening a heavy, humming ache. How to relieve tired feet? Ways to ease physical condition, there are several. Consider the most simple and effective of them.

Tired legs, what to do?

When the legs ache from fatigue, help simple and effective way. You need to get comfortable on the couch, raise the straightened leg 90 degrees and lie in this state for some time. Of the legs leaning against a wall, so it will be even easier. This exercise restores blood circulation feet, and fatigue passes.

To relieve tired feet and help massage. As a lubricant you can use olive oil — it is a natural cream tired legs. Massage tired we need to carry out gentle movements of the hands, but in no case do not squeeze your legs and stretch the skin. Good to do patting and smoothing motion with his hands.

what to do when tired legs and a feeling of heaviness
Efficiently and effective remedy for tired legs is cold water. The basin is typed in enough cold water to the surface concealed the feet, then the legs are lowered into the prepared water, and then strode in the water for 30 seconds, then leave, dry your feet and feel a pleasant lightness.

If the legs are buzzing, then come to the aid of the special socks or stockings that can be purchased in almost any pharmacy. These products are sewn from a special material which helps to relieve pain down. A light grey will help normal blood circulation.

In every pharmacy there ointment tired legs, it is based on natural products, which are based on menthol or tea tree oil. The pharmacist will help you choose the client is the tool that will organize and cost, and action.

If the legs get tired and constantly sick, it may be an obvious cause of bad illness, for example, starting of varicose veins. To make a return, you must promptly visit the doctor or to diagnose the disease. Many patients ask: how to help tired legs? Most experts suggest that if a person constantly has problems with tired legs, he must purchase a special massager, which not only relieves the increased tension from the lower limbs, but also promotes natural healing of many diseases.

Any advice from tired legs, you need to use so that they do not hurt. For example, if after a cold bath the person will feel relief, its use is not recommended. The same fact can be attributed to the about massage. Doctors believe that massage treatments can only deal with qualified and professional, only in this way can be help to human health, not to hurt him.

Folk remedy for tired legs

Any folk remedy for tired legs will definitely help a person if you complete all of the recommended conditions of its application. Helps tired legs?

  • Mask of blue clay. Blue clay remarkably removes fatigue and heaviness in the legs, for making the tools you need to dry the clay powder diluted in water, then the resulting mass is spread on the soles of the feet for half an hour to wash off.

    what to do to relieve foot fatigue

  • The banana mask. How to relieve tired legs? Come to the aid of the usual bananas. The fruit mash into pulp, add a small amount of buttermilk and some flour so that the mixture thickens. The tool is used similarly to the above recipe.
  • Alcohol. Helps tired legs? Ordinary rubbing alcohol. They just need to RUB your tired feet and allow them to dry naturally.
  • Ice. A good recipe for tired legs based on the manufacture of ice cubes. The blocks are preferably made from any herbal concoctions. The finished ice to wipe the tired legs, and then gently grind them.

There are a large number of recipes from traditional healers how to relieve fatigue in the legs. You can make compresses from fresh grated potatoes or smear feet yogurt. All good and effective, but if the soreness of the lower extremities does not pass, then the problem of how to get rid of tired legs, you need to decide on a medical level.

Foot baths from fatigue

What to do if buzzing legs? The use of baths in this case it is recommended not only traditional healers and witch doctors, and medical specialists. Baths for tired legs have multiple effects: with regular use these tools, you can soften the skin, get rid of many diseases in the feet and eliminate the pain from feet.

how to prepare foot baths from fatigue

To prepare well baths for tired feet at home.

  • Herbal teas or infusions. As the basis for baths for the feet are perfect herbs (chamomile, Linden, St. John’s wort, peppermint, nettle, succession, etc.). In a ready solution is recommended to add a little honey, this will help to get the skin of the feet soft and tender.
  • Citrus fruit peels. This foot bath and helps to relieve heavy legs and relieve fatigue from the lower limbs, and to eliminate minor skin imperfections. Peel baths for basis is any of: orange, tangerine or grapefruit.
  • Garlic. Bath-based decoction of garlic has a disinfecting effect.

The preparation of foot Spa is one recipes hot water is added to the activating substance, then the solution is lowered the legs. In the bath the feet must keep at least half an hour. Moreover, when the water cools, add hot water to the solution in the bath was always warm or moderately hot.

Not all people suffer from tired feet, but those who have already faced this problem, are suffering from their painful condition. Share with us your recipes from fatigue, and an unpleasant heaviness in the legs.

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