How to care for gel nails?

43982803_5Beautiful nails is a part of any women’s look. But, not every woman can grow long, strong nails for some reason. Fortunately, to date there is nothing impossible and in a few hours you can become a happy owner of a beautiful, strong, and perfect nails, you simply need to visit the nail salon and to carry out the procedure. The woman will feel satisfied and confident when its handle is decorated with magical manicure, which does not need to update every 1-2 days. Of course, artificial nails are less of a hassle and requires less attention than my own, but that as long as possible to preserve the elegance and neatness of nail Polish, you need to follow some simple rules and know how to properly care for artificial nails. Therefore, we have prepared for you this article, which in the future will serve as a monument.

Preparation for the procedure

If you carefully watch your nails, the time to remove the cuticles, use care tools for nails manicure at home or visit a beauty salon, some special preparation is necessary. The only thing I want to note that last manicure should be done no later than two to three days before planting to artificial materials on fingernails.

Before extension, it is also not recommended for paraffin or to do a variety of masks and wraps with oil money, as our nails actively absorb and become saturated with oils, which can further affect the quality of adhesion of the artificial nail with his.

Not advisable to go for extension in the period of menstruation, pregnancy, during long-term use of antibiotics and hormones, or chemotherapy. It is forbidden to make the buildup of fungal infections of the nails, and in the presence of Allergy to materials used.

Select the most pleasing look, consider a design to come to the master with an idea. Length of artificial nails, especially if you have this procedure is new, should be comfortable, so you can easily get used to them and reduce the risk of damage. The same applies to forms of artificial nails, choose the most comfortable and familiar to you.

And last, choose for themselves the good masters, because for the most part it depends on whether beautiful manicure make you happy for long, or extended nails will fly away after a few days, and the money will just be wasted.

Care of artificial nails

In the first 24 hours after applying on your nails artificial materials may be present a feeling of tightness, but this is quite normal, after all, thus completing the polymerization process and the «shrinkage» of the material on your own nail plate. Quite a few days and someone couple of hours to «akin» with new nails and their length.

In order to preserve the attractiveness of your nails, you have to follow some rules from the first day of wear.

  1. During the first 24 hours after the procedure is not recommended to wet hands, swimming pools, saunas, is a long time in the cold or in the sun. This is due to the fact that the nails have not yet fully matured and is not stuck, and extremes of temperature or contact with water can stop them.
  2. If you suddenly came home, you started to confuse the form of artificial nails or one of them, then wait at least a day, and then correct the outlines of the special polishing or sanding with a nail file. In any case, do not bite off or cut off the edge of the nail clippers or scissors.
  3. Be careful. Although synthetic nails acrylic or gel times stronger than our own, but they have a limit to its resistance. Therefore, avoid significant mechanical forces on the nail, no need to chew on them, knock them on the table, dig in the nails, toothpicks or other objects. Cleaning and other household chores perform in rubber gloves, so as not to damage or break an artificial nail.
  4. Artificial nails can be painted with lacquer, but in the future not to use nail Polish remover containing acetone. If desired, you can apply the gel nail Polish on synthetic nails to create a glossy and bright nail Polish, but it should be understood that usual liquid this nail Polish is not washed off, and if you want to change the color of the nails, to remove such a nail will not be easy, you can damage the artificial nail, it is better to entrust it to a professional.
  5. Caring for acrylic nails is not much different from caring for gel nails, the only difference in the used for increasing resources. If the damage of the acrylic nail can be easily repaired even by yourself. Extensions gel nails look more natural and glossy, and quickly stiffen and harden under the action of ultraviolet light.
  6. Artificial nails not to steam, take a bath, and a variety of masks-wraps, and other treatments that we are accustomed to apply to their nails. The only thing not prohibited, the use of various creams or gels, vitamins and vegetable oils for cuticle care to soften and moisturize.
  7. An important and integral part of the care of gel nails? — periodic and timely correction. Correction of artificial nails involves dokladu source material on the regrown part of your own nail. The frequency of corrective procedures depends on the technology capacity and individual women, that is how fast her nails grow. Of course, apply to the master for professional correction should once in 3-4 weeks it will slightly change the shape of the nails, their length or design.
  8. And last, limitations on the time of wearing artificial nails no, we can expand and adjust as long as you want. But if you decide to take a short break, be sure to at this time spend a restorative and invigorating treatments for your own nails, make bath, massacci, use special medicated oils and creams.

Care for nail extensions is a snap, important to be cautious and careful in relation to them, not to injure and to use only quality media, and then stylish, high quality manicure will make you happy for as long as possible.

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