How to paint eyebrow pencil: all the secrets and subtleties

how to draw eyebrow pencil itselfEyebrows – this is not the last value line on her face, she gives the owner a certain nature and are part of the image. Even if you have mastered the ideal technique of eye makeup «smoky eyes», I learned many ways to draw arrows or to bring the lips, but still do not know how to draw eyebrows, makeup may look untidy or unfinished. Work on beautiful eyebrows includes proper correction and coloring. Today we will talk about how to paint eyebrow pencil.

Select the pencil

Is this a mechanical pencil or a pencil that requires additional sharpening, is not so important. But the color and softness to a cosmetic matter.

  • Color

Consider the shade of hair when the search of money than to paint the eyebrows every day. Choose a pencil of the same tone as your hair or a lighter tone. Even if you’re a brunette, very black pencil you probably won’t be. More beautiful eyebrows that are tinted with a pencil without red tide. It’s a gray or sand color for blondes, cool the chocolate for dark-haired girls, etc. There is an unspoken guideline in choosing the color tools eyebrow: it should be a tone lighter lashes and not darker hair.

  • Structure

Before you draw your eyebrows with a pencil, pay attention to its hardness. To draw the eyebrow pencil should be soft enough to allow adjusting the amount of pressure you could put different lines and strokes. However, the lead of the pencil should be well sharpened. In order to sharpen a pencil, hold it some time in the fridge to harden, then the probability that the stylus broken off.

Are defined with the form

pictures of eyebrows shapes

Mandatory and most important step before how to draw eyebrow pencil is correct. To pluck eyebrows using tweezers, threads, wax strips and other methods. About the shape of the eyebrows we mentioned in another article in this want more detail to address the question how to draw eyebrows with pencil, but nevertheless, remember the three reference points through which must pass your eyebrow:

  • The inner tip;

Armed with a pencil, brush or any other direct object, conditionally swipe a line from the wing of the nose to browney arc. The resulting point of intersection indicate any light pencil or remember, because all the hairs that are abroad in the direction towards the nose pull.

  • Breaking point;

Using the same direct object, draw an imaginary line between the wing of nose and edge of the iris, at the point of intersection with browney arc and will be the area of the eyebrow, that is its curvature.

  • The external area;

Swipe through the wing of the nose and the outer corner of the eyes, then this border of the eyebrow to draw and write not plucked should not be. But in this guide there is one caveat. The bending angle of the eyebrow plays an important role, and to determine the true direction of the external tip of the eyebrow, invented another trick. It is good to find a point on my cheekbone. It is a small hole near the ear, it starts zygomatic bone, and most often it coincides with the beginning of the hairline. Found that point? Now you know that the classic beautiful curve you should be in a straight line from the highest point of the eyebrows, the location of which we have already identified in the preceding paragraph, to the dimples.

Hence, slope of eyebrows, its beginning, end, and kink we have identified. It is also recommended to trim too long hairs regular nail scissors for a more manicured look. If you have already plucked the hairs, then nothing prevents to consider the main issue.

Draw eyebrows with pencil

To use the stencil as a most reliable tool. That is, of course, you can use the stencil to outline the main features and points of interest, but to draw the eyebrow better hand. And all because if you want to add a stencil on it to paint the eyebrow, it is likely that the second eyebrow you present it from a slightly different angle or slightly sliding to the side. As a result, the asymmetry will be the «face».

Properly put make-up eyebrow pencil will help you with the following tools:

  • Light pencil to outline the contours;
  • Brush for the application;
  • Pencil for drawing;
  • Gel or wax for styling.

And here are instructions on how to draw eyebrows with pencil step by step:

  1. Pencil pink, beige or white to mark the reference point of the eyebrows according to the scheme described above.
  2. The same light pencil draw a line below the expected eyebrow. Don’t be afraid to make this line wide, after coloring your eyebrows, it will need shade. So eyebrows will be brighter, and the eyes more open and expressive.
  3. Satelite the hairs of the eyebrows up, including the hairs outer corner of the eyebrow.
  4. Draw a line with pencil on the lower border of the eyebrow. This clear portrayal of the eyebrow should begin from the very beginning. To eyebrow makeup look natural, the inner edge should be doing a bit lighter than the middle and outer corner of the eyebrow. To more accurately determine where to draw eyebrows with the pencil in your straight line from the inner corner of the eye up to the intersection with browney arc.
  5. Then, holding the pencil and the hand at an angle to the face, the sharp tip of the pencil begin to fill in the gaps between the eyebrows, as if painting something missing hairs. This method allows naturally and beautifully to draw eyebrow pencil. However, just a few years ago the girls and the makeup artists used a little different technique.

Namely, they held a pencil the top line of the eyebrow, making it as clear as the bottom edge. Then filled the space in the middle and finish the inner edge of the eyebrow pencil, not too pressing. The region located closer to the nose, you need to carefully comb the brush towards the middle of the eyebrows, because, as we have said, the eyebrow looks more natural if the color goes from light to dark, as printed on the face of nature.

Actually the second method, how beautifully put make-up eyebrow pencil also has the right to life, but if you follow the trends, you better teach your hand to a more modern staining technique eyebrows.

  1. Fix hair wax or gel, combed them up. Gel you can also make the coloration less bright, if you, for example, overdo it with the color tool.
  2. After you managed to paint the eyebrows with pencil step by step, blend a bright line that you used as a reference point under the brow. If you find it difficult to blend it with a brush, use a small amount of powder, or concealer lighting.

To paint eyebrows for a long time in other ways, read about them here:

  • Henna /kak-pokrasit-brovi-hnoy/
  • Paint /kak-krasit-brovi/
  • Permanent makeup and permanent makeup /permanentnyiy-tatuazh-brovey/

Tips on how to use eyebrow pencil

First, try to perform all the steps in the instructions alternately for each eyebrow, so you will be able to fix asymmetry at any stage.

Second, don’t be afraid to adjust your eyebrow, proceeding from own needs. For example, after drawing the top line to 1 mm above, you will narrow slightly wide forehead. Or you can correct the problem of widely spaced eyes, progresiva eyebrows a little closer to each other. At the same time not get too carried away by drawing, and stick with natural shape and width of your eyebrows as a guide.

Thirdly, the question of what to paint the eyebrows: a pencil or shadow depends more on your skills and facilities. And so, and others means you can make invisible, and bright enough eyebrow makeup. Adjust the pressure of the pencil to obtain a specific shade. Shadows can be applied to clean skin, and then the coloring will be pale or eyebrows pre-treated with a wax or brow gel, and then their tone will be much brighter.

Fourth, than you can paint the eyebrows except for a pencil, to date, a wide range in each brand. It’s paint that lasts up to 3 weeks, and henna, eyeliner, and shadow. Experiment with different techniques and brands to find what suits you best.

If you liked the article or you have any questions about how to draw eyebrow pencil, leave comments below.

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