How to pluck eyebrows correctly and beautifully step by step instructions

Properly selected shape of the eyebrows – budget way to transform the appearance of any woman. Moreover, to carry out this procedure is possible even in house conditions, without resorting to the services of the master. Beautiful eyebrows make the face a more proportional and look more expressive. They will easily point out all advantages of your appearance and hide some flaws. The art of care for eyebrows may learn any girl, just know some rules.

Features of correction of eyebrows at home

As in the beauty salon to yourself to pluck eyebrows beautifully and correctly, you must:

  1. To pick the shape and length Brownell arc.
  2. Tweeze the hairs using one of the existing techniques.
  3. Processing cosmetic products.

How to pluck eyebrows? To contour use any convenient object like thin sticks, for example, a needle or a pencil. Place the stick so that one end is in contact with the wing of the nose, and the second with the inner corner of the eye – so you will define the start browney arc. Its completion is determined if a pipeline from the wing of the nose to the outer edge of the eye. So nice to bend the brow must attach a stick from the edge of the nose through the center of the eye pupil – this will be the place of refractive.

How to choose the correct form.

Correcting lines of eyebrows can dramatically change the face of, not only the best but also the worst side. So pull out the hairs should be required with regard to the shape of the face. Based on this, select the width brownish arcs. So, for a person with small, neat features not too big eyebrows, because they make the appearance of rough, ugly. Thick eyebrows are only the girls who have expressive features.

The shape of the eyebrows.

  • The oval face. Women of this type of appearance is to pluck eyebrows, concentrating them to the outer edge. If you want to soften facial features, making it more elongated, it is necessary to form a smooth curve on browney arc. The narrow face of a base video, not very thin eyebrows that will make it a bit rounder. If the jaw and cheekbones of the girl is symmetrical, and the chin massive, it is better to extend the eyebrow line using a pencil.
  • Round. The ideal option is a small crack on distance of 1/3 the length from the outside of the century and the classic arched shape of the eyebrows. A rounded face will make a high brow, reduced in thickness towards the rear part. However, too high lift brackets is not necessary if you don’t want to be constantly surprised. Excluded options of round forms – they are even more rounded outlines of the face.
  • Square. In this case it is important to form a graceful eyebrow shape to soften sharp features of the appearance. Girls with square face suitable elongated eyebrow raised part after bending. And to the end browney arc its width should decrease.
  • Triangular. Should form a smooth curve, slightly rounded shape and a small length of the eyebrows. The elongated bow will visually break the proportion of the face forms a «triangle».

Preparation for the procedure

To give brownim brackets to the desired shape it is necessary to have a mirror, eyeliner, tweezers (tweezers), antiseptic and cotton pads. Very important role played by proper lighting. Ideally, to adjust the contour of the eyebrow in the daylight, sitting by the window. Before you tweeze at home, you should know the basic rules of procedure:

Paint the eyebrows for better shape correction

  • Prepare the necessary tools, tweezers, antiseptic.
  • Wash hands with soap and water.
  • Clean the skin, washing your face with a soft cosmetic.
  • Moisten face with a nourishing cream, avoiding the area around the eyes.
  • The skin near the eyebrow apply a light, not greasy lotion. Blot the remnants of cotton pad.
  • If desired, color your eyebrows with a special paint – it will save the time spent daily on makeup, and make the image more vivid. Dark haired girls will suit the black paint, light brown to face brown eyebrow color.

The scheme of correction of eyebrows

The scheme of correction of eyebrows

  1. Mark with a pencil for the eyes, where it will be the beginning and end of eyebrows, gently move the contour.
  2. Comb a special brush or a clean mascara brush hairs in the direction of their growth.
  3. Proceed to the correction of the eyebrows using tweezers. Start with the bottom, grabbing the tweezers in one thread. Pull the skin century in the side and sudden jerk pluck the hairs.
  4. The first is to pluck the hairs that grow away from browney arc, directly after adjust the contour of the eyebrows.
  5. Don’t pluck too many hairs, otherwise your eyebrows will be very thin. Remove them gradually, leaving the opportunity to work on the symmetry of the brackets.
  6. The final stage of the procedure should be the treatment of the skin with antiseptic.

How to make perfect eyebrows: step by step instructions

A few lucky ones can boast of is expressed by the shape of the eyebrows, as a rule, often mixed types. How to pluck the hairs to create the perfect shape that visually balances out facial features and create a harmonious female image. At home the only available method of correction brownish arc – with tweezers and thread. Remove excess hair with wax or a razor blade can only be submitted by the master of beauty.

Eyebrow shaping «house»

Eyebrow shaping in the form

Many girls prefer trendy shape «house», but I think that to do it on their own is unrealistic. It is a misconception that this style is subject exclusively in the hands of experienced craftsmen. Any girl will be able to cope with this task, we need only to know a phased scheme of a selected shape. How to pluck eyebrows «house»?

  1. Mark where to place the internal dot browney arc, it will attach to the inner part of a century long pencil to contact with the wing of the nose. The external point is determined by applying a pencil from the wing of the nose to the outer corner of the eye. To obtain the correct curvature is possible by drawing a line from the same source point through the center of the pupil.
  2. Received point lightly mark with a pencil, Podrezova a desired shape, and start plucking the excess hairs.
  3. Stylists suggest tweeze exclusively the lower part of the hair without affecting the top, not to stimulate their growth. Brow hair (in the nose area) are subject to mandatory removal – so you make a facial expression open and kind.
  4. After the correction, in the area near the eyebrows should be treated with antiseptic and lubricated moisturizing cream. If the eyelids after the procedure to look swollen, attach them to an ice cube.

Hair removal without tweezers, using the thread

How to pluck eyebrows without tweezers? If you do not have tweezers to remove extra hairs on the face, you can use a simple thread. This method of hair removal has long enjoyed the beauties of India. Advantages of this method of correction of eyebrows is a quick and painless procedure. And, although the development of skills of plucking hairs with a thread, it takes some time after you will be happy to receive the experience.

  1. Cut the string about 60 cm in length, tie the knot, joining the ends (a circle). Wrap the thread around the fingers of both hands so that when arranged define a rectangle.
  2. Roll the middle of the thread 8 times, so that his hands formed the letter «X» and were facing each other. The middle filament is twisted.
  3. Narrow fingers of the right hand and on the left, on the contrary, rastopyrte. Keep the twisted part of the thread moved to the right hand. Then narrow down the fingers of his left hand, fingers extended on their right. Twisted thread will be moved to the left. Repeat this step until the thread will not start to move easily.
  4. The twisted part of the thread moves to the part of the person, which will lasipalatsi hairs. To grip hairs vity cut slowly glides along the eyebrows. When the hair gets in a knot thread, you need a sharp motion to pull it. For purposes of clarity, can find online online, how to pluck eyebrows with thread video.

How to pluck eyebrows painlessly

  • The duty of the eyebrows. To reduce painful sensations during the procedure, remove hairs first one side, then the other. Pluck a few hairs on one eyebrow, a few on the other so you give the skin a rest.
  • Move in the direction of growth. Pull back the skin of the eyelid to the side and grab hairs closer to the base.
  • Anesthesia ice. Before eyebrow correction attach them to ice cubes. It «freezes» the skin, significantly reducing pain.
  • Use baby gel teething. Apply an anesthetic to the skin area around Brownell arc, hold it for a few seconds and wipe. The skin is a little zanimaet that will allow you to pull out the hairs completely painless.

Video tutorials: how to pluck eyebrows

The beauty of the modern woman consists of many things – beautiful makeup, healthy skin, well-matched hair. All of the tools and techniques to grooming form a special mosaic of the female image. One of the most important parts of this puzzle is the beautiful shape of the eyebrows. How to determine the best type brownii arcs in accordance with his looks? Looking at the proposed video you will learn all the nuances of proper plucking eyebrows at home.

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