How to properly and beautifully to pluck eyebrows

to tweeze theProperly designed eyebrows can give the look of expressiveness and even a bit to adjust to facial features. However, the question how to pluck eyebrows the most, won’t leave the girls, even if they regularly do this procedure at home. Whether you are planning to tweeze for the first time or already have some experience in this lesson, you will be useful for this article.

How to choose the form

First, let’s say that there are several main forms of the eyebrows, which should be selected, based on their facial contours. Even if you saw a gorgeous eyebrow on the face of a celebrity or just a counter girl, do not rush to copy them myself. Perhaps the result will be nothing like you expected. Partially perfect eyebrows for us, nature has thought of everything, but there are exceptions. So, before you tweeze at home, decide the best form.

  1. Round

This form is not suitable for girls with a round face oval. Best of all it looks great on a square face, because visually smooths the corners. Just remember that you will not do thin eyebrows thread. Not only that, it was true over 10 years ago, thin and round eyebrows look awful.

  1. Broken

This option is suitable for almost any face, all are determined by the particular burglary, the length of the outer tip of the eyebrow and lift. To know how to pluck eyebrows house, it is recommended that each girl with a round face shape, because visually you «sharpen» the lines of your face (use a fairly high instep and a small tip).

  1. Curved

This eyebrow shape differs from the polyline, smooth rotation is very smooth. We can say that it is a cross between a round and a broken eyebrow. It fits the triangular face.

  1. Video

Plucking eyebrows in a straight line suggest to do to those girls who have oval and oblong face. Especially if you have naturally their eyebrows are fairly straight.

The answer to the question, how to adjust the eyebrows, could not be found until, until you select a suitable shape of the eyebrows. It is also influenced by the hairline, the location and shape of the eye, brownie arc, etc. If you are just beginning to master the technique of how to pluck eyebrows, the easiest way is to consult a specialist of makeup, they usually have a service of correction and coloring eyebrows. If you like the result, in the future you will be able to return to the desired form. When choosing a master, pay attention to his eyebrows. Of course, they must have a pleasant appearance, and like you.

The proportions of the eyebrow


In the absence of a stencil or cookie cutters to deal with the length and curve of the eyebrow is not difficult, for this there are universal laws devised by makeup artists. They need to read to anyone who wants to know how to pluck eyebrows at home.

  1. The inner edge of the eyebrow (point closer to the nose)

To find the beginning of the eyebrows is not difficult to draw a straight, perpendicular to the floor, along the extreme points of the wing of the nose, to do this, use any direct object: a ruler, pencil, in extreme cases, their own palm. At the intersection of straight line and arc browney make a mark – this will be the beginning of your eyebrows.

  1. The highest point (middle)

Using the same direct object, connect the wing of the nose and the iris of the eye. The place where the received video browney crosses the arc is the inflection point for the eyebrow.

  1. The outer point of the eyebrow

A straight line connect the wing of the nose and outer corner of the eye. At the intersection with browney arc indicate the end of the eyebrow.

So using the means at hand and a mirror can cleverly identify the main points of your ideal eyebrow shape.

Remedies for eyebrow correction

The most popular tool is, of course, tweezers. But what about those who he for some reason does not fit or simply not at hand how to pluck eyebrows without tweezers?

  1. Thread

This method is especially popular in salons, but some, with practice, easily repeat it at home. The waxed thread is to thank the Eastern women, so widely distributed, and all because he has a lot of advantages:

  • After the regular removal of excess hair, they become a weak, faded, or even disappear altogether.
  • In contrast to the work with tweezers after pluck eyebrows with thread you will notice on the skin of pimples and inflammation.
  • Plus the obvious removal of unwanted hair with a thread is cheap. You don’t need anything other than regular cotton yarns.
  • This method is very fast in comparison with the delicate work of forceps, where you need to pay attention to each thread.
  • If you learned how to pull the eyebrows with a thread, you can forget about ingrown hairs!

However, it is worth noting that removing hairs and thread does not apply to methods as painless tweeze eyebrows. Especially painful it may seem the first procedure. For the first time it is better to use tweezers or other tools.

How to pluck eyebrows with thread

So, instructions on how to pluck eyebrows with thread at home:

  1. Wash off the makeup from the area where you plan to work.
  2. Degrease the skin using any alcohol-containing liquid.
  3. Cut a piece of thread with a length of 30-50 cm, tie the ends with each other to make a circle of thread.
  4. Insert your fingers in the circle of yarn, and turn several times in a loop resembling a figure eight.
  5. Holding the loop on both sides of the thumb and index finger, smykala and razmukaite fingers of each hand alternately. Practise this movement because they will you remove the hairs.
  6. Bring the thread to the unwanted hairs forked part of the loop. Moving his fingers, and slip the knot in the direction of the hairs you want to remove. This knot will grab the hair and pull them against the grain.
  7. After the procedure, wipe the skin and eyebrow by any antiseptic. Also it would be good to put a cooling gel, it will reduce inflammation and soothe the skin.

This is one of the simplest home methods how to pluck eyebrows if there are no tweezers.

  1. Wax

This method is suitable for strong girls, which are characterized by their accuracy, because one awkward movement can lead to fatal eyebrow effects. A good wax to remove the hairs around your eyebrows, delicate work can not be hold. After the wax will still have to use a pair of tweezers.

  1. Wax strips

Softer and more gentle alternative to wax – strips, which sell a large number. Choose wax strips for sensitive skin or specifically for the face. They are perfect for areas with excessive volosistogo, which is difficult and long handle tweezers. Not to say that the wax strips is a 100% method to pluck my eyebrows doesn’t hurt, but the sharp withdrawal of the strips many prefer more than methodically pulling away.

Tips, how to pluck eyebrows at home

how to pluck eyebrows

Even successfully mastered the technique of removing unwanted facial hair does not guarantee that you will like the result. Some of the nuances will allow you to make the procedure more efficient, convenient and not noticeable.

  1. Adjust the shape of the eyebrows gradually. Pull 2-3 of the hair, then take a look at your reflection, maybe even take another class, compare both sides of the face, and only then continue. Do not rush if you don’t want to see an unexpected reflection in the mirror.
  2. If you are using the tweezers, pluck one hair, so you get little or no pain to tweeze.
  3. Use stencil that is pre-purchased sample for eyebrows. They are sold in stores sets, where various, the most common forms. However, it should not be done by the stencil. Apply it to the eyebrows periodically to verify the result, but still adjust the form of their own, and not rely on him one hundred percent. This is due to the fact that you can do the one eyebrow very well, and on the other side attach the stencil, shifted a couple of millimeters or degrees. Of course, asymmetry will face.
  4. So how to pluck eyebrows at home you need to prepare in advance, draw the contour of the desired result with a pencil or shadows. So it will be easier to remove extra sections of hair.
  5. If you have to first conduct the correction of eyebrows, and you care about does it hurt to pluck eyebrows for the first time insure themselves with ice cubes. If before the pulling of the hair RUB the skin under the eyebrows with ice, it will become less sensitive. In the following procedures you can do without it, because each time they will be less painful for you, but first the ice was perfectly rescued!
  6. Those who are especially sensitive to pain, and can not endure the pulling of hairs on the eyebrows, you should procure a local analgesic. It is sold in the form of creams, gels and even napkins, they significantly reduce the pain from the procedure.

Remember that beauty requires sacrifice, but if you know some secrets, you can reduce the discomfort to a minimum!

Leave comments with your questions and tips on how to pluck eyebrows at home.

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