How to choose a perfume?

how to choose a perfumeThe right scents can position you to companion, the unpleasant smell will probably repel. It is not surprising that today there are a huge number of spirits, and their number is increasing. Each person has a natural scent due to the pheromones. So it is very important to know how to find the fragrance that expresses your own scent and style.

The types of spirits

First, let’s define the most basic concepts. Perfume is the most concentrated and therefore the most expensive composition. Perfume aromatic components is about 15-30%, the rest is ethanol. Most often they are sold in small volumes, and they have no spray. Stick on the body of the perfume longer.

Eau de Parfum (indicated on the packaging as eau de parfum) – the following concentration of the kinds of flavors. The aromatic composition is 12-15%. They hold the body during the day.

Toilet water (eau de toilette) contains even less of the odor, namely up to 10%. It is recommended to carry toilet water, as the scent disappears after 3 hours.

Well, the once popular eau de Cologne has the lowest concentration of fragrance, and is used mostly for men.

So, if the choice of perfume depends more on your financial situation, then the question of how to choose the right perfume based entirely on your literacy and awareness in this topic.

How to choose a perfume: fragrances

There are different classifications of scents. The separation of families, the novice may seem too complex, because according to them, there are 14 types, each of which includes multiple flavors.

Talk about the most common classification of fragrances.

  1. Floral perfume

For women who want to impress a model and a romantic person, this fragrance is perfect for you. If today you are in the mood to be feminine, light and sensual, feel free to use this fragrance.

  1. Citrus

Suitable perfume with a citrus fragrance for women, full of energy and vitality. They are able to invigorate and delight throughout the day. It is believed that a person’s character is not the last factor to consider before buying a perfume. So here’s the citrus scent will suit extroverts, people are sociable and cheerful.

  1. The fruit flavors

They are suitable for warm seasons and a playful mood. Fruity fragrances are usually mixed with the floral, such a composition charges at the tantalizing and easy behavior.

  1. Fresh

This fragrance is suitable rather than for Dating, and for active walking or sports. It is refreshing and invigorating, especially in summer. Well suited perfume with its fresh fragrance for women who prefer a sporty lifestyle and clothing.

This can be attributed to marine scents, and the smell of clean, ocean, mountains. They are optimal to work, as likable his perfection.

  1. Oriental

What does Oriental perfume? In other words, it’s all shades of Oriental fragrances. They may be suitable for both men and women. This includes compositions with wood, rose, vanilla, cinnamon, amber, Jasmine, resins, etc. Dense aroma more suited to introverts. If you are a lover of the East: ornaments, food, culture, and other manifestations of this culture, you may like to come and Oriental fragrance. It’s not exactly gentle perfume, on the contrary, they are associated with passion and mystery.

  1. Spicy

The fragrances based on clove, cardamom, pepper, cinnamon, etc. are able to produce the impression of comfort and warmth. They go well with rainy or cold weather. For example, perfect for a family hike in the cafe.

Professionals advise before you choose a perfume, first to imagine the appearance and the aroma of a man based on his behavior and character. Ideally, perfume should complement your style and character and not engage them in argument.

For example, for the famous personalities of the perfumers can pre-choose a perfume even remotely. Of course, this does not mean that you should make a purchase based solely on their ideas about the person because the body aroma can unfold quite differently.

An important factor is that the fragrance is 100 percent like the person for whom it is intended. Even if you know all about how to choose perfume, and choose a bottle, in accordance with the instructions, but he could not will delight and inspire, it’s probably still not your flavor.

Secrets to applying perfume

Few know how to choose the right perfume, you can easily «break» the fragrance, using it incorrectly.

  • Spirits can not RUB on the skin

Some people apply perfume on one shoulder, and then wipe it on another. Another common technique is to apply perfume on the neck behind the ear and RUB into the skin. To do this is absolutely impossible, because you have to destroy the scent.

  • Perfume is best applied on the skin, not on clothes

Experts advise to use perfume, even immediately after taking a shower, explaining that so you set the mood of the whole day. Subconsciously you will pick out more suitable clothes, makeup and leave the house in good spirits.

  • Synthetic fabrics do not hold flavor

Even if you are aware of how to choose a perfume for himself, and poured half the bottle of your favorite fragrance on synthetics, soon the smell will be gone. Natural fabrics hold the scent better, but, as we have said, the best option is to apply perfume on the skin.

  • A cloud of perfume

For best distribution of flavor through the body and a light trail when moving suggest spraying the perfume in front of you and then quickly go to this «cloud».

  • The point of application of perfume

The previous style of use of perfume may seem wasteful. In this case we offer you to remember points on the body where it is most efficient to apply perfume. That is where there are veins: the wrist, the carotid artery on the neck, fold of the elbows and knees, ankles. Do not neglect the lower half of the body, because the flavor is always moving up. At the same time, will not be felt that you overdid the perfume.

  • Don’t ruin the flavor

Perfume in no case does not replace a shower. Applying perfume on a dirty body or dirty hair, chances are you will get unpleasant result: over time the secret of your skin in contact with the spirits will change the flavor for the worse.

  • Emergency measures

If the question is, how to choose perfume for you is still open, we recommend you to try perfume with pheromones and aphrodisiacs. They are designed to attract others, especially the opposite sex, because it is nothing like imitation substances secreted by animals to contact with other members of the species. Of course, this fragrance is better to pick with an expert, but you can surrender to the power of her own feelings.

  • Buy any perfume in mind

Going to the store in search of a perfect fragrance, remember that this shopping experience also has its own rules.

First, it is better to buy a perfume alone, so you don’t follow the opinions of others and begin to trust more to their taste.

Second, to splash perfume on paper is not enough. For the evaluation of fragrance you need to apply it to your wrist and to assess for the first time in 10 minutes.

Thirdly, during one trip to the store does not have to smell more than 3-4 scents. Even if the store is coffee pot, which is designed to bring down the flavor, your scent will be complicated. If today you could not choose your scent, come back another time.

Fourth, for a hike in the perfume shop it is your mood and food! You should not choose a fragrance on an empty or too full stomach and in a bad mood. Otherwise another day this fragrance can produce for you a totally different experience.

If you have your own secrets about how to choose perfume for yourself or a friend, leave them in the comments below.

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