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how to paint your nails with two or more colors photosPlain nails are boring and uninteresting. The modern woman wants every detail of her image was admired and was the object of attention. A special role in the creation of the image plays the correct nail Polish. To beautify your nails a beautiful design, and their possessor to make a neat and trendy, it is easier to visit a nail salon. However, not always is a few hours to spare, or desire to visit it. Therefore, every woman should know how to paint your nails. And our article will help you learn some of the secrets of successful nail Polish, and here we will look at some unusual and original ideas for decorating nails at home.

How to paint your nails?

Before painting your nails, you need to prepare your nails for the procedure, because this will depend on the overall impression made manicure. The stage of preparation for applying the varnish includes:

  • making the required shape of the nails and length;
  • treatment of periungual rollers;
  • soften and remove cuticles;
  • grinding of nails are needed to nail was kept as long as possible;
  • the application of a protective coating, firming or soothing agent, at least your regular clear nail Polish.

So, now we will consider algorithm of actions how to paint your nails at home.

  1. When all nogotochki processed, have the same length and shape, initially, experts recommend to degrease the nails with a special fluid or just a tool for removing the varnish, thereby we will increase the grip of the nails with the future cover.
  2. Then, gently in a single layer, it is necessary to apply a base coat it protects the nail plate from the adverse effects of decorative lacquer and will hide all the bumps and roughness of the surface of the nail. Basic coverage you can select any firm and with a variety of useful components in the composition, just important to be transparent and not influenced the hue of the base coating.
  3. So the base coat has completely dried up, and now comes the most creative and interesting stage in creating the perfect manicure is to apply a colour nail Polish. And here it is important to apply varnish on the nails, to prevent the emergence of bubbles, gaps, and other errors.

How to neatly paint your nails. We paint nails at home photosThe color of the nail colour varnish should be about 3 bar, do not try to paint the whole nail in one stroke, the paint will fall unevenly and formed gaps. First, put the brush in the middle of the nail, stepping back a few millimeters from the cuticle, paint a strip in the middle, then make a few strokes on the sides to paint the entire nail plate, then a neat sliding movements paint the root base of the nail. All movements must be fast enough and sure to varnish in the process did not have time to dry. After the first layer has dried up, about 4-5 minutes. similarly you can apply a second coat if necessary. Too many layers to overlay not necessary, because the varnish will begin to crack and appear chipped.

  1. In the end, after drying the last layer apply a layer of fixing means, this can be a special Polish for a long wearing manicure or plain clear coating to create a shiny glossy effect.
  2. Girls who have just started to learn skill carefully paint the nail yourself, as well as ladies with experience, don’t have to worry if suddenly the drops of dye got on the cuticles or skin. These unnecessary defects can be easily removed using a cotton swab dipped in liquid varnish remover, or carefully scrape with a toothpick, if smears or drops too small. Also for this purpose are sold special pencils — correctors, to gently eliminate «mistakes».

And yet, I would like to share some of the nuances and secrets of how nice and simple to paint your nails and go get a manicure longer:

  • Use only high-quality paints, be sure to check the expiration date;
  • Before painting your nails, wash your hands with soap and water, and prepare your «working» place, it should be well lit and comfortable;
  • Lacquer should not be too thick, thick Polish can be thinned with a special tool;
  • Before coating, heat the varnish in the palm of your hand or gently shake until the color became homogeneous and it went all the bubbles;
  • After creating a fresh manicure, try at least a half hour not to engage in any household chores.

Learn how to paint nails exactly quite simply just need a great desire, a little patience and frequent practice.

How to paint your nails in two colors

how to paint your nails with two colors photo

Solid coating with time can get bored, want something new, unusual. Therefore, among women is becoming increasingly popular two-tone manicure. But, few know how to paint your nails with two colors, still need to know how to change the color, saturation, density, heat and other aesthetic characteristics.

The combination of colors on the nails — a science for the creative mind, and we will gladly offer you several options for dual nail design.

  • The moon manicure or it is also called a reverse French. This style of the nail when the hole is made in one color and the main surface of the other contrasting shade. Winner looks a combination of red with gold or silver hole and blue with gold or black with blue, more classic option if the hole is white and the main color is pink or another shade of pastel. When creating such a design, most important thing is to paint your nails near the cuticle, ie, to stress the hole, you can use the special brush or buy special nail Polish to decorate the nails.
  • Gradient. This style is making a smooth transition from one color to another. In this style you can paint your nails with a sponge or small sponge. Pre-need to level surface to pour a certain amount of different colored polishes and a toothpick to mix the border gradient color. Then a small piece of sponge should be wet and slowly put the fill on the nail. Gradient you can create not only two colors, use more shades, depending on the length of your nails and your desire to impress others.

Be sure to look at the following video how to do a manicure with color transition:

Now you know how to paint your nails beautiful at home, and not have to wait for the records or choose the time to go to the master in salon, all your ideas can be implemented independently. Search for new combinations, experiment and make your nails new fashionable ideas manicure.

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Maybe you have ways to paint your nails beautiful, share your thoughts in the comments, how to emphasize their femininity and originality through exclusive manicure.

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