How beautifully put make-up nails

Well-groomed hands have always been considered the hallmark of any women and girls. In order for your manicure looked like from the picture, you should know a few rules of nail care and how to beautifully color your nails selected varnish. Fashion trends offer options with paint in two or more colors, prints and patterns, acrylic coatings, which are kept up to a month. About all read more.

How beautiful and properly paint nails

Unusual manicure

Ways to do a manicure yourself so much that it is impossible to list them all, sure some will miss. However, the rules for the preparation of the hands for the procedure and coating the same. Before you proceed to the coating process of the nail plate varnish, make sure that you have gone through all the preliminary stages and the result of applying varnish you’ll have a perfect manicure, which can only be compared with salon treatment manicure.

Before you open the packaging with colored lacquer, you must remove the old paint, to give form, to align the plate to remove the cuticle and in the end have to handle the skin nourishing oils:

  • For removing old coatings, try to choose high-quality tools without the content of acetone.
  • The shape of the nails attached with nail file. Each for himself determines what kind of this tool more convenient to use at home.
  • To align the entire surface is also used saw. A more convenient method is the device for manicure with a special nozzle, which in minutes will make the plate perfectly flat without damage.
  • Rake to remove very carefully using tongs or a special trimmer, which is often included in a manicure set.
  • Handle the skin with necessary oils of plant origin (apricot, almond, olive) or special creams.

As gently put the nail

The first thing to note – before applying any kind of Polish necessary to cover the nail plate transparent basis, especially for nail Polish for a child. Not only does it protect your nails from the harmful effects of the coating, but will also allow him to stay much longer, with no chipping or. Once again not to think about how exactly to paint your nails, there are simple instructions for applying nail Polish, step by step:

  1. Back off 3-4 mm from the base of the nail, draw a centre line to the tip of the plate with a brush and varnish.
  2. From the same point spend another line to the tip of the nail, but filling one of the sides.
  3. Repeat step with other side.
  4. Complete the procedure that draw a horizontal line through the tip of the nail, thereby fixing the varnish.
  5. Allow the coating to dry yourself, or use a Hairdryer to speed up the process.

Gel Polish

Versions of the drawings gel Polish

Shellac is a new way to give your nails a new look, while maintaining it for up to 1 month. The coating is so stable, you won’t see chips or cracks, and color gel Polish continue to the end of the socks. If you don’t know how to apply shellac, you need a user manual above, the only difference is that the drying takes place under UV lamp, the light of which in just a few seconds causes the coating to harden.

A simple varnish

Buying nail Polish, choose quality manufacturer otherwise you risk to use obscure paint manufacturing. Also, lucky famous brands easily, smoothly applied. You’ll never question how beautiful to paint their nails. They allow longer to enjoy the result of this manicure. Good coverage is often more harmless than their cheaper counterparts. Brushes for the application also have a certain form, which contribute to a more smooth and quick application.

The combination of colors on the nails

In recent time, the girls often choose a multi-colored manicure. This trend is already firmly established in the fashion world, so the most famous brands specially produce sets of nail Polish that you thought about what colors look better together. There are several types of combination coatings that will help in the question how to paint your nails with two colors:

  • contrast: yellow with purple, red with blue, etc.;
  • monochrome combination of shades of colors such as pink with pale pink;
  • related: similar colors, e.g., blue, green, orange, red, etc.

The combination of white and black color

When choosing colors do not forget to consider your wardrobe. If you are doing a manicure for a specific toilet, then try to make it not distracting from the whole color spectrum or let the color choice of some individual accessories- handbag, scarf, bracelet and the like. Dark colors are ideal for the cold season, while the bright, rich, warm tones will look great in spring and summer.

Video: how to make beautiful manicure at home

A manicure itself is not hard, especially when you have video lessons from the best masters of their craft, where is described stage by stage process. Adhering to all guidelines of the video tutorial will show you how to neatly paint your nails near the cuticle and how to paint short nails, and others. Pictures of designs will help you quickly determine the choice of color or style, and you will see how to correctly paint your nails in different colors. A little patience, and you will start to receive.

Easy manicure

Neatly and evenly at the cuticle

On short nails

Beautiful nails

Ideas manicure

Two-tone nail art

Drawing with lace

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