How to paint lip pencil and lipstick

Tips for lip makeup

Secrets of lip makeupBefore we talk about how to paint the lips, it is worth noting that this part of the face is neglected by many when applying makeup. Actually with makeup can adjust the shape of the lips, to make them more lush and attractive. So if you wondered how beautiful lipstick, and got on our article, you have already made the step to mastering the secrets of makeup.

Preparation of lips

Not enough to properly apply lipstick and pencil for lips, the makeup will look beautiful only when the skin on your lips has a smooth surface without peeling. Read about the main causes of peeling skin on the lips. So, first, if you have the habit to nibble your lips, immediately get rid of it!

Second, before makeup, you need to spend peeling lips, especially if you are going to use a matte lipstick. The easiest peeling before right lipstick, includes sugar and base oil. Lubricate the finger with olive or any other oil, dip it in sugar and in front of the mirror carefully RUB your lips with this structure. So you will be able in advance to get rid of any imperfections on the surface of the lips.

Thirdly, after the scrub is necessary to lubricate lips with a moisturizing balm. This is necessary in order to calm the skin after the second paragraph and to make it even softer and more perfect.

As a lipstick pencil and lipstick

After finishing a secondary (but equally important) stages, you can move on to the coloring process of the lips. You will need a pencil for the lip contour and… in principle, this can be a list to finish, because with a pencil you can perform beautiful lip makeup, but we’ll show you fully way how to draw lips, so I have to stock up and

  • Powder;
  • Large powder brush;
  • Lipstick;
  • Conventional paper or oil blotting sheets;
  • Make-up base;
  • Lip brush;
  • Cotton swab;
  • White pencil or light concealer;
  • Lip gloss (if desired).

Shade of lipstick and pencil pick, based on what suits you, your color type and the intended image. Just below we will show that if you stock up two shades: light and dark, to lipstick, to make them look bigger.

Another rule: if you want to get enough solid lip pencil pick a color to the lipstick or slightly darker.

So, step by step plan for makeup looks like this:

  1. Applying your makeup on the lips

This step is optional, but it will increase the stability and wear time of makeup. It is also possible instead of base on your lips concealer light movements of the fingers.

  1. Coating powder

This step also brings us closer to applying color, and contributes to the sustainability of further makeup applied. Before lipstick pencil and lipstick, apply powder or blush brush a thin barely visible layer.

  1. Stroke the outline with a pencil

The question how to paint lips with a pencil that worries many girls, but to learn enough to know a few rules.

  • The line put the pencil should not be too narrow, otherwise you run the risk of visually reduce the lips.
  • The upper lip is easier to draw, since drawing a tick on the center, then moving to the edges; down the lower lip from center to the edges.
  • After you have applied a clear pencil line on the lips, it is a bit of a smudge brush, bringing the color inside the lips, or more to shade the edges of the lip pencil. It is possible to shade the lip pencil entirely, pulling the smile to color located maximally homogeneous. At this stage the lips are tempting, isn’t it?
  • Out of the lips, but only a little, maximum 1-2 mm. Thus it is possible to increase and decrease the volume of the lips visually. In General, to go beyond natural contours is an extreme measure. There are other ways to tint the lips to make them look complete: for example, the 3D effect using two colors of lipstick, which will be discussed below.
  • Apply lip contour with a sharp tip of a pencil, keeping the pencil perpendicular to the lips, and edge – side.
  • To avoid asymmetry of the lips drawn, first draw a tick on the upper lip, then draw on three points of this triangle straight lines down, you’ll have a semblance of a bow. Please note that the sides of the bow were exactly the same, otherwise final result will not be symmetrical. Then on the lower lip, draw a horizontal line along the length coincides with the «bow» and move the corners of his mouth to the planned lines short but confident strokes of the pencil.

When you are finished with a contoured pencil, proceed to the next step and arm themselves with lipstick or gloss.

  1. Apply the lipstick

The sequence of staining of the lipsFill in all the gaps with a lipstick or gloss and apply it over the pencil across the surface. Use any convenient tool for applying: the case of the lipstick, finger, brush, cotton swab, etc., but the corners of the lips better to paint it with a thin brush to not accidentally go over their limits. Even if you have no desire or means to purchase a specialty brush for the lips, you can buy in the art store oval flat brush with which you will be comfortable to work with.

Important tip, how to paint lipstick, lies in the fact that the brush must fully lie on the lips, then the lipstick will be placed on the lips of a smooth uniform layer.

  1. The consolidation of the first layer

This is true only for those who does makeup on the lips lipstick, not gloss. You will need a thin paper napkin. Touch it to your lips and palms a little squeeze to remove excess glitter lipstick. Re-powder my lips through the cloth. Just apply the cloth to the lips and brush powder on top sprinkle a bit. The napkin will protect your lips from loss of color, but at the same time small cracks will allow the powder to leak out and increase the matte effect.

  1. Apply a second layer

You need to re-work lipstick, and pencil to strengthen the color.

  1. Applying concealer on the lip line

This point is particularly important if you want to use for lips red. A thin layer of concealer, swipe along the lip line with a brush. So, the lines will become clearer and it is very important for lip makeup.

How to paint the lips to make them look bigger

As we have already mentioned, visually make the lips more plump, and not going beyond them, though sometimes this method has the right to life. Next we will look at how to paint thin lips.

Quirk # 1. Draw a tick on the white lip pencil, a light shadow or highlighter. Draw a line with a pencil, approaching the tips of the lips, but not reaching them. Repeat the same with the lower lip. Thoroughly blend the pencil or tool is used to leave only a trace, not a clear line. This action will make the lips more plump.

How to make lip makeupQuirk # 2. If you want to make your lips plumper, you need to learn how to paint lip gloss, the gloss gives the lips volume.

Quirk # 3. Use two shades: dark and lighter of the same color. Make a dark outline and the outer edge of the lips, and a light stain in the middle.

Quirk # 4. When applying the lipsticks come in a bit on the internal mucous surface of the lips. First, it will add to their volume, and secondly, when talking lip line will not stand out.

Quirk # 5. Add the amount of lip possible on flat terrain», that is, in places where there is no bending. These are the lines emanating from the corners of the lips. Pririsoval here a couple of extra mm pencil, this will not be noticeable.

«Make friends» with a good lip makeup is quite easy, if you get the hand. If you still have questions about how to draw lips with pencil or paint their lipstick, leave them in the comments below.

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