How to paint eyebrows paint

How to paint eyebrows paintNot only as women’s edge: and a Crescent moon, and a bird and ribbon. Beautiful, expressive, correct eyebrow shape, make the face more clean and fresh, I emphasize the depth of the eyes, and give the image a finished look. If they do not require daily care and coloring, it is altogether the dream of every woman. To from day to day re-draw the eyebrows, you can paint eyebrows paint at home. This procedure will bring beautiful, long-lasting result that in the future it will be necessary only occasionally to maintain the shape of eyebrows and sometimes to freshen up the paint. Today we will tell you how to paint eyebrows paint, which kasashima substance to prefer, and how often you can repeat the procedure. We read and remember.

What better way to paint the eyebrows

To independently perform the procedure for the eyebrows, you will need to buy in a beauty shop specials. paint for eyebrows and eyelashes. Carefully check the packaging of the purchased assets, goods must be certified and are designed solely for use on the face.

Theoretically, of course, you can dye your eyebrows with hair dye, but the fact that it contains in a much more aggressive chemical. compounds, and can negatively affect the delicate and thin skin. So if you do not want is a bright well-groomed eyebrows to the inflamed, reddened skin, not worth the risk.

If you want to dye your eyebrows for a long time, there are more gentle and productive methods, such as permanent make-up or coloring eyebrows with henna. But not red, as many might think, but a very natural brown color. Henna is a natural and eco-friendly dye, and so it will not damage your Brovko. On the contrary, professionals sometimes recommend this tool for those who do not grow hairs, but there is a desire to grow, to create new forms. So, if you are looking for a means how to paint eyebrows at home, the safest way will be to opt for a henna brown or a darker shade.

What kind of paint to paint the eyebrows? Choose a paint color based on the image

If you decide to carry out the procedure of dyeing eyebrows at home, then you need to seriously approach the choice of coloring tools. The color scheme of these small tools, paint for the eyebrows can be brown, black or gray.

In the selection of individual shade, craftsmen adhere to the following rules: eyebrows the dark-haired girls should be about 3 shades lighter, and the blonde 3 tones darker.

Paint for the eyebrows black color will be appropriate only for brilliant brunettes. Brunette, redhead, blondes, and girls with natural shades of hair it is best to stay on the brown paint. If you are the typical aristocratic pale or completely colorless, pale or gray brows, then you may come and grayish colors.

To achieve a certain color of paint for eyebrows or saturation, adjusting the duration of the painting.

How to paint eyebrows paint at home

Do not rush immediately to smear paint on eyebrows, once came from the store. You must choose the most convenient form of the eyebrows and highlight it with a pencil to eliminate the asymmetry. When the desired form is chosen, remove with tweezers all the excess hairs, and disinfect the skin with alcohol-cosmetics (tonic or lotion). To manipulate it is not necessary directly before painting, as the paint can get into the micro wounds and cause irritation. So prepare your eyebrows before the procedure at least a day.

To begin the procedure, carefully read the instructions on how to use paint for the eyebrows, and observe it clearly.

Despite the fact that almost all producers of paints in the instructions for use write beautifully, what their composition dyes as soft and indulgent, to believe in the words still not worth it. Before applying to eyebrows, test the paint on a lack of allergic reactions, on the wrist.

Well, now you can move on to the procedure long-term staining.

  1. Prepare all the necessary tools and accessories (usually they are already included with the paint), it’s a small container, a brush or applicator (if the absence can be customized cotton swabs), gloves, vaseline or other cream fatter, napkins.
  2. Clean and dry the face.
  3. On the skin around the eyebrows, apply the cream.
  4. With a brush or applicator, apply a thick layer of coloring composition on eyebrows and leave it on for 5-15 minutes, depending on the result you want to obtain.
  5. At the end of time, remove the leftover paint from the eyebrows cotton pad and wash your face with water. If the paint still left their mark somewhere on the skin, you should immediately remove it with a means for removing waterproof mascara.

The result should make you happy. Paint high quality will last you on the flanks. Now do not need every morning to touch up, or worried about your makeup while in the pool or bath.

If even after our detailed instructions, you feel unsure and afraid to experiment on his own with his face, will be written to the master, and see how to paint eyebrows in the salon, then you will surely be able to carry out colouring, not afraid to make mistakes, because you’ve seen what makes a professional.

How often can paint eyebrows paint

Forward-looking women often wonder is it harmful to paint eyebrows paint. The experts on this issue are similar in opinion that it is not recommended to dye eyebrows and eyelashes more than once a month, because otherwise disturbances may occur in the structure of the hair, they can become loose and start falling out.

Also, don’t forget to strengthen and nourish eyelashes and eyebrows vitamins. Brush or cotton swab, periodically applied on hair with olive, castor or peach oil. Details about the usage of castor oil, read on here /kastorovoe-maslo-dlya-brovey/ Today in drugstores and ready oil remedies with vitamins to strengthen the eyelashes and eyebrows.

You learned how to paint eyebrows paint and probably now your eyebrows will always be bright and expressive. If you have any questions, ask and share experiences and impressions about the work done in the comments.

All of love and beauty!

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