How to moisturize body skin, scalp, face

how to moisturize the skinSufficient hydration helps the skin to remain lovely and shining. Thanks to the hydration the skin will always be smooth, radiant and shiny. If it lacks moisture, the skin begin to appear premature wrinkles, she is lethargic and irritable. How to moisturize the skin?

How to moisturize your hands?

The skin on the hands more than other body areas prone to dryness. Quite often it lacks moisture so that the hands are exposed to water, chemicals and other adverse factors. The street is also protected from wind and sunlight. Thanks to all this, the skin requires much moisture, or it becomes flabby and wrinkled.

Hydration of the hands is quite effective. To obtain a positive result, it is essential that all the necessary procedures to do regularly and efficiently. How to moisturize dry skin? To help in this case can come the usual olive or sunflower oil. They lubricate the hands, allow to penetrate, and then hand wipe with a soft cloth or tissue paper to remove excess oil. After the procedure the hands can not be wet for 2 hours.

the hydration for the skin at home

Hydration of the skin is carried out perfectly and with the help of special mixtures.

  • Between a mix of the following ingredients: cheese, parsley juice, fish oil. The resulting mixture is put on the skin and lasts about half an hour.
  • Mix olive oil and few drops of lemon juice and tea leaves from green tea. To use the mask like the previous one.

In addition, there are a lot of special funds for the skin. They are used daily.

How to moisturize the scalp?

Proper hydration is also necessary for the scalp. If the scalp is dry, it has a negative impact on the condition of the hair, they become dull, start to flake, fall, can appear dandruff. Moisturizing scalp at home can be reached just using the available products.

In cosmetic shops sell tools that have a positive effect on the scalp but you must also use various mixtures and compositions for the necessary moisture.

Moisturizing the scalp is perfectly possible to hold if used as a lubricant, any fermented product. The ideal option is to sour the milk. A large number of this product is superimposed to the hair and soft fingers rubbed into the scalp, then on top put a plastic bag and the tool rests on the head of an arbitrary amount of time. After the procedure, the hair is washed in normal mode.

moisturizing scalp at home

Miraculous moisturizing mask for scalp contains honey. It can be used as a standalone product and as an additive to other products, for example, colorless henna or olive oil. The tool rests on the head for about an hour, after which the hair is thoroughly rinsed.

Not less effective is the skin moisturizing oils. The best option is sea buckthorn oil. It is used alone or mixed with various varieties of oils. What kind of oil moisturizes the skin? This action has almost any oil: vegetable oil, sunflower, corn, kunzhutom, olive, castor and others.

In addition there are oils and herbs that moisturize the skin. These include: Arnica, nettle, mother and stepmother, mustard. To moisturize the scalp, you just need to wash it after each rinse hair with a decoction of the herbs, or to cook herbal decoction of the mixture in the form of masks. The excellent properties of the mixture of decoction of herbs mixed with the yolks from the eggs and mayonnaise.

Oily hair also require extra hydration, but tools for the appropriate activity, it is desirable to add the juice from the lemon. This will help to degrease the scalp and also moisturize it.

Moisturizing body skin at home

Before hydration of the body, it is necessary to understand why skin becomes dry and withered. In winter this process contributes to the continuous putting on warm clothes, in summer the skin may be dry under the influence of the sun’s rays. But this time, dry skin can occur due to any human disease. If there is, it must be cured, otherwise, all tools for humidification will be useless.

How to moisturize your body? First of all, it should be borne in mind that hydration is important to do from the inside. To this end, the human diet should be required amount of fat. Than moisturize the skin from the inside? Enough in the diet to include daily intake of small amounts of any oil. It can be added to cereals or salads. In addition, in the daily diet should contain all essential vitamin and mineral components.

how to moisturize dry skin

Moisturising the body in the home held by using different means. What better way to moisturize your body? After every wash it is advisable to lubricate the body of any essential oil. Essential oils moisturize the skin, included in the cosmetic composition, the type of gel or lotion. Such oils include: almond, peach, olive and others.

How to moisturize dry skin? As this procedure use honey. They rubbed before washing for a short time, the tool then washed. How else to moisturize dry skin? If you take a bath, which added a decoction of chamomile or burdock, the skin will receive natural moisturizing from the nature.

hydration of the bodyHydration dehydrated skin is by using special ointments. The remarkable properties of cocoa powder, it can be mixed with a small amount of cinnamon and powdered milk. The resulting solution is applied to the skin for a short number of minutes.

Sometimes it happens that you need additional moisture to some areas on the body, for example, there is excessive dryness on knees and elbows. How to moisturize the skin in such cases. It is recommended to regularly lubricate the dry areas of the body specified oils.

In some cases, dry skin is due to improper clothing. For example, clothing made of synthetic materials prevents the normal circulation, causing the skin of the body dry.

In order to always look great it is important to take into account even the smallest nuances and constantly monitor changes in the external condition of the skin.

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