How to do anti cellulite massage

How to do cellulite massage at homeAs if nutritionists and doctors assured women that cellulite is a normal and natural phenomenon, this does not affect women’s decision to get rid of cellulite. The so-called » orange peel appears for several reasons, this disruption in the body’s metabolism, overeating, and sedentary lifestyle. But in any case, cellulite massage gives visible results within a short period of time. So many women want to master the technique of anti-cellulite massage yourself, as it is not cheap. Types of anti-cellulite massage a lot here are some of them: honey massage anti-cellulite, cupping massage and more. So, let’s look at how to do cellulite massage at home.

First you need to understand how the cellulite to understand, built on what massage techniques. In those places where cellulite is adjusted, is delayed of body fat, are clamped and the muscles cannot escape. That is why cellulite and has the following structure in the form of lumps. Even strong physical exertion and sometimes can not these lumps to break up. And here we are external effects, as massage warms up muscles around cellulite formations and as a result, the blood begins in these places it is good to circulate, thus speeding up the metabolism. Regular home cellulite massage will gradually remove irregularities from the surface of the body. But in the future, the cellulite may re-appear, if not to clean up your lifestyle and nutrition.

Massage using massage brush

This is a very simple way to regain smooth skin with which to handle any woman. How to do anti cellulite massage brush?

Such a massage brush can be bought in a specialty store or at the pharmacy. Today, there are many modifications of these brushes. It is important that the brush is not irritating to your skin. There’s a massage brush with bristles and is small with thick bristles to 6 mm in diameter. Both quite effective for massage. Choose a brush with a long handle to make it easy to reach any part of the body.

If you chose the second option, choose a wooden brush. Massage to do immediately after a bath is not recommended, the body has good dry. Apply the body cream to massage before you start massage and carefully drive in a circular motion with a brush on problem areas. Your task is to warm up the body. Homemade anti-cellulite massage should be done with the expectation of 5 to 7 minutes on each troubled area of the body. To use the stand you can if foot massage. Escort massage starting from the foot and massage from the fingertips to the heel, gradually rising higher. Also with the hands start with the palms and up to the shoulders. Be careful when you massage belly, massage it during menstruation. The intensity of movements during a massage of the abdomen, should be less than in other parts of the body. If the end of the massage your body flushed, and there was a small itch in the muscles, you did everything right. With some of the ladies the first time can be bruises, but they will pass. If they appear constantly, you you need massaging brush is not so intense.

If you decide to do massage bristly brush, you should choose only natural materials. This brush also should not massage the skin immediately after a shower and dry the body and also in a circular motion.

After treatment homemade anti-cellulite massage properly, RUB cellulite cream on the problem areas. Always wash your brush after the massage. In addition to massage can take baths with essential oils such as orange, fennel, lemon, juniper and others Dosage – 5 drops in bath. People with heart disease or vessels, to take bath in combination with massage is not recommended. Also, the now popular home body wrap for weight loss.

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