How to make a face beautiful: recommendations and home remedies

how to make your skin gladney, and the face is beautiful and well maintainedMany women are not satisfied with the condition of their skin, then there is a pimple, wrinkles are seen. Now, of course, all the shortcomings can be hidden by using cosmetics. But there comes a time when you want to abandon all kinds of tubes of make-up and just enjoy their natural beauty. The main key of female beauty is a healthy and well-groomed skin. And today we reveal the secret of how to make the skin smooth, soft and attractive and how to make a face beautiful in the home.

That affects the skin condition?

On magazine covers appear constantly beautiful images of women with perfect skin, and sometimes it seems that these ladies are rewarded with nature unmatched data. But actually it not absolutely so, without a systematic work on oneself, to achieve success and to obtain a well-groomed face, is almost impossible. First and foremost, you must know the factors that can adversely affect the skin condition.

  1. Wrong cosmetic care. The skin on the face and the entire body require special care and support her condition must be constantly cleansing, moisturizes, nourishes and toning. And choose care products very carefully based on skin type, condition and needs.
  2. Bad habits. Nicotine and alcohol for a couple of years can cause the skin dry and wrinkled. Heavy smokers face gets more earthy hue. In addition, women with addictions can not boast of thick and luxurious hair, white teeth and strong nails.
  3. Ecology. In many cities, the environmental situation is extremely tense. All hazardous substances, emissions and the emissions impact on the state of the skin, and our main task is to protect her from this negative influence.
  4. Stress. And it’s not just about inner feelings, for the skin is also stress and aggressive external environment, frost, wind, radiation, much more, after all, we all have to live in a mild and humid climate. Well, of course your nervous condition only adds a spoonful of tar.
  5. UV rays. The sun’s rays much dry any skin, especially when natural moisture strongly enough. The easiest way to preserve your youth is to use special creams with SPF protection.
  6. Passive lifestyle and laziness will soon betray themselves had a second chin.

How to lead a person in order

In fact, radiant skin can have every woman who is passionate about the health, appearance and abide by some simple manipulation.

  • Get enough sleep. So the mirror wasn’t looking at you lady with the bags and dark circles under the eyes, you should sleep at least 8 hours a day, and it is better to set yourself a regime, go to bed no later than 11pm and Wake up no later than 9 PM. In a month you will notice that you have become noticeably soft and fresh.
  • Eat right. Since everything we eat sooner or later be reflected in our skin, you need to constantly take care of your diet. So, for example, protein food, fruits and vegetables are very beneficial to the skin. Learn more about the impact of these products, click here. Products with fatty acids (fish oil, walnuts) will nourish the skin from within, citrus or foods high in Vit. With (eg. spinach) will help the pimples and damage to heal faster on the face, fresh fruits and vegetables contribute to saturate the body with vitamins and minerals support the activity of the digestive tract, the skin looks healthy and has beautiful color. Go easy on salt and sugar, try to limit to 30-40 grams per day, sugar can cause a rash, and the salt — swelling of the face.
  • Drink plenty of fluids. To maintain skin elasticity and prevent premature aging, set a goal to drink at least 6-8 glasses of pure water a day. Because without maintain water balance, make the face smooth and smooth for a long time will not succeed.
  • Correctly clean the skin. Well-groomed skin of the face and its health partially depends on proper cleansing. Obligatory evening ritual should be washing your face and removing makeup, dirt and oils accumulated during the day. And no matter what state you come from and how much I want to sleep, the skin requires the same proper rest as you do. Use a mild cleanser, foams, gels, or soft soap. Remove makeup with a special lotion or tonic. Delicate area around the eyes need to pay particular attention, because many tools can be too aggressive. Rubbing the skin with a sponge or wipe with a rough towel is not necessary, because it can cause irritation, better slam the water on your own face with your hands or pour a Cup, and after just blot with a soft cloth or let it dry itself.
  • Do not squeeze pimples! To bring the skin, no need to immediately get rid of its roughnesses, pimples and blackheads. Squeezing rash, you can cause infection or leave skin scar. If independently to solve a problem with pimples fails, visit a dermatologist and cosmetologist.
  • Exercise. Physical exercise stimulates blood circulation, which is very important for long term health and radiance of the skin. A half-hour jog will do you good. But you can achieve good complexion at home, you need a few minutes a day, morning exercises.

Beautiful skin facial at home, make masks and scrubs themselves

Many women have long preferred care at home instead of salon procedures. There are many recipes and methods how to make a beautiful face, and the right to organize and competent care.

The most popular products in home cosmetics — honey, lemon, aloe leaf, chamomile, olive and almond oils, decoctions of herbs and plants.

Here is a compilation of articles with recipes listed above cosmetics:

  • Wiping the face with lemon and recipes of masks
  • Browse essential oils for facial skin
  • Homemade mask with aloe

Honey can be used as a natural scrub to make the skin smooth and smooth to get rid of acne or eliminated scars after them. In addition, med outer layer protects against infections and keeps moisture in the skin. To do home peels, add in honey and few drops of lemon juice, water, and choice of: chopped almonds (or hazelnuts), sugar, oat flakes, wheat bran, broken rice or white clay.

For more information about applying, read the article «10 recipes of masks based on honey.»

There are still a great way to make the face smooth and skin smooth. Prepare cucumber lotion or tincture of calendula. To this end, the pulp of one cucumber pour vodka (5:1), allow to stand for at least 2 hours, and you can wipe them «problem areas». For dry skin this recipe is not recommended.

To make the face fresh and rested in the morning after you Wake up or before an important meeting, wipe the skin with ice cubes. Ice water with lemon, cucumber juice or aloe, herbs ( e.g., sage and mint), green tea or plain mineral water. This method gives the skin tone, a beautiful tone, reduce inflammation and irritation. In addition, the ice wiping technique is recommended for women with problematic or aging skin.

Do not constantly insist that you have terrible skin, what do you absolutely not know. Time to move on to the real action. Clean leather, care for, nurture, nourish and moisturize it. Do not forget about proper nutrition and healthy foods. Bright, beautiful person in the home to achieve more than real, love yourself and your skin.

Be beautiful!

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