How to make hair wavy

How to make hair wavyWomen who have naturally straight hair, often in secret dreams of a beautiful and lush curls, which are a definite sign of femininity and sexuality. In addition, a woman used to change constantly, which means she should be able to carry out experiments with your hair when she pleases.

One of the most exciting and interesting manipulations with hair is their curl, creating curls and curls. With their help, the woman can be altered to change its appearance, without leaving home.

Everyone knows that the easiest way to make a curly hair is to curl them with Curling irons or cheat on curlers. But, unfortunately, not all hair is subject to a successful Perm with electrical devices, some hair is too heavy, other too hard or thick. Besides, using tongs and Curling irons causes dryness, breakage and hair damage.

Therefore, we have prepared for you an article that will show you how to curl your hair without Curling iron, and curlers, with the help of improvised means and being at home. It’s not difficult and very exciting process. So, experiment, try and create a charming wavy curls together with us.

Wrap in paper

If you don’t want to spoil your hair frequent use of electrical appliances for styling, or just did not have them on hand, you can always find an alternative way to wind the hair without curlers and Curling irons, and get a stunning hairstyle.

One such method came up with ladies many years ago. Then they crank out the hair pieces of thick paper. And today, you can benefit from the experience of our ancestors. Turns wrap each strand on a small piece of paper, and secure it as close to the top, thread with string or ribbon. How to be funny you’re not looked, in the opinion of your loved ones, for tomorrow the result will exceed all expectations.

Wound on the cloth

An even easier method, how to do wavy hair at home is to cheat on their cloth. For this you will need small scraps of fabric, approximately 20*3 see Separate strand, put it on a rag and wrap it leading to the top, at the end of the tie cloth at the bow. And do so with each subsequent strand.

If you have very unruly hair or a bad thing to style, before the wrap is applied to the strand a small amount of foam or mousse.

Thus, it is possible to make curls for the night, because the rags are quite comfortable to sleep.

Wavy hair after braids

Maybe you had to see girls with a light, airy, curly hair. Agree, I want to stop your eyes on this charming lady. The women in the head immediately raises the question of how to make hair wavy, and the image cute and feminine.

Well, there is one, the easiest way to create a luxurious extensions — weave at night hair. If the night before you washed your hair, it is enough to dry hair and to braid it in one or two French braids in the morning the curls flowed from the roots. If you wash your hair is not necessary, then before braiding the hair, slightly moisten them with water or applied to the tips of the small amount of foam.

It should be noted that it is better to weave thick or medium hair, unless you want to make small curls that give the hair an incredible and whimsical volume.

Unravel the braids in the morning only with your fingers, if you take to do is comb the hair will become too fluffy, voluminous, as the dandelion.

Wavy hair can be collected in a high ponytail, stick barrette, collect laterally «malvinka», wear a headband or just a nice pin up with Bobby pins.

The wavy hair in the home after the beam

Probably the fastest way to make a curly hair is for some time to install the beam.

Hair should be slightly damp, they need to collect high ponytail, then tightly rolling the bundle, roll up in a bun and secure with a hairpin. And then, you can go and do their business or go to watch color dreams. After 7-8 hours, spread beam, unwind the coils and get a romantic, natural curls without curlers and Curling irons.

If you don’t have time to wait that long, you can roll up in a bun wet and help them to dry faster and make the desired shape with a hair dryer.

In any case, the end result it is recommended to apply varnish to the waves lasted as long as possible.

How to make wet curls at home

This method of stacking was very popular in 80-e years, and then for the reception, it was fashionable to come with smooth and shiny hair. But, as you know, fashion comes back and today has again become topical hair as it is now called the «wet hair».

To make the hair curly and add them a little «wet» glare and glitter, you don’t need a lot of time and effort.

The easiest way to create a «wet» hair is to use a special means through which achieved the desired effect.

Choose the packing means, based on the type, length and structure of hair. It can be gel, foam, wax or lotion. Girls, curly by nature, will be easier to style it, it is enough to apply each strand with a special gel, and a little «fluff» hair.

Girls with straight hair, you need to first curl your hair at home, and then each lock to handle a special tool that does not weigh down and does not stick hair, and at the same time gives them the desired shape and natural Shine. Is ideal professional styling gel called «texturizer».

Importantly, in the processing of strands and do not overdo it, otherwise you risk to achieve the effect of wet-looking, shiny hair, and dirty, heavy and greasy.

Curls on short hair, you need to handle the styling product, lightly twist the strands with your fingers and fix the result varnish with a glossy effect.

How to do curls with a straightening iron

The irons were created to straighten and pull the hair to make them smooth and even. But, an enterprising woman came up with an easy and fast way how to make curly hair at home, and give your hair gorgeous volume.

Dry and combed hair, treat for thermal protection. Then divide your hair into several equal areas. Take one large strand, curl it into a tight tourniquet, and slowly slide the iron along the entire length, periodically squeezing it harder. After 5-10 minutes you will receive a beautiful, graceful waves, and in a good mood to it too.

We told you some ways how to curl your hair at home in a hurry, and to make curls without Curling and without harm to hair. Using the above methods, you will be able to create diverse, stylish and luxurious curls, and every time delight the eye by their luxurious manner.

If you have any unusual, quick and easy way to cheat hair, share them in the comments.

Beauty, charm, charm and mischievous curls!

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