How to make sun lotion at home?

How to make sun lotion at home?

About the negative influence of sun rays is known to everyone. They can cause you many problems such as uneven skin, pigmentation, premature appearance of wrinkles and even skin cancer.

In order to protect your skin from harmful UV rays, don’t go outside between ten and sixteen hours, at this time the sun is most aggressive.

Also protect your skin with the help of accessories and clothing, use of hats and sunglasses. Also lubricate your skin with special protective creams and lotions.

Sunscreen lotion you can make at home yourself. The main component is zinc oxide, which can be purchased at any pharmacy.

However, homemade lotion should be used very carefully, because it might not be as effective as the products of many cosmetic companies.

To prepare this lotion you will need:

One third of Cup of jojoba oil, two tablespoons of zinc oxide, one tablespoon of emulsified wax, one teaspoon of oil of vitamin E, half a Cup of distilled water with two tablespoons of aloe Vera gel, ten drops of extract of grapefruit seed, and twenty drops of lavender essential oil. Also, prepare the steamer.

At the bottom of the double boiler the water should boil, then make the weakest fire. Pour into top part of double boiler the jojoba oil, then add the zinc oxide and wax. This part of the double boiler should be put into the boiling water below. All ingredients should be mix with a spoon until they melt. Then remove the mixture from the fire. In the mixture need to add vitamin E and stir.

In another container pour the distilled water and add the aloe Vera gel and heat, stirring constantly, over low heat. Warm the mixture pour into the already previously prepared wax-oil mixture and stir with whisk. To obtain a thick and homogeneous mixture.

After that, it will add essential oils, mix and pour into prepared clean container.

The resulting lotion must be stored in a cool dark place.

You can prepare this lotion in another way: one tablespoon of zinc oxide to heat with half a teaspoon of sesame oil and one tablespoon of rose water.

Thirty grams of this lotion should be applied all over the body. After that every three hours the procedure must be repeated. And if you also take water treatments, renew it every two hours.

Cover the skin with lotion, even when you are indoors, because UV rays And spectrum penetrate even through the glass, so that the exposed parts of the body must protect.

Sunscreen lotion should be used daily. You need to choose one that can protect you from UV rays A and b spectra and in which a SPF 30 or more.

In the preparation of sunscreen, remember that under any conditions, the zinc oxide should not get you into the respiratory tract. Therefore, working with them, it is best to wear a mask because the fumes can cause you nausea, fever and headaches.

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