Sugar hair removal at home

Sugar hair removal at homeLong women in various ways tried to give your body the smoothness, getting rid of unwanted hair. What methods have not been applied in this struggle are often very painful or harmful! But among this abundance can be found effective not as sensitive methods, which, moreover, every woman will be able to cook by yourself. We are talking about sugar waxing, or sugaring different (from the English. sugar — sugar).

Sugar hair removal have many benefits: efficiency, suitable for sensitive and delicate skin, natural and safe, does not cause allergies and redness, easily washed off with water. Of the disadvantages can be called only a small tolerable pain and the prohibition of the use in diabetes as small amount of sugar absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream and can cause serious complications. What’s the difference between epilation and depilation here.

Salon hair removal sugar paste is nowadays quite widespread. This is due to the high efficiency and naturalness of the procedure compared to other services. Many manufacturers to reduce pain, add sugar paste anesthetics, which is a plus mixture of purchase for hair removal. You can buy ready-made sugar paste and use it independently at home. And you can make the whole process of hair removal, starting with the creation of sugar paste and ending with admiring his smooth skin.

The main difficulty lies in choosing the right proportions. If you add more or less of some product, the compound will not be able to reach the right consistency, and therefore will not own their epilating properties.

Recipe sugar paste shugaring

sugar paste for depilationTake 10ст.l. sugar, 1st.l. water and the juice of half a lemon. All products mix in a saucepan and heat over medium heat, stirring constantly, until the mixture is smooth. Simmer for 10 minutes until mixture becomes translucent and begins to pop the bubbles. Continuing to stir, until the mass will acquire a Golden brown color. Remove from heat and leave to cool. Ready sugar paste for hair removal should get a viscous consistency and is not sticky to the hands.

Sugar hair removal at home is to clean, dry skin. Hair length should be about 5-6 mm. Prepare in advance pieces of cotton fabric to remove the paste from the skin.

Start the procedure of hair removal. Prepared sugar paste, apply a thin layer on a small area of the skin in the direction of hair growth. On top of the pasta presses a cotton cloth, leaving the free edge. When the tissue will stick to the pasta, sharply pull her free end against the hair growth. The remains of the paste from the skin easy to remove with water. After the procedure, apply a sugar hair removal on the treated areas cream after epilation, or cream slows hair growth.

Sugar hair removal are very similar to wax, but has before it several important advantages.

Sugar hair removal. Sugaring. Sugar hair removal.When sugar hair removal at home need not apply too low or too high temperature, the mixture is applied warm, and so the possibility of thermal burns is eliminated. This method is so effective that allows you to remove unwanted hairs for 3-4 weeks depending on individual circumstances. Inflammation and the integrity of the skin are also excluded, since the only sugar coats the hairs and hair follicles, leaving the skin intact. Furthermore, sugar has the ability to destroy harmful bacteria, then we were removed and decontaminated at the same time.

Many who have used waxing in the home, faced with the fact that don’t peel off the wax very difficult to wash from skin. In the case of sugaring, everything is much more prosaic. Simply rinse with warm water and everything will be fine.

Hair removal sugar paste allows you to remove hair on all body parts, including sensitive areas. If the skin is very sensitive, you can try to add in the paste to soften a little honey, of course, if you are not allergic to it. After several treatments, the hair will weaken, become thinner, the removal is much easier.

Still have questions? View how to make sugar hair removal in the following video:

Another kind of hair removal — hair removal with resin as an alternative to sugar hair removal.

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