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black eye makeup, photosOnce the makeup style Smokey eyes broke into the world of makeup, and since this technique is universal and timeless for evening events. About how to do Smokey eyes and how to match colors of cosmetics under the eyes of a certain color, let’s talk today.

What is the makeup Smokey eyes?

Literally English «smoky eyes» translates as «smoky eyes», because just appeared, this makeup is made in grey and black colours and was designed to make an ordinary girl into a woman «vamp». Today, the make-up artists available and bright, and pastel, and dark shades, which can suitable for day or smoky eyes for the evening.

Make-up technique involves the transition from a more intense color around the eyes to more soft towards the edges. Can be used two, three or even more shades, but the boundaries between them are carefully shade to the sharp lines of transition. In fact, you can even do a cosmetic product and a brush to blend, but if you are just learning how to do smoky eye makeup, it is better to use the kit.

Don’t worry if the first time you get not as good as I would like. As with any makeup technique of smoky eyes takes practice, over time you will learn how to apply makeup in 10 minutes.

Smokey eyes: step by step instructions

First, you need to decide on the color palette, as we have already said that Smokey eyes can be made not only in black color. How to choose makeup colors based on their external data, we will discuss below, and now consider, for example step by step makeup with black eye shadow. In the future, you can use any color that suits you.

how to do smoky makeup details with photos

So, for performance makeup you will need:

  • Makeup base;
  • Black soft pencil;
  • Shade one or two tones;
  • Pearl shade;
  • Black mascara;
  • White pencil.

In this tutorial we will only consider treatment of the eyes. Of course, for the full image, you must also tint eyebrow, lip, align the complexion, to highlight my cheekbones and add freshness with blush and lighting.

  1. Apply on the upper eyelid a small amount of a base under the shade or under makeup. You need quite a bit of money to fix the shadows on the eyes and not let them be rolled. Excess base may be opposite to the reason for the instability of makeup.
  2. Draw a soft black pencil rather thick line along the lashes. Do not leave gaps between the lashes and the pencil line. No matter what color palette you choose to work, the black pencil is the hallmark of any evening makeup, smoky eyes. If you have wide or narrow eyes are located, you can adjust it visually: far-set eyes, you should draw a little further over the inner corner of the eye, and narrowly positioned eyes should not be painted a dark color further than the ends of the lash line (from the nose), and then to emphasize this plot the lightest touch.
  3. Blend black pencil toward the brow around the movable century. As a result, you should be an even transition from lighter to darker upstairs downstairs.
  4. Now take the color that you have defined for yourself your. It may be two colors that will be applied consistently. The first color flat brush, apply on the mobile eyelid, a little beyond. If there’s a second colour, apply it with a brush for shading, moving along the border of the eyelids up to the eyebrow and the outer corner of the eye. If second color is not, then restorefocus brush distribute the color in the same way evenly across the eye. In order to make the color transition smoother, you need to clean rastushevok brush from shadows (e.g., hand) to shade the upper eyelid one more time.
  5. Even easy Smokey eyes can not do without eyeliner of the lower eyelid, otherwise makeup will not look complete. You can bring eyelid just along the ciliary edge of a thin line, and you can shade the shadows of the base color. If the shade is the second shade on the upper eyelid, it is better to add them at the bottom too.
  6. Working with shadows for classic Smokey eyes, you could end it there, but if you want more to decorate and complete the image, we recommend you use a few tools. A light shade with a little Shine, apply on the inner corner of the eyes (not suitable if you have wide-set eyes) and under the lower brow line. Dark pencil (not necessarily black, you can take a pencil in the tone of his make up) position the lower the eyes, you should skip this step if you already have narrow, small eyes.
  7. And of course, there is no way how to do makeup Smokey eyes without using mascara. Most often it is black mascara for volume, but strict rules here. Mascara is applied on the upper and lower lashes.
  8. It is important to remember the rule of makeup, which says, «the emphasis either on the lips or the eyes.» So if you paint a vivid eye makeup, lips nodoby apply a shade of lipstick or transparent gloss.
  9. For an evening out important to complete the makeover arrow with black eyeliner.

Despite the apparent complexity, to learn how to make up Smokey eyes can make any girl if a couple of times to practice and will adhere to given recommendations.

How to choose colors for Smokey eyes?

When this make-up technique just appeared, with some of the girls were easier, because it included only black and grey shades. Today it can be made using any colours of your palette. The main question is how to choose which colors will suit you. Offer to do it, focusing on the color type appearance.

  1. Smokey eyes for brown eyes

One color for the eye to follow is not quite right, you have to take into consideration skin tone and hair. Usually brown eyed girls are divided into those that possess dark skin (it’s a warm type of appearance, are often ideal for their hair color includes gold or red tide) and those that are bright, sometimes even porcelain skin (it’s cold and contrast color type). The first girls makeup for brown eyes Smokey eyes recommended using dark warm colors (e.g., brown, olive, gold, gray, khaki, etc.). For girls cold color type more relevant other colors: purple, gray, blue and all shades of blue. The rest of the rules, how to do Smokey eyes for brown eyes, are the same as described in the steps above.

  1. Smokey eyes for blue eyes

How to do makeup Smokey eyes step by step photo

The presence of blue eyes does not mean simply a set of certain colors in cosmetics, as for any other type should experiment and change your image, selecting the one that suits you specifically. But still some accents that are typical in makeup Smokey eyes for blue eyes can be distinguished. Use for your make-up all shades of blue and blue, but not just exactly the same color as your iris, also boldly use light pink, mauve, brown, grey, silvery tones. Classic black Smokey eyes suitable for any women, all depends on how much it should be diluted with other colors.

  1. Smokey eyes for green eyes

Green eyes are more common in warm girls, but can be «cold» variants with pale skin, black or white (no gold) hair. In any case, try to make makeup Smokey eyes for green eyes all shades of green, brown, gold, gray, purple and black colors. Another little secret how to make Smokey eyes for green eyes bright and emphasizes the look: use in your makeup green regardless of the selected gamma. Let it be only on the edges in the form of a small feather, but even this detail will give an additional color of your eyes.

  1. Smokey eyes for grey eyes

Gray eyes have an interesting feature sometimes change color. Depending on lighting and the use of cosmetics iris color may be gray-green, gray-blue, etc. Makeup Smokey eyes for grey eyes perfectly with the classic gray, black, silvery tones. In addition to them, you’ll fit in well sand and brown shades, purple, green and tones of blue and turquoise.

If you still have questions about articles or are you more interested to learn something about makeup, leave comments below!

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