Home body wrap for weight loss

Wrap for weight loss at homeNow there is a huge choice of body wraps for weight loss. What you’d like and fruity, and honey, and chocolate, clay and algae, and a variety of other wraps. However, if you eat properly, ie eat a lot of fermentation products, no wrap, you will not be able to help. Eat less sugar, wine, bread, soy sauce, and completely eliminate from your diet coffee and tea. Now consider a few rules home body wraps for weight loss, not to run around expensive salons.

Rules and features of the wraps at home

First, in any case, no need to mix tools from different manufacturers. Second, the funds in the wraps need to be applied depending on the time of day. For example, cream against cellulite and cream skin tone it is advisable to apply in the morning and bedtime cream with anti-aging effect. Third, before you begin home wrap, take a bath with sea salt. This will clean the skin, remove the swelling and excess fluid. Fourth, the usual turn around with cling film to keep the temperature, and soak for 20 minutes.

Making wraps with the tape, not much prodavlivaet so as not to impair circulation. If you want, you can make a real balneological procedure. With applied composition to lie in a warm bath, 37-38 degrees, and also 20 minutes to lie in it. And fifth, while clay home body wrap, heat the clay in a water bath. However, do not overdo it, do not overheat, so all the beneficial bacteria are not killed. Also the clay is very useful in diseases of the joints, possessing healing properties.

Wraps at homeAfter all procedures home wraps you need to gently remove the tape, the active substance is thoroughly washed off with warm water and a rough towel to wipe the skin. Then do massage problem areas, using anti-cellulite cream to improve circulation and hydration of the skin.

To make a safe home body wrap for weight loss , don’t forget about some of the contraindications. I can’t do the wrap during pregnancy or by damage of the skin. Hot wraps are contraindicated for women with varicose veins, gynecological diseases, in all tumors and cardiovascular diseases.

View video how to do home body wrap cellulite:

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