How to make eyelashes thick

long and thick eyelashes at homeTo have thick long eyelashes, probably wants every representative of the fairer population, because lush lashes, the eyes become more expressive, and look charming and inviting. That is why women are trying different mascaras in search of the most efficient, tighten up the lashes with tweezers and brushes, go to extensions, is already very much that the eyelashes were like the beautiful models on the covers of magazines. But, has anyone seriously thought that there are many ways how to make eyelashes thicker at home, without much hassle and expenses. Interested? Keep reading and take note.

Why strengthen eyelashes?

Everyone knows that thick eyelashes add to the beauty and the depth of the look, but for some reason few people care for them.

Periodically buying means to strengthen the hair, we do not even think that the little hairs on the eyelids, also need support, because have the same structure and can weaken, fade and delaminate under the negative influence of external circumstances.

There are many reasons why eyelashes are not as we would like or as they were before. And the leading place in the ranking of the reasons is the lack of attention or even lack of proper care. Also the quality and quantity of native eyelashes is deteriorating due to:

  • building or gluing artificial eyelashes;
  • the use of substandard cosmetic products;
  • the lack of habit to remove the makeup at night;
  • lack of essential vitamins;
  • the constant stress, long illness.

Maybe you will be interested to learn how to put eyelashes after eyelash extensions.

How to make eyelashes thick at home

Despite the fact that each person, the number of hair follicles «laid» nature and change it, alas, will not succeed. But, all the same, the eyelashes were thick, we need to take action, so they stopped falling out, became strong, thick and shiny. So, in the volume of the cilia will be much more.

There are 5 basic rules that must be followed to make eyelashes thicker and longer.

  1. Pay attention to your diet. For proper growth and development of hairs in the body must have enough minerals and vitamins. Why give up bread rolls, sausages, sweets, spices, and in the diet include more fresh vegetables, fruits and also greens and nuts.
  2. Use products with keratin. Because this high molecular protein is a major component of our eyelashes. In large quantities it is a sweet pepper, greens and berries of wild rose.
  3. Carefully select the cosmetics. When choosing a mascara, and other makeup we usually pay attention to color, shape, tassel, often forgetting the quality of the product. But, it is extremely important to choose high-quality tools, otherwise you may harm the health of the eyes, eyelids and eyelashes. If during the day, you feel itching and burning eyes, noticed redness of the eyelids, it is probably from such cosmetics, it is better to get rid of. Note, base cosmetics has strongly expressed a specific chemical smell.
  4. Do not forget to remove makeup before sleep! Use for removing makeup from the eyes of a special tool, better if it is nourishing lotion with different oils or natural ingredients.
  5. Protect eyes from the sun. This means that being on the street during the summer heat, you need to wear glasses. This way you protect your eyes and eyelashes from harmful UV rays.

Compliance with these basic, very simple rules is the key to your success to eyelashes were thick and long. But to further improve their condition, to make eyelashes darker, thicker and stronger, have occasionally indulge them with some nourishing treatments for the density of eyelashes.

Traditional methods will help to make eyelashes thick and long

The main advantage of natural home remedies in its accessibility and ease of use. Self-care for eyelashes at home, you don’t need to spend a lot of time, effort and money. We offer you some effective ways on how to make eyelashes thick and strong.

  • Lotions for the eyes;

The easiest and effective way to restore or strengthen eyelashes is to make tea lotion. Dip two cotton pads in freshly brewed black or green tea and place on eyelids, lie down so 15-20 minutes. At this time, the eyelashes impregnated with various mineral substances, and the eyes can relax from long hours.

Instead of tea you can use various herbal infusions, for example, a decoction of chamomile or sage, which will also help to soothe the eyes, moisturize skin and strengthen lashes.

  • Oil to strengthen eyelashes;

Perhaps, many girls have various vegetable oil for care of skin and hair. But few people know what to smear for eyelash growth and density. Power the eyelid skin and strengthen lashes perfect: castor, olive, burdock, almond oil. Read how to use castor oil for eyelash growth. So if you run out of ink, don’t rush to dispose of empty tube, rinse it well and add the oil blend to at night, apply on the lashes, this will be your improvised an effective remedy for thick eyelashes.

Other folk remedies and techniques of makeup that will help to lengthen eyelashes, see the link /kak-sdelaty-resnits-dlinnee/

Express method of making thick eyelashes at home

It is known that the eyelash is a hair that consists of dead skin particles, and in order to accelerate their growth and strengthen, you need a large amount of Vit. E and calcium. These two components in sufficient quantities are present in any vitamin-mineral complex. Taking these vitamins orally for 2 months, and nourishing the body from the inside.

For rubbing use capsules Aevit that you can buy at the pharmacy. Lubricate eyelashes every night this oily liquid.

This method will allow in the shortest possible time, not only to make eyelashes thicker, to cure them, but to awaken dormant follicles. So, soon you will get healthy, long and just gorgeous eyelashes.

To get long and thick eyelashes at home, absolutely everything. The main thing is to care for them, as for other parts of the body. Treat and take care of your eyelashes, and then you will forget how to use false eyelashes, and you won’t have to wait for his next record to the master on escalating.

Fascinate and impress others with your look!

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