How to make eyelashes longer at home

How to make eyelashes longer and thicker at homeAll over the world dream of long eyelashes, and rightly so, because the lashes for the summer. And as many believe, the beauty for women is half of happiness in her life. Eyelash length be transmitted by inheritance, and it will not change, but if all the time to care for them and to do special treatments and makeup, you can give growth and volume of eyelashes.

Folk remedy to make eyelashes longer

Folk remedies for eyelash growthTo make the eyelashes more volume and strong it is recommended to use natural vegetable oils: burdock, castor, rose, Flaxseed, almond.

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Before you start the bath make sure that makeup is completely removed, the eyelashes are clean and dry. Next, take a cotton swab and dip it in one of the above oils or mixtures thereof. Gently swipe the eyelash roots, but not get oil in the eye. You can also use the eyelash comb, to hold the entire length of the eyelash oil, for this, take a brush, make sure you clean it and dip in butter, and swipe lashes.

If performing this procedure on a daily basis, you will notice that after two weeks your eyelashes were stronger, lush, soft and long. And you be sure to lengthen eyelashes at home really.

Also, the vitamins contained in the oil contribute to the elimination of fine wrinkles around the eyes and improve the skin.

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Techniques of makeup, to visually lengthen lashes

makeup to visually lengthen eyelashesIn order to give eyelashes volume and fluffiness, you need to powder them before you apply mascara. How to make long eyelashes with mascara? To do this, take a thin sponge, and apply the lashes with powder can also be applied just with a finger. After the powder, use the ink on one layer, wait until dry and again apply the mascara gently pressing the brush to give bend.

To give the bend you can use a eyelash curler, they look like scissors, but instead of a sharp tip they have a tweezers with a soft cushion. Them you squeeze the lashes and hold for a few seconds then you get a beautiful curve. But using Curling eye lashes you must make the bath for the eyes using oils, they begin to quickly break down and decay. And buying pliers you should choose only high-quality, specialty pliers, from well-known manufacturers

And, of course, do not forget to wash off makeup need special tools and not rubbing eyes with soap, because this will only achieve the worst.

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Using folk remedies and techniques of makeup, you will be able to make longer eyelashes at home. And You will have lush, voluminous, strong and long eyelashes!

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