How to make a hairstyle «ponytail»

Fashionable hairstyle - ponytailOne of the most simple, comfortable and versatile hairstyles is the ponytail. It is no coincidence that I love all of them women, it is done quickly, is simple to implement, suitable for almost all lengths of hair. Hairstyle ponytail can be done in the classic version, and if you combine it and other variations of styling, you can easily create fashionable and creative hairstyle that will be appropriate both at work and for noisy parties or a romantic dinner.

For you we have collected some of the various techniques and ways on how to make a pony tail to turn her usual style.

How to make a ponytail

To hair turned out perfect, you need to know some tricks for its implementation.

First and foremost, before you can create a beautiful tail, you need prior training.

  1. Hairstyle will look attractive if my hair is clean, smooth and shiny. So, for starters, wash your hair and use the conditioner, after which the hair becomes smooth and manageable.
  2. Then dry the hair and carefully comb.
  3. Now you need to determine what you want to do the tail. The algorithm of further actions will depend on the chosen hairstyle.

Classic ponytail for long hair

This option styling, familiar to almost every girl, especially owners of long hair. To make the ponytail itself, you will need a minimum of time and auxiliary items: comb, hair clip/elastic band, means for stacking.

Hairstyle ponytail for long hairSo, how to do a pony tail, the most common variant. The whole mass of well-combed hair, you need to lift as high as possible on top and fix with a rubber band. If the top is uneven, should they drive away to the tail, using a flat comb with frequent teeth. All the hairs that are «pulls» from the tail and stick out, you need to make amends and stab invisible closer to the band. That the hair was safely kept in all day, the result it is recommended to apply varnish or hair gel with fixing.

To create even more neat and interesting look, the professionals recommend to hide under the gum streak in their own hair. Just wrap it around the base several times, and the remaining tip of the fasten invisible.

Ponytail with a bouffant

To make a fashionable tail in Casual style, which gives the image a touch of youth, mischief and lightness, follow these tips.

For starters, apply a small amount of foam laying in the basal region of the hair.

Then, in the area of the top allocated a large enough strand of, and make a neat fleece using a comb. To comb the hair need not from the outside, but on the side of his head. Fixing comb a lock on the top invisible. If you want to make the hair style a pony tail with a bouffant in the style of «rock-n-roll», then you need to backcomb a few strands.

Left collect hair in a ponytail at the crown, preferably in the place where the pin that secures the fleece.

The end result of spray varnish.

There are many variations in how to make ponytail with fleece. The ponytail you can pull a pad or cheat with a Curling iron to produce the strands to create the effect of rattrapante, place the tail side, if you’re going on a date.

How to make a voluminous ponytail

If you are tired of ordinary, everyday ponytail, try doing it a slightly different way and create an unusual, voluminous ponytail. This hairstyle can be called a kind of snag, as it creates a feeling of thick, luxurious head of hair.

Photo voluminous ponytailSo, divide the volume of the horizontal parting hair into 2 parts. The lower part of the hair, secure the rubber band in any form. The top of the hair need to also fix the gum at the desired place for the tail. The result should be two tails. Then you need to comb and fluff the top ponytail to the top mass of hair was not noticeably the base of the lower tail.

This is a fairly easy method on how to make beautiful ponytail. This hairstyle is appropriate for any occasion and events. Going on holiday, you can decorate your charming ponytail vivid detail, bows, hairpins, flowers or ribbon.

A little imagination, creativity and a few minutes of effort will help to make your image attractive and unusual!

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