Natural makeup

Natural makeup for every dayNatural makeup was relevant at all times, but particularly popular in recent years. Now color eye shadow palette is appropriate only for photo shoots, holidays and special outlets, and every day girls want to look as natural as possible. However, to appear in public without makeup on the face is considered bad manners, to the same invisible makeup can hide your flaws and highlight its advantages. How to make a beautiful and natural make-up will tell you today.

How to make natural makeup?

Do not think that once the makeup is not involves flashy colors, it takes up less products you use, time and knowledge. The rules of applying makeup remains the same for any image, the General procedure looks like this:

  1. Cleaning.

Skin cleansing lotion, micellar water, lotion, foam or gel cleanser, etc.

  1. Hydration.

Applying to the skin moisturizing or nourishing cream, depending on your skin type.

  1. Basis.

Applying Foundation makeup if you want natural makeup was kept for the whole day.

  1. The skin.

Natural makeup on every day involves the use of thick Foundation because it clogs the pores and prevents the skin to «breathe». Instead, scientists invented a more easy formula: BB cream and CC cream. They often have SPF, which protects your skin from harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation with beneficial active substances. Choose a tool based on your needs and capabilities.

  1. Masking faults.

For this purpose, you will need a concealer or corrector. Such skin «flaws» are pimples, bruises and bags under the eyes, marks from acne, scars, age spots, dark spots, etc. Concealer is a medium dense texture, pick up the tone of the skin. It should be applied only onto areas of different color, with a brush or fingers. The corrector has a wider color palette and is able to block even the bright disadvantages, if you know how to work with him. Learn more about what are the differences and how to use concealer and corrector was discussed in a separate article.

  1. Underline the contours of the

A competent answer to the question how to make invisible make-up, can’t do without this step. Very bright person, even if you have reached a smooth tone, it will look flat and lifeless. Apply the bronzer to the cheekbones. Not to miss, turn your lips into a tube and apply a bronzer on the formed pits line, which should be a good shade. Using contouring you can correct the face shape, large forehead, wide nose, etc.

  1. The coating powder.

Beautiful natural makeup does not oblige you to apply a thicker layer of powder for the same reason, which is to abandon daily use «concealer», but the application of a thin layer of powder will give the skin a matte and finishmy skin. Pay special attention to the T-zone. This is the nose, forehead and chin, they tend to quickly become fat and ugly Shine.

  1. The drawing of the eyebrows.

If you have blond eyebrows and you have naturally light, even the most minimal makeup can’t do without working on the eyebrows. Pick any convenient way: shadows, pencil, colored brow gel. Perfect brush with a beveled tip. The tendency to draw eyebrow with a solid line slightly deviates, changes its drawing the missing hair. It’s easy to do if you have good covers pencil or brush with a beveled tip. Short movements up to draw small lines, filling the empty space between hairs. This way you will reach the lush and wide eyebrows as you would like.

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  1. Eye makeup.

Natural eye makeup does not include bright shades. Usually you can do a shadow one or two shades and mascara. But even the day daytime make-up need to match colors based on their color type. For a classic almond shaped eyes of dark color eyeshadow (usually brown or gray) should be applied in the crease eyelids and along the lash line on the upper and lower eyelids. Light shade should be distributed across the upper eyelid. Of course, specific natural eye makeup depends on the shape of your eyes and their color, and their location. Using simple techniques you can adjust your defects, such as bulging or too narrow eyes, drooping eyelid, etc.

  1. Makeup lips.

Even during the day to neglect the lips is not worth it. You can use sheer gloss or chapstick, but perfectly clean lips can look too dull. If one of the main rules of makeup reads: «the Focus should be either on the lips or eyes», the natural makeup for every day involves approximately equivalent to the applied cosmetics to her lips and eyes. For example, you can use a pencil that is close in shade to your lip shade and apply it over the entire surface of the lips. Or you can select only the outline with a pencil, and the middle shaded lipstick lighter or the same shade in comparison with a pencil. Details about lip makeup see the link /sovetyi-po-makiyazhu-gub/

Makeup eye color

Sometimes only information on the coloring of the eyes is not enough in order to pick the perfect daytime make-up, but some techniques will make eyes brighter and more expressive. You don’t have to resort to the use of dark eyeliner or dark shadows.

  • Natural makeup for brown eyes

Brown eyes by themselves are considered to be bright, and to emphasize them for a daytime walk, it is not necessary to spend a large amount of makeup. So, you need to tint eyelashes mascara brown or black. To complicate the makeup will help peach shade applied across the upper eyelid, and the chocolate shade applied to the crease on eyelids. Also, you will suit the shades of green, purple, blue and gray.

  • Natural makeup for green eyes

Green eyes make brighter and more expressive shade of green, grey, blue and brown. One important condition to consider is the color used shadow or pencil not exactly exactly match the color of your iris. Otherwise, your eyes will merge with «the environment» and will become faded.

Natural makeup for green eyes can be completed with a thin line of pencil along the ciliary edge. The line does not need to be black, you can use all the colors that were mentioned above, but, of course, do not overdo it with the brightness.

  • Makeup for blue eyes

For natural make-up you are advised to use shades, pink, blue and chocolate palette. For blue and blue eyes match also gray and purple shades, but their use in the daytime makeup should be limited, for example, one thin line of eyeliner or pencil.

The problem of how to do natural makeup will seem even easier if you soberly assess their advantages and disadvantages. Learn how to emphasize their individuality even in small things, and then you’ll always look perfect. Do not forget that the so-called «makeup without makeup» does not mean use fewer cosmetic products, bright and dark colors are replaced by calm tones, but the rules of makeup application remain the same.

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