How to do manicure at home

47ccExquisite you do a manicure in the beauty salon. But who said that having infinite patience, perseverance and a great desire, a woman can not do a manicure at home, which will be a worthy competitor manicures from the professionals. The beauty of women’s hands in the first place is estimated in neat nails, so you should have the necessary tools and with the help of our tips yourself to properly do a manicure at home.

To start, get comfortable, clear the table, put a table lamp and make a manicure set, the tools which are best cleaned with a cotton swab with alcohol before procedures. You will need: a small towel for hands, hand cream or a special oil, toothpick wound with cotton wool, vaseline, nail Polish. Good warm clean water, dissolve in it sea salt and add a little bit of shampoo. The workplace is prepared, you can now begin the manicure.

To start is to learn the basics and make a manicure at home called «classic».

photo technique applying manicure

  1. Take the saw and potasium all the nails, the direction of which there should be only one, always up. The most common form of the nails – «shovel». To achieve a beautiful shape, first grind the nails on the sides vertically, then horizontally, and the sides are rounded corners of the nails. In this article read more how to shape the nails.
  2. The following procedure is the most pleasant, drop the hands in a bath for nails with the salt and shampoo, you can add fresh or dried rose petals and Jasmine. Should be good to steam the skin near the nail, which takes about 15 minutes. After bath, gently wipe hand towel and apply a nourishing hand cream using massage movements put on a tight glove on your hand). To soften the cuticles, apply a little vaseline or special gel.How to make beautiful manicure at home
  3. Take a spatula and clean the nail layers and formed excess skin and then gently not to damage delicate skin, move aside the cuticle. Nail scissors curved cut away this excess skin. Use tongs to remove the dead skin around the nail shaft. The remains of the cuticle and remove beveled spatula. If you are unable to remove excess Polish off the cuticle, use a toothpick, on which is wound a thin fleece layer, proceed very carefully.
  4. Before applying the varnish the nail surface, degrease, use a liquid nail Polish remover or rubbing alcohol. It remains only to apply varnish on the surface of your nails, most often it is applied twice more for good effect, and dry it.

In some cases, the use of metal tools can result in inflamed skin and soreness around the nails. Most often it occurs in women with very delicate and easily traumatized skin. In this case, it is better to use wooden tools for processing the cuticle, which are used in «European» manicure. The process is identical to the classic manicure, but cuticle is treated with a special solvent preparations, dead skin is usually not cut, and with the help of wooden sticks coming out. A great way to soothe and nourish the hands is a mix that you can prepare yourself by mixing a teaspoon of juice of lemon and grapefruit and the same of olive oil.

Try to manicure your hands at home, and the savings better spent on buying good tools, new paints or special tools for nail care. How to make a beautiful manicure on short nails, please click here.

View video how to do manicure at home:

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